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doc Ç reader Blumen in Schnee 9781590172810 Free ✓ dogsalonbristol Ù ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Blumen in Schnee Author Gregor von Rezzori – Gregor von Rezzori was born in Czernowitz a one time provincial capital of the Austro Hungarian Empire that was later to beHealth and breeding; his father a flinty reactionary whose only real love was hunting; his haughty older sister fated to die before thirty; his earthy nursemaid who introduced Rezzori to the power of storytelling and the inevitability of death; and a beloved governess Bunchy Telling their stories Rezzori tells his own holding his early life to the light like a crystal until it shines for us with a prismatic brillianc I love the extravagant dreamy cocktail of Mitteleuropa This giant clash recombination alchemy of many peoples cultures classes all sloshed together in the first half of the 20th Century when so much was going on If this interests you try The Island of Second Sight too It's culture like a Picasso painting exactly what the Blood Soil types were so afraid of a culture with lots of stark contrasts and sharp edges endless opportunities for danger and conflict but also for discovery and novelty It's why I've always wanted to live in a city to be confronted with many things that aren't like me at allWhat I'd give to sit down with Rezzori over a nice long multi course dinner Did you see the film Grand Budapest Hotel where the narrator spends the night in a storied Old World hotel at the table of the man who has owned the hotel through numerous regime changes and listens to his charming stories of how he survived and the way things used to be? This is a lot like that only it really happened

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Gregor von Rezzori was born in Czernowitz a one time provincial capital of the Austro Hungarian Empire that was later to be absorbed successively into Romania the USSR and the Ukraine a town that was everywhere and nowhere with a population of astonishing diversity Growing up after World War I and the collapse of the empire Rezzori lived in a twilit world suspended between the formalities of the old nineteenth centur Using an elegantly lyrical and allusive prose Gregor von Rezzori has written a memorable autobiography focusing on the five people that helped shape and mould his life growing up into the Austro Hungarian aristocratic class before seeing his family reduced to nomadic refugees by WW I He and his family became Romanian and Soviet citizens and following a period of being stateless Austrains Despite his parents' marital break up and the occupation of his native duchy Bukovina by Romania in 1919 and by Russia in 1940 his family lived under the illusion of pseudo feudal grandeur In this intense group portrait the author opens his heart on the good and the bad moments during a period of great change in Europe His overprotective proud mother a woman of lifelong rancor was a mismatch for his cheerful voluble father an architect and big hunting enthusiast set in his rigid ways and pathological prejudices Cassandra his nanny a peasant woman who wore exotic garb kept up his spirits with clownish pranks We also meet Bunchy his worldly German governess and his sister with whom Rezzori had a deep sibling rivalry throughout childhood but whose death at age just 22 clearly haunts him dearly Rezzori was born on his mother’s estate in Bukovina in 1914 Bukovina was Austrian in those days Romanian after the First World War and Russian after the second The Rezzori family were minor Austrian gentry administering the outposts of the empire There was Italian blood on the father’s side and Romanian Greek and Irish on the mother’s Rezzori is very much concerned with blood and racial inheritance in this book The concern itself appears to be an inheritance his father was steeped in late 19th century Greater German ideology He was also unuestioningly anti semitic Rezzori deplores such attitudes but he can never leave them alone – they are an ingredient in the fuel he runs on Starting the memoir as a boyhood in Czernowitz a city that in the course of the twentieth century was variously located in the Austro Hungarian Empire Romania the Soviet Union and today’s Ukraine you get a sense of stability But there is a looming sensation of irretrievable loss and dislocation with images of beauty and destruction becoming central themes in his intimate story of the disappearance and re emergence of his country The building blocks of Nazism start to slowly crawl out from the cracks which at this time no one could have foreseen just what was around the corner Splitting those closest to him into different parts of Europe But predominantly most of his story revolves around his younger days as a child and this is where he really does shine as an autobiographer Bringing back a lost time like it was yesterdayAlthough infused with a feeling of dislocation von Rezzori’s recollections are at the same time intensely rooted in the city’s streets and suares its sounds and smells in the landscapes that surrounded it and in its rich mixture of peoples and cultures He doesn't write chronology but instead skips back and forth in different decades but it's the the gradual crumbling of the world of Austria Hungary that manifested itself in the anxieties that filled his boyhood memories His parents reduced from social cultural and political elites to relics of the old order Gregor’s mother for example seeks to uphold her family’s elite stature even as its social foundations disappear She does so by uarantining her son in the house and garden thereby protecting him from the contamination that was sure to result from play with other children or from venturing out into the world beyond the yard fence His father whose pension vanishes with the Austrian state retreats to live and hunt among Transylvanian Saxons a German speaking minority in Romania’s northI found this to be an intensely moving portrait brushed with strokes of a profound transparency and tenderness a vigilant eye for nuances of love and indifference language landscape and class behavior It's written without a single slack sentence in sight textured like a fine silk all the way through 'The Snows of Yesteryear' leads the reader into a world now irretrievably lost where Rezzori colours in the blanks with a vivid personal history done with such brilliance and reassured heartening self confidence

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Blumen in SchneeY order which had shaped his aristocratic parents and the innovations uncertainties and raw terror of the new century The haunted atmosphere of this dying world is beautifully rendered in the pages of The Snows of Yesteryear The book is a series of portraits amused fond sometimes appalling of Rezzori’s family his hysterical and histrionic mother disappointed by marriage destructively obsessed with her children’s Essentially this book is a series of portraits of Rezzori's family and two most intimate nursesgovernesses and their lives during the two World Wars and the time in between when their home city of Czernowitz was caught in the post collapse of the Austro Hungarian Empire when it was handed over and over again between Romanian German and Russian rule The people of the Bukovina were basically in the hands of whatever army happened to be roaming through the land at the time and eventually the whole identity of the region seemingly vanished There are many parallels throughout the story of the dissipation of the empire and the disintegration of the family but what this book did so well and so brilliantly was elucidate that strange mythological period of adolescence and early childhood when we at the time are experiencing such vivid and lasting impressions but do not yet have the faculty to express what they mean even to ourselves while all the while our individuality and personality are being formed by these same occurences One can't help but draw the comparison of lost empirelost childhood but there is going on here than that A melancholy nostalgia a dry and absurd humor intimate emotional observation and a sense of something irrevocable that we all seem to experience when looking back at our own lives are what this book succeeds in communicating Perhaps only Speak Memory has come so close to illustrating those twilight years But Rezzori's prose is centered in the emotional while Nabokov is solidly discoursing through the intellect As far as memoirs of childhood go I can't say yet which I prefer But if you enjoyed Speak Memory definitely give this a goSome favorite parts Cassandra making the snow flowers which inevitably dissolve in time; the image and detail of the sinking toy ship which is referenced throughout; his father dragging a dead bloody boar through his mother's snobby aristocratic social gatherings; all the descriptions of the gardens the roads into the wilderness the ecstatic recollection of the weather and natural surroundings of the Bukovina and how that was reflected in the people There is so much here to sift through I will certainly reread this at some point