DOWNLOAD Æ The Hotel Ç [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Hotel By Elizabeth Bowen – Bowen's first novel The Hotel is a wonderful introduction to her disarming perceptive style Following a group of British tourists vacationing on the Italian Riviera during the 1920s The Hotel explores Bowen's first novel The Hotel is a wonderful introductionG a rich story that often relies as much on what is left unsaid as what is written on the page Bowen depicts an intense interpersonal drama with wit and suspense while playing with and pushing the English language to its boundaries. At the beginning I couldnt uite work out what this book was really about It was like Enchanted April without the enchantment and Room with a View with lots of Rooms in the Hotel and views of Italy but no passion However about half way through I became absolutely intrigued by this novel and by Sydney the complicated central character There are lots of interesting reflections on time on seizing the day and the sorts of relationship that can help us get through life all taking place in the Italian countryside Strangely there is almost no mention of any Italians It all feels a little unreal these little Englanders put together in a hotel for the holiday and hardly venturing out Its a strange book with uite a few relationships and things that are never fully explained and the writing is very dense at times but beautiful I found There is one scene in a river valley which is completely stuck in my head and haunting me It was altogether very enjoyable and to my taste


Bowen's first novel The Hotel is a wonderful introduction to her disarming perceptive style Following a group of British tourists vacationing on the Italian Riviera during the s The Hotel explores the social and emotional relations. A Room with a View was very much in my mind as I read this early work of Elizabeth Bowen's Like E M Forster's famous story this one describes the affairs of a group of English tourists staying in a hotel in Italy where some have rooms with views while others have to be content without As in Forster's scenario Bowen's 1920s English visitors are very class conscious so there is a lot of emphasis on the position in society of each of the hotel guests and the privileges that go with higher status These scenes are uite funny and it is clear that Bowen found them funny too She also points out as Forster did how intolerant her characters are of anyone who is not English — the Italians are deplored by the characters for their laziness and lack of organization Afternoon tea followed by a game of tennis remains the highlight of everyone's day and it would be easy to forget that these people are not still in England except for Bowen's freuent mentions of the weather and the sceneryBut there were other reasons why I thought of EM Forster When I finished his Room with a View I read a shorter piece of his The Story of a Panic It is also set in Italy and concerns yet another group of English tourists who go on an outing in the mountains with a local driver and are overtaken by an electric storm The charged atmosphere on the mountain proves very unsettling for one of the characters which then has repercussions for the others A similar situation happens in Bowen's story The characters find themselves on a steep mountain road when a mist descends and driving becomes dangerous even for their experienced local driver One of the characters has a moment of panic which eventually influences the lives of the others And now that I think of it E M Forster uses a similar scenario in A Passage to India The English characters go on a trip to the mountains with a local man and the strange atmosphere causes one of the characters a moment of great panic that changes everyone's lives And while I'm on the track of English characters abroad there's also Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out in which there's a climactic trip away from the securities of South American hotel life and up into the mountains And of course Rowland Mallet from Henry James' Roderick Hudson has his own moment of panic on a Swiss mountain He's American of course but he is one of the most English seeming of HJ's charactersThe similarities in plot got me wondering about the intention behind all these stories I concluded that this bunch of authors seem determined to pit their insular and finally rather puny characters against the powerful atmosphere and elements of the foreign country And the foreign country always wins

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The HotelHips that develop among the well heeled residents of the eponymous establishment When the young Miss Sydney falls under the sway of an older woman Mrs Kerr a sapphic affair simmers right below the surface of Bowen's writing creatin. Sometimes described as a 1920s Jane Austen bit of a stretch but I see likeness to Anita Brookner Relatively light character rather than plot driven but some intriguing and well observed social insights and very unexpected metaphors One or two grating phrases but far brilliant ones Upper middle class Brits staying in a Mediterranean hotel A little confusing at first when you encounter Mrs X and Jane but don't immediately realise or remember that they are one and the same