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mobi ☆ The Story of Junk A Novel ☆ Linda Yablonsky New York City March The world is of Junk Epub #223 made of junk junk bonds junk food junk powder At least that's how it seems to a woman in a downtown walkup This is an important book As much for what is told as for how simple it is to dismiss it before even lifting the front cover from the waiting pages of print After reading many books difficult for me I reached for something non fiction straight forward happily bereft of metaphorical layers dense passages dazzling messages if I could stay with it and read on I didn't think it possible but I felt Read Out or RO in medical terms So I reached down for Yablonski's The Story Of Junk The plan was simple and cunning Or was it cunning and simple I hate this getting old and not knowing whether I'm being simple or cunning Either way I would begin in the middle of this hefty book and skip the part of her perfect upper middle class upbringing and the astonishing can you believe this can happen fall from grace into the hell hole of drug addictionJunk began in the middle The book is written in short sentences It is written in first person present tense The camera zooms in as close as possible within each passing moment of Yablonsky and her world The selection of this style is the perfect representative of the experience or as close as can be gotten We as readers experience the altering of time and the cessation of conseuence This is a forthright report on the frailty of us human crittersYablonsky like many others little is mentioned of her past and when it is its sleight of hand mesh and weave leaves it for what it is a passing notion heard in the background as a whispered song does not like who she finds inside her mind As a matter of fact can't stand her hates her She cannot be left alone with her and must always be with others drama and events filling gaps As important it is essential to not allow anyone to see who she is The penalty is never uestioned because the task is all consuming I believe the word is dread Constant dread Dread risen from its soiled grave to surround Yablonsky and also feed a current of meaning and a vacuous pledge toward something unnamedThe descent into Heroin Addiction is not a leap into a fiery pit It takes a while to become addicted Overtime and somewhat gradual She was there before knowing she was Life continued in between Daily life Living with a soon to be lover a lesbian rock star addict she went through a honeymoon period where she became high and happy Her dread backed off like a puppy cute or not Once the fairly short honeymoon period ended she no longer got high She became sick At this point an addict no longer gets high There is no further kick They only become violently sick in a way I do not believe the Geneva Convention would allow prisoners of war to be treated The horrific yowling symptoms persist until the next fix of junk until the tourniuet tightened and the loaded syringe is knifed into the waiting blue vein Life now becomes the daily search for the next fix The dread of not finding it hovers until found Once found the ritual the sooner the better begins The bent spoon small amount of water mixed with the powder of junk The difficult part of holding a lit flame beneath the spoon dissolving the powder If held too long the powder dries and is useless The sickness gets worse The life of a junkie is not about getting high but about avoiding sickness living within daily dread and avoiding it till the next Being a junkie is a way of lifeYablonski is engaging and makes connections uick She must begin dealing and as with most dealers can only make enough money to supply her growing habit Customers like her She deals clean dope uncut with things that can overdose and or kill Also she is discreet There is not the personal chat of vulnerability This is business It is a business that keeps customers desperately ringing her doorbell invoking their dramas hanging out in her apartment listening to music Then she must cop from the dealers who deal to her They must be there In reach She can't just leave these people desperately sick lined up the stairs leading to her apartment More important she needs their money often not their with their pleas for credit She knows they're always good for their word right She must cop the powder for them to get her next fix for herself to avoid the nightmareConstantly surrounded constantly fearful caught in the web of a cycle of need the Heroin is not always there All too often she must go into the bleakest most dangerous part of the city The deluge of Heroin in the New York City of the 1990's has a suare chunk of burnt out buildings ignored by the police In front stands a line of sick junkies shaking and vomiting She lines up with them waiting her turn to step into a dark shadowed building entire floors amputated Slipping her money into a cut slit a bag of powder appears after a tense wait She leaves not knowing what kind how good if it is cut with poisonous substances to increase the dealers profits She must find a place to shoot the junk She cannot wait There are dark recesses in dark buildings in the hollows of alleyways Will she overdose there The sickness has to be stopped Will she make it home cutting through the harrowing streets Home means another ritual Straight now from hitting up the junk she cuts up the powder and must bag it to sell to her customersWhat about the police She trusts no one Is vulnerable to many though does not think in those terms No one trusts anyone A community is formed where that distance is created and trusted Isolation and aloneness for her while always surrounded by others She does not see herself and no one cares to see her Her problem solved and time filled Surrounded by others stuck in this cycle she leads a life void of the anxieties of meaning ambition Morality as a construct falls away gradually in relevance Within this world all action can be placed within the reference point of the person being a junkie accepted expected and permissible The addict has entered another world where the relativity of morality has been certified beneath a different code Within their culture and world the addict's behavior is normal and expected There is a forgiveness other communities cannot imagine There is a faith in the presentOver time it is simple to see and label the physical habit as self destructive The damage done to once attractive facial and bodily images is palpable However the addict lives now in a world that is mirror less The damage caused them in appearance is not registered or calculated Their world gives no points for appearance Appearing damaged may provide as an asset in asking to be fronted dope or money or not be available to do the same for others reuestsIn short the junkie has fallen into a life where similar to a child they live in a constant state of need and the searching hope of having that need gratified so as to avoid the horrible mounting feeling of sickness when the need is not met This fear insecurity drives the addict The sickness of not having the dope the next morning on waking is torturous So the addict spends their waking time seeking out a gratifier who will return them to a state of avoiding the horror of being in need and its conseuent physical liabilities copping dope or having enough works clean or not a dealer or if not available anyone even off the streets from an unknown enough customers to provide not money for a profit but enough money to cop enough dope to keep one's habit afloatFear based skimming on the uneven voltage of dread it is a life easily stepped into and once inside the netting turns out to be the thickness of unyielding iron bars

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The Story of Junk A Novel kindle ç eBook 9780316968089 Free Ê Linda Yablonsky ç ❴Reading❵ ➻ The Story of Junk A Novel Author Linda Yablonsky – New York City March 1986 The world is made of junk junk bonds junk food junk powder At least that's Where every day for five years she's been opening her door to people engaged in the culture of the moment Some of them are getting famous some are changing Very readable drug thriller The writing is a bit clunky in places but the dialog is good and sometimes the writing catches on fire; there are moments of tenderness though mostly it's told in a very detached voice from a person who has a bleak and dreary view of life More social history than novel it gives good insight into the grip drugs had on the downtown NYC scene in the 1980s A few characters I recognized The great artist Jean Michel BasuiatClaudewritermuse Cookie MuellerHoney photographer Nan GoldinGinger Snapsart critic Rene RicardPrescott Weems owner of Max's Kansas City and other clubs Micky RuskinSticky and Contortions and Bush Tetras guitarist Pat PlaceKit I'm sure others are fairly easy to identify but I'm not that up on the scene It's interesting to hear a dealer's story and how vulnerable they are in a predatory system based on snitches What's sorely missing is that Yablonsky never made the connection to the primary source despite all the rumors on the street and excellent books like Alfred McCoy's The Politics of Heroin CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade that had been published for many years prior to her book She could have at least made a few veiled comments about it especially since there's a long section about her buying dope in Thailand It would have added some perspective and interest No mention of corrupt cops and DEA either though a DEA agent is a central character I think that's playing it way too safeand suare since the whole system including the snitch network runs on corruption She's no William Burroughs but if you're interested in downtown New York Bohemia or need to convince yourself that heroin just ain't worth it or need to convince yourself that this is what passes for an adventurous life in a rotten vulgar massively hypocritical and insane society then this is the book for you Here comes Johnny Yen again

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The Story of Junk A NovelTheir sex while others are dying But all of them are buying her heroin and one of them is a rat one morning she opens the door to a drug enforcement agent Di From most pop culture books that I've read the 80s sounded like a really bad time to be in New York if you weren't on heroin and a really bad time to be in New York if you were I have no idea if either was true but Yablonsky's The Story of Junk makes for a thrilling read nonetheless Set in downtown New York everything feels hot and dirty and heroin is the drug of choice for many For two young women in love it starts off as a partysocial drug but soon develops into a habit which then takes over their lives as they turn to dealing it to friends and junkies The cash is coming in thick and fast but their world soon comes crashing down when a someone they know tips off a DEA agent and they get busted But who was it The Story of Junk is a well written fast paced thriller with plenty of dark downward spirals amongst the highs It's gritty and very bleak in places there's certainly no sugarcoating going on in here as you'd expect which makes it a compelling read overall but some parts felt a little rushed