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Summary Death Walked in Cyprus ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Þ [Epub] ➞ Death Walked in Cyprus Author M.M. Kaye – Twenty year old Amanda Derrington is on an extended cruise with her uncle when she decides to make a short side trip to the sun washed island of Cyprus But even before the shiWalked ePUB #8608 had meant to be a pleasant excursion uickly takes a turn for the worse in this classic novel of suspense and romance by one of our most celebrated write. Currently re reading with the Retro Reads group I haven't read this since it first came out 30 years ago so all I remember is that I liked it Plot characters whodunnit all vanished from my memoryIt will be like reading it for the first timeWill update once I finish the bookETA 25 Nov 2019I really enjoyed this one Interesting characters beautiful scenery a romance and a murder mystery How much can you ask for Ms Kaye's prose was light and easy where it needed to be with Amanda's growing dread whispering around the edges Our heroine 21 year old Amanda Derington was perhaps too willing to believe the best of her circle of friends and acuaintances even while reluctantly acknowledging to herself that at least one of them was a killer But which one I guessed early on who the big baddie had to be but I couldn't figure out why The solution put forth at the end made sense so I was satisfiedMy favorite character was Miss Moon Amanda's charming hostess Her house sounded wonderful And I loved her color theory She was thought to be eccentric and a bit dithery; perhaps she was She was also a real sharp observer and she knew ever so much than she let onThe book was written in the early 1950s and it shows in some ways At least half the characters smoke The romance is straight from Mills and Boon young innocent somewhat naive heroine paired with a 30 something alpha hero who almost resents falling in love Kisses only Though we are told that several different members of the supporting cast did a lot of bed hopping the bedroom doors stayed firmly closedMM Kaye's romantic suspensemysteries were first published at about the same time as Mary Stewart's IMO Mary Stewart's were better; however Kaye's are an enjoyable addition to the genre

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Twenty year old Amanda Derrington is on an extended cruise with her uncle when she decides to make a short side trip to the sun washed island of Cyprus But even before th. M M Kaye’s descriptive writing always makes me feel like I have been there myself – and that I want to returnDespite the fact that there are murders happening and that somehow Amanda has gotten caught up in them the enigmatic Steve Howard seems to always be on hand to muddy the waters and prevent Amanda from being hauled off to prisonThe group of characters around which this novel revolves is fairly large At the same time the characters are well drawn and uniuely themselves so it is easy to keep them sorted out In this book the author refrains from using the “God’s Eye View” so there is information that we are not privy to and only three major characters and some minor ones have this information – and each person has their own reasons for not disclosing it to each other or discussing itThis leads to a merry mental chase in an attempt to figure out who is murdering people and why There is even one huge red herring that I doubt if anyone could see through until the very end when all things become crystal clearThis novel is a great adventure Cyprus filled with interesting characters many of them I would like to know better and is so well written that I had a difficult time putting it down even when I had to do other tasksThere were two small details that I would have liked to see concluded that weren’t It didn’t have a big impact on the bulk of the story but it did nag me which is the only reason I gave it 44 Stars instead of 5

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Death Walked in CyprusE ship arrives in port there is a suspicious death Once the passengers reach the island it soon becomes clear that the death was in fact an act of murder What Amanda Death. This book made me think so much of the old black white postcards I loved looking at them when foreign travel was just a dream for so many people I loved this bookIt was lightfrothy and fun for the most part There is one scene that made me jump out of my chair A large caste of characters including Miss Moon's house the house just about seemed to breathe and I had no problem telling them apartI did have to knock off a ★ for a couple of the characters behaving in ways that made zero sense and because Ms Kaye didn't play fair with the solution I did guess the murderer but logic and I aren't great friendsRead with the Retro Reads Group We are hoping to read Death in Berlin In February 2020 Come join us