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FREE DOWNLOAD ¹ Men of Courage â ➽ [Reading] ➿ Men of Courage By Lori Foster ➲ – More than just life and death intimacy Their love was the real thing These men are heroes—strong fearless Fireman Ethan Winters ran headlong into a burning building to find Rosie Carrington Rescue w More than just life aEntering her collapsing home And emergency room doctor Matt Walker braved gale force winds and rising floodwater to rescue scientist Molly Stanton And impossible to resist For Rosie the heat in Ethan's eyes was Men of eBook #186 enough to start a three alarm blaze As for Haley being trapped amidst. #1 Trapped by Lori Foster Ethan and Rosie have been close friends for a very long time When he wakes up one morning to a half naked Rosie in his bed he can't remember how either of them got there Did they or didn't they He sure hopes not because she's his friend but unfortunately she's also the sister of the cad who took off with Ethan's fiance Michelle Rosie has always had a thing for Ethan He doesn't remember the night they spent together so she uses it as an excuse to break down his walls and make him hersIt takes all of his friends to point out the obvious she's a woman not some asexual being and she wants him before he gives in Of course she's a virgin and how dumb must he or any manwhore feel when she tells him that she was basically saving herself for him In the post coital bliss that follows she asks him when they can get married WTFI liked Ethan and hated Rosie I know she's wanted him badly for a very long time but the fact that she had a key made for him months ago is a little creepy She's described by everyone as being pushy or bossy I think she's obsessedA little fiery drama a compromise later and a HEA yay This story would get 2 stars from me Maybe the actual series by this author will be better than this snippet #2 Buried by Donna Kauffman Haley is the poor little rich girl A string of poor choices in her love life and an ex who nearly emptied out her bank account have left her a little bitter The only companion she cares about now is her dog named Digger On her way home from a trip she hears that an earthuake hit very close to her house She fears for her dogs safety and beats feet to get to him When she arrives at the scene she looks for someone to help her That's where she stumbles across Brett the younger brother of one of her past loves He's always had a thing for her but her being 19 at the time to his 16 put the kibosh on that Now he might have a chance with her if the twit doesn't get herself killed or anyone else And here is where the story goes downhill like a landslide She's so desperate to get to her dog that she sneaks herself among rescue workers and Brett and his rescue K9 have to chase after her then she runs headlong towards her house which is on unstable ground Edit Okay so the story redeemed itself towards the end mostly due to Brett's charm and humor Haley actually becomes likeable as well as she opens up to him and allows him into her heart 25 stars I'd give it 3 stars if it wasn't for the lousy first impression she made Brett totally steals the spotlight in this story #3 Stranded by Jill Shalvis This one was a total waste of time Molly was a blubbering mess and so darn needy Matt was closed off and cold I didn't jive with either of them and their too fast ILYs wasn't convincing It felt forced just to give the characters an excuse to stay together Meh 1 starFunny but the second story that I started out not liking turned out to be the best one


More than just life and death intimacy Their love was the real thing These men are heroes strong fearless Fireman Ethan Winters ran headlong into a burning building to find Rosie Carrington Rescue worker Brett Gannon defied the aftershocks of a San Francisco earthuake to prevent Haley Brubaker from. All were short reads and nice enough stories My favorite was Stranded by Jill Shalvis And what really did it for me that each book features a man in uniform firefighter resuce worker and ER doctorA nice way to spend a stress free afternoon

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Men of CourageThe rubble with Brett meant heightened tension and heightened passion And sheltering together from the storm Molly needed Matt to make love to her It was the only way for her to know she was still aliveand that she'd stay that wayContentsTrapped Lori FosterBuried Donna KauffmanStranded Jill Shalvi. Three short stories by three wonderful writers Sounds like a winner to meIn the story Trapped Lori Foster tells the tale of a hot fireman Ethan who is a bit relationship shy after being left at the altar when his fiancé took off with his best friend Said best friend’s sister Rosie is in love with Ethan and always has been She goes about finally trying to get him to see they are meant to be togetherAlthough the love seems a bit rushed that is to be expected in such a short story It helps that Rosie and Ethan have actually been friends their whole lives; it’s just trying to pull that “aha” moment out of Ethan that takes the time This is my first time reading anything by Lori Foster and I have been curious for a while just haven’t picked any of her stuff up yet This convinced me that I have to start reading her library of work 4 starsDonna Kauffman is another new to me author Her contribution Buried was well written and made me want to check out of her work As with the first story in this compilation the hero and heroine are already acuaintedalthough not to the same extent as the couple in the first story Still it helps with the pacing of the story that has to be told in such a short amount of time The title although not exactly true is a much better fit than the first story’s title 35 starsJill Shalvis’ story Stranded is the only one in this book that the hero and heroine do not already know each other Talk about insta love This one is FAST But although it’s one of this author’s earlier published stories it works After all it is a Shalvis story Plus the title actually fits the story pretty well in this one 35 starsThe ratings average out to 3666 which means I will round up to 4 stars for my final ratingI didn't read this book straight through I took a break reading other things between each story so it didn't really take 6 days to read This is a super uick read great for reading on a plane or on the beach