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Ed to apply for a job as a prison officer So begins his odyssey at Sing Sing once a model prison but now the state’s most troubled maximum security facility The result of his year there is this Prison memoirs by prisoners are plentiful shocking and tragically predictable; few have narrated the working life of prison guards doing a “life sentence eight hours at a time” I read 45 of this excellent book in a day—I highly recommend it The author Ted Connover goes through the process of becoming a Corrections Officer in the NY state system After a few months of hellish basic training he is thrown “into the deep end” working in Sing Sing prison Need I say it’s like one big Zimbardo experiment Conover writes with an anthropologist’s eye describing the social arrangements the moral compromises and the banality of prison guarding evil—including his own The line between inmate and CO is of course blurred—prison traumatizes both Along with some penology and history especially in the New York system we are treated to one unforgettable story character sketch wise observation after another Make sure to get the paperback version which has an indispensible afterwards

Epub Newjack Guarding Sing Sing

Newjack Guarding Sing SingRemarkable look at one of America’s most dangerous prisons where drugs gang wars and sex are rampant and Newjack Guarding PDFEPUB or where the line between violator and violated is often uncle The author an anthropologist journalist went through basic training and became a corrections officer in Sing Sing for a year The usually secret world he uncovers – of brutality almost entirely on the inmates’ side of facing danger daily of learning to enforce some rules and let others slide – is fascinating He also makes some fine discoveries about the criminal mind; while he does get chummy with some inmates by the end he finds himself both invigorated and repelled by the violence all around him It seeps into his home life but he also feels exhilarated when there’s a cell extraction for example And he begins to lose his liberal idealism “beating the shit” out of recalcitrant inmate doesn’t bother him as it once didOther than one long misplaced chapter on Sing Sing history and two of its influential wardens semi interesting stuff but fit for a different book or article this is an engrossing feat of undercover journalism into a shadowy world America’s penology system needs a clear eyed and sympathetic look and Conover gives some good indications that the animals might be taking over the zoo


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Doc á Newjack Guarding Sing Sing ´ 352 pages æ Ted conover æ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Newjack Guarding Sing Sing Author Ted Conover – Journalist Ted Conover gives a first hand account of life inside the penal system When Conover’s reuest to shadow a recruit at tJournalist Ted Conover gives a first hand account of life inside the penal system When Conover’s reuest to shadow a recruit at the New York State Corrections Officer Academy was denied he decid So far the book is all about officer training and being new on the job and is all we did this we were told that these are the rules you are prisoners of the system but not prisoners of the lock up Maybe as the gonzo journalist author of this book gets further into his temporary career there will be revelations of prison and insights into the life of the prisoners from the side of the guards So far there have been none