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pdf Å First Light ½ Geoffrey Wellum On and a great deal of technical expertise Wellum relives his grueling months of flight training during which two of his classmates crashed and died He describes a hilarious scene during his first day in the prestigious 92nd Suadron when his commader discovered that Wellum had not only never flown a Spitfire he'd never even seen one A battle hardened ace by the winter of 1941 though still not out of his teens 'Boy' Wellum flew scores of missio This is a very compelling book As the son of a Second World War veteran of the European phase of the war in reading Mr Wellum's account I want to thank him for helping to make real in my mind the stresses that war places on you In particular while reading the chapter in which Mr Wellum describes his chase of a Junkers 88 bomber in foul weather and his subseuent efforts to return to his airbase I felt as if I were the cockpit with him hoping that I'd get down safely and in one piece Having read other books by and about the famous RAF aces Bader Tuck and Paul Richey I recommend this book very highly It's very well written and will give you a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Second World War generation Thank you Mr Wellum for your service and for this book There are many people than you may realize who are grateful for what you have written Thank you again

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First Light doc ì reader 9780141008141 Free ¿ dogsalonbristol ¸ [Reading] ➶ First Light By Geoffrey Wellum – In First Light Geoffrey Wellum tells the inspiring often terrifying true story of his coming of age amid the roaring tumbling dogfights of the fiercest air war the w Ns as fighter escort on bombing missions over France Yet the constant life or death stress of murderous combat and anguish over the loss of his closest friends sapped endurance Tortured by fierce headaches even in the midst of battle he could not bear the thought of not pulling your weight of letting the other pilots risk their lives in his place Wellum's frank account of his long losing bout with battle fatigue is both moving and enlightening The true mark of a fighter pilot is not the number of enemies he's shot down or the way he flies his plane It is the way he takes his teaand my friend Geoffrey Wellum you take it straight up

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First LightIn First Light Geoffrey Wellum tells the inspiring often terrifying true story of his coming of age amid the roaring tumbling dogfights of the fiercest air war the world had ever seen It is the story of an idealistic schoolboy who couldn't believe his luck when the RAF agreed to take him on as a pupil pilot at the minimum age of seventeen and a half in 1939 In his fervor to fly he gave little thought to the coming war Writing with wit compassi First Light is one of those books that is destined to be remembered as a classic and rightly so This is a wonderful book of a young man who joined the Royal Air Force before the start of World War Two and who later fought during the Battle of Britain and survived Most of the book is taken up with his training as a pilot and the fighting during the Battle of Britain However the book continues on to cover his role in Operation Pedestal and the fighting over Malta until his return to England as a tired and worn out pilotI truly enjoyed Geoffrey Wellum's story of his training and chuckled a good many times whilst reading about one thing or another Mr Wellum has a wonderful way of telling a story and you can easily picture the details as you read his narrative I found myself amazed as I read the book of how much this young man and his friends suffered in defending their country and their mates in the airThis is an account that anyone who has an interest in WW2 aviation will be delighted in It's well told full of humor sadness and death defying flying and combat action These men as young as 18 flew one of the fastest and deadliest aircraft at the time and many didn't make it through the campaign or even their first mission You read with sadness the loss of many good pilots and friends but still the men continue flying day after day facing terrible oddsI really enjoyed the author's style of writing he was witty descriptive and came across with a sense of telling a story with understated facts He downplayed his own role during the Battle of Britain and I was really hooked on the narrative as it moved along at a cracking pace I found it hard to put the book down late at night which brought forth a moan from my wife about turning the lamp off or elseThis is a great story and in finishing I would like to add the following comment from a great historian about this book A work of exceptional ualityhis prose has a passion and immediacy which make it compelling reading Max Hastings He's not wrong either