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mobi Ý doc Player Piano 9780440170372 Free Î Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Ö [Read] ➭ Player Piano By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Alternate cover edition located hereVonnegut's spins the chilling tale of  engineer Paul Proteus who must find a way to live  in a world dominated by a superWorld dominated by a supercomputer and run  completely by machin Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut was his first novel first published in 1952 Early fiction from Vonnegut is told in a straightforward fashion than Vonnegut readers will be accustomed to from his later works but his imagination and wit are still unmistakable This is a dystopian work describing a United States after a third war where machines have taken the place of 90% of industrial workers Government work available to displaced workers comes from either the Army emasculated and bureaucratic or the reconstitution and reclamation corps the Reeks and the Wrecks a civil organization where workers have military esue occupational titles such as asphalt layer first class and senior street sweeper Funny and thought provoking this ushered in a long and prolific career for Vonnegut

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Alternate cover edition located hereVonnegut's spins the chilling t Man created machines in his own image And man and machine alike were told to worship one deity the CORPORATE PERSONALITYThe 10 Commandments according to the Church Of Corporate Thinking1 Thou shalt believe in one corporation2 Thou shalt have no other corporations beside the one you serve3 Thou shalt honour all traditions and communal behaviours of your corporation4 Thou shalt accept whatever the corporation tells you as truth5 Thou shalt have no other truths except for corporate truth6 Thou shalt lie steal and kill to protect your corporation against enemies7 Thou shalt not think outside the profitability and efficiency box8 Thou shalt not covet any social change but the one that is good for the corporation9 Thou shalt believe in the infallibility of the machines10 Thou shalt not demand meaning in life but entertainment and convenienceThis is Vonnegut’s first novel and the fifth I am reading I have seen many reviews reflecting that his dark sarcasm is not fully developed yet and that this is one of his weaker works linguistically as well That may be But it broke my heart I am stunned speechless overwhelmed It felt similar to reading Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out after finishing her later novels It is all there in the making even though the narrative style still remains “conventional” than in later experimental stages Just like her first novel was full of the anxiety of a world on a disastrous voyage towards the Great War Vonnegut’s first novel shows the horrible making of the post modern human being robotic than the computers that are about to be invented It is an act of rationalization that does not end until human life itself has become redundant in the world of technological perfection Vonnegut however does not criticize technology or the development of science per se His aim is to show the robotic majority of humankind's need to form exclusive groups with certain patterns protected against the outside world through specific procedures of selection To keep unity within the group external enemies and propaganda are utilized effectively Vonnegut’s narrative mirrors Camus’ reflections on societies and rebellions in L'homme révolté a pendulum movement between different corporations eternally building new oppressive systems to support ideas that are taken for absolute truth and weighed against other ideas considered evil and thus to be destroyed with moral impunity As a hilarious contrast foil and tribute to Montesuieu’s Lettres Persanes where a Persian explains the function of the pope from the perspective of an outsider “C'est une vielle idole u'on encense par habitude” the story is accompanied by seuences describing the travelling Sha of Bratpuhr who carefully studies different aspects of society and insists on calling the robot like Americans “Takaru” meaning “slaves” The annoyed interpreter deliberately mis translates the Shah’s recurring exclamation “Takaru Takaru” into “citizens” thus showing the true colours of citizenship in a state of prescribed behaviour and commitmentThe overarching topic of the uselessness of modern human beings as explored on a deeper level in God Bless You Mr Rosewater receives no definite solution as the pendulum between power and rebellion keeps movingI felt a shiver down my spine reading about corporate team building a camp for brainwashing highly intelligent people It reminded me of some education conferences where pedagogues are given formulas for teaching “critical thinking skills” along with lesson plans standardized assessments and documentation for the all important accreditation processes of popular curriculum brands Bilious competitiveness within the organisation is lauded as long as it follows prescribed rules while search for personal freedom and creativity is punished severely Surveillance of every single step in a human’s life is taken for granted and technology is embraced as the perfect spy on your private life and thoughts Living in one of the most automatized countries in the world I smiled at the primitive control functions in Vonnegut’s dystopian visions for the future But it was a frozen smile and it hurtHelpless powerless uixotic main character Proteus goes from one collective organisation to the next socialized to be one in a group he has few weapons and the message seems to be that as an individual you are prey alone hiding in a world of brutal predators who justify their evil with the commandments of their corporation Part of the organisation they have no personal responsibility and hence feel no guiltNomen est omenProteus’ name is indicating versatility adaptability and flexibility and he struggles to live up to the rigidity and immutability that is reuired in order to survive in a competitive group with a shared visionary dogma His opponent Shepherd embraces the dogma and is thus perfectly suited to care for sheepWhen Eve ate the apple she was the first one to break the rules of the corporation of the Garden Eden She was expelled for it and that is how the story goes ever since think for yourself make your own decisions speak up against illogical or inhumane rules and actions and you are OUT And human Not a takaru or citizen Congratulations Let’s fight the windmills of the corporate personality for some magic to stay in the worldFor as long as we are here our stories will go on as Vonnegut brilliantly states in his closing lines“This isn’t the end you know” he said “Nothing ever is nothing ever will be not even Judgment Day”

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Player PianoAle of  engineer Paul Proteus who must find a way to live  in a In his first novel published in 1952 Vonnegut envisages a dystopian future where nearly all jobs have been rationalised away by increasing automation But just when things seem most hopeless a saviour appears in the form of a brash uncouth but lovable billionaire who despite having no previous political experience rides a populist wave to become President He immediately expels all illegal immigrants and starts a war against an alliance of Middle Eastern and Asian countries Within months America's downtrodden poor are again leading full meaningful lives as fruit pickers hotel staff prostitutes and cannon fodder and the country enters a new golden age