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read Noble Intentions kindle ✓ Paperback ✓ katie macalister ¸ [Reading] ➶ Noble Intentions ➬ Katie MacAlister – Noble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife and he refused to fall into the same trap again This time he intended to marry a uiIm immediately It mattered little that she was accident prone; he could provide the structure necessary to guide herBut unconventional to the tips of her half American toes―toes that one of them was constantly tripping over―his new bride turned the tables on him wreaking havoc on his o I got the biggest kick out of this book I've never read Katie MacAlister before so I have no idea whether all her books follow the same pattern or if this one is uniue I loved the characters the humor and the fact that there were no stupid misunderstandings The heroine was so endearing as she strove to protect her Black Earl from an unknown enemy despite her being a klutz and thinking uite differently than other women of her time This wasn't the deepest book I've read by any means but it wasn't poorly written fluff either I suppose I'll have to read of this author to determine if this story was a fluke or if Katie MacAlister will become a favorite

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Noble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife and he refused to fall into the same trap again This time he intended to marry a uiet biddable woman who would not draw attention to herself or cause scandal Gillian Leigh's honest manner and spontaneous laughter attracted h Two words to describe this book silly and random Two words to define that gif silly and randomSeries ApparentlySexy times Yes but nothing terribly descriptive and a fair amount of behind the door action not to be confused with backdoor action are we clear?Plan on reading by the author PerhapsSynopsis Hero is a staid piece of damaged goods Heroine tromps her way through the world doing ridiculous things that make everyone love her Hero marries heroine to get someone in the family way and fill his nursery whilst also harboring some serious lust We never really know why she marries him Either that or I missed that amongst all the silly business Anyhoo it boils down to his broken heart and the stain upon his soul kinda thing And she's his savior because there is that trope thing There are bad men who do bad things or rather one little bad man doing icky things There are previous mistresses a pirate and triplets There is all manner of oddities There is just a lot of stuff There are plenty of lectures coming from the hero re the heroine obeying him and behaving like a ladywhich is a serious Debbie Downer moment or should I say moments? Either way I have no idea why she takes it Heroine Gillian Well she is funny And she is determined And when she gets an idea she executes it rather hilariously And she is steady in her love for the hero Hero Noble He of the little respect for women He spends a lot of time lecturing her about obeisance and ladylike behavior He also rescues Gillian left and right And he is seriously turned on by her much to his dismay not dismay Why it did or didn't work for me I'm undecided I clearly enjoyed this book even though the sillies got to me after awhile And I certainly couldn't reconcile how a Duke who needed and lived a world of calm and order was surrounded by chaos and ridiculousness before Gillian even enters the picture And I can't decide if I liked the kitchen sink approach to every character in the book BUT I still liked it Go figure Think of it as a 35 stars rounded up to 4 because I was entertained and I chuckled a lot Signed Entertaining but don't expect greatness

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Noble IntentionsRderly life And worse demanding he surrender his heart Perpetually one step behind his beguiling spouse Noble suffered a banged up head a black eye and a broken nose before he realized Gillian had healed his soul and proved that their union was no heedless tumble but the swoon of true love If you can stand a book that sometimes forgets about what era this was set in you might just be in for a treat with this book Of course some of the 'errors' may be because our heroine is half AmericanThere is a lot of humor woven into this story a wonderful mystery to solve and some steamy naughtiness to keep us going strongThis is a fast entertaining and funny historical that will lead us on to three some better than others I find this a great book to re read when life has gotten me down a bit