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review ESV Study Bible Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB é [EPUB] ✰ ESV Study Bible By Anonymous – The ESV Study Bible was designed to help you understand the Bible in a deeper way Created by a diverse team of 95 leading Bible scholars and teachers from 9 countries nearly 20 denominations and 50 se The ESV StudyLumn study notes pages Black letter text Concordance Extensive articles full color maps and illustrations Smyth sewn binding Lifetime guarantee Packaging J card HC clamshell box TruTone and leather permanent slipcase cloth over board. As I prepare for this review I ask myself “How in the world do you review a Bible” I’m in a tough spot here because I can’t be neutral in my critiue because I can’t criticize the author That may not turn out well for me So I have decided to touch on some of the highlights to the newest Study Bible from Crossway Books The English Standard Study Bible is uite possibly one of the best study Bibles I own Being a pastor myself I have my fair share of study Bibles and this one wins hands down The ESV Study Bible has two things from the start that makes it a great resource First I think the English Standard Version is by far the best translation out on the market today It is easy to read literal and accurate This translation was first published in 2001 with over 100 scholars and advisors working together who were committed to “historic Christian Orthodoxy” Second a group of 95 well respected scholars and teachers provided the study notes that are in depth and helpful to anyone ranging from pastors to a casual reader of the Bible General editor is Wayne Grudem Theology editor is JI Packer OT Editor is John Collins and NT editor is Tomas R SchreinerSome of the primary features include nearly 20000 notes 80000 cross references 200 full color maps 40 illustrations and over 2500 pages As you can imagine this Bible is a big book The best feature I believe is the online ESV Study Bible that Bible owners can access for free This makes it nice for when you travel and you don’t have the room for this Bible did I mention it was big you can access the same Study Bible online Of course you can purchase the hardcover version Genuine or Bonded leather or even premium Calfskin Personally the ESV Study Bible has been a wonderful addition to my resource library I have had it for a week already and it has been invaluable for my sermon preparations I would HIGHLY recommend this Study Bible to all Pastors church leaders and even lay people So if you are in the market for a new Bible or you would like to get a Bible filled with helpful resources and insights then I would suggest you get yourself an ESV Study Bible You will be glad you did Reviewed by Jeff Holton

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The ESV Study Bible was designed to help you understand ESV Study PDF the Bible in a deeper way Created by a diverse team of leading Bible scholars and teachers from countries nearlydenominations and seminaries colleges and universit. From time to time—usually when someone is thinking of buying a new Bible—people ask me to recommend a translation So here it is The English Standard Version ESV has been my preferred Bible for preaching and personal Bible reading since its publication in 2001 because it is an “essentially literal” translation that seeks as far as possible to capture the precise wording of the original text while retaining the beauty and dignity of the Tyndale King James legacy of English Bibles Starting with the 1971 RSV text a translation team of 95 evangelical biblical scholars carefully weighed each word and phrase against the original Hebrew Aramaic and Greek to ensure the fullest accuracy and clarity and to avoid under translating or overlooking any nuance of the original text By being as transparent as possible to the original text the ESV lets the reader see as directly as possible the structure and meaning of the original words of scriptureCrossway Books has now published the ESV Study Bible the most comprehensive study Bible ever published—with completely new notes maps illustrations charts timelines articles and other features It contains than 2 million words of Bible text and insightful explanation and teaching—euivalent to a 20 volume Bible resource library The purchase of a print edition of an ESV Study Bible includes a registration code that gives you access to the ESV Online Study Bible All the ESV text notes charts timelines maps articles—all 2 million words—are then accessible via your web browserI encourage you to find out about the ESV at wwwesvorg and the ESV Study Bible at wwwesvstudybibleorg

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ESV Study BibleIes the ESV Study Bible features a wide array of study tools making it a valuable resource for serious readers students and teachers of God's WordFeaturesSize xpoint Lexicon type single column Bible text point Frutiger type double co. The Positives of the ESV Study BibleThe Maps If you like maps this is your Bible Most Study Bibles have maps especially in the back of the Book But this study Bible is map paradise There are maps in the back but also in the front of each book placing the book in location Not only that but there are maps in the study notes at the bottom of the page and they are in color So if you are talking about a battle in the notes there will be a map of the area and arrows showing the movement of each side If there is a journey a map will chart the courseThe Charts I'm a chart girl At least my girlfriend used to call me that There are charts charts charts genealogies charts of kings charts of all the mentions of a word or phrase in a book such as how many time The Spirit of the Lord is mentioned charts of percentages etc The HistoricalArchaeological Corroboration Events are put into their historical setting For example the book of Nahum is a prophecy against the Assyrians and the author names the rulers of Assyria with their dates of reign the affliction they brought against Israel and the significance historically The study notes often list archaeological corroboration For example in I Kings 1425 26 the note tells that a monumental relief of the Bubastite Portal of the main temple of Amoncatalogs town by town Shishak's military incursion into Israel and Judah The Karnak relief provides striking verification of the biblical accountThe literary significance At the beginning of each book there is a section titled Literary Features This section clearly talks about the genre of the book and some literary features employed by the author holding each book up as some of the world's great literaturePossible Negatives Each book of the Bible has a different authors for the notes; some authors seem conservative than others This is also one of this Study Bible's great strengths because dozens of theologians are writing in their area of specialization For example there is a note in Genesis arguing that the flood did not have to be worldwideProphecy Your view of future prophecy may differ For example the notes in the book of I Thessalonians do not use the term Rapture but instead the Second Coming of Christ However the notes in Revelation do delineate the various viewpoints on end time prophecy There are diagramstimelines showing future events from the various schools of interpretation including Dispensational Premillennialism Historical Premillennialism Preterists Schools Idealist School etc Then there are charts discussing various ideas on the Millennium Overall I think this Study Bible is worth it for the maps and charts alone The colored graphics for the Tabernacle Solomon's Temple and Herod's Temple not to mention of the city of Jerusalem are outstanding Even if you disagree on the some of the comments on prophecy this would be a great reference book to have on your shelf I thought the notes were very helpful in linking events to their historical setting