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Read El anatomista 108 ´ ❰Read❯ ➲ El anatomista Author Federico Andahazi – A lyrically written sensual and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomist's astonishing discovery forever changes the female erotic universe In sixteenth centruy Venice celebrat A lyrically written sensual and extraordinariA lyrically written sensual and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomist's astonishing discovery forever changes the female erotic universe In sixteenth centruy Venice celebrated physician Mateo Colombo finds himself behind bars at the behest of the Church authorities His is a crime of disclosure heinous and heretical in the Church's eyes in tha. The sixteenth century wasn’t named the Age of Exploration in vain A great many great discoveries were made during this fabulous era But they tried to keep one of those discoveries a very stupendous one a secret And only now Federico Andahazi dares to reveal the major mysteryAnd of course that fair breakthrough concerned the fair sexIn the Catalogo di tutte le puttane del bordello con il lor prezzo her name appeared printed in bold letters and her price in even remarkable numbers 10 ducats That is to say six ducats expensive than the legendary Lenna Grifa In the catalog carefully compiled and edited for discerning travelers no mention was made of her eyes green as emeralds nor of her nipples hard as almonds whose diameter and texture might be compared to the petals of a flower – if ever there were such petals of the diameter and texture of Mona Sofia's nipples Nor did it make mention of her firm animal thighs as if rounded on a lathe nor of her voice like crackling wood It made no mention of her tiny hands that seemed hardly large enough to encircle a male organ nor of her diminutive mouth whose cavity one would have thought unable to receive a fully engorged member Nor did it mention her whorish talents capable of arousing even an enfeebled old manWhen the postmodern author decides to have a literary outing into the history the result is usually not too complimentary for the historic science But the book is usually a great fun to read And so it is with The Anatomist – a tale of the grand anatomic discoveryEven Sigmund Freud might be jealous

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T his research threatens to subvert the whole secular order of Renaissance society Like his namesake Christopher Colombus he has made a discovery of enormous significance for humankind Whereas Colombus voyaged outward to explore the world and found the Americas Mateo Colombo looked inward across the mons veneris and uncovered the clitoris Based on historical fact The A. This novel is nicely done deserving of credit than many reviewers here have given it It is in part a love story in part an exploration of sexual repression and religious intolerance of science in part a comic look at how men have historically been mystified by the female body and for that matter by women The linkage of clitoral stimulation to witchcraft seemed plausible to me as a 16th century viewpoint and in any event was uite funny In addition I thought it was tastefully erotic This is a skillfully told tale; I'm surprised it doesn't have a wider audience

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El anatomistaNatomist is an utterly fascinating excursion into Renaissance Italy as evocative of time and place as the work of Umberto Eco and reminiscent of the earthy sensuality of Gabriel Garcia Maruez Perceptive and stirring it ironically exposes not only the social hypocracies of the day but also the prejudices and sexual taboos that may still be with us four hundred years lat. Something to ponder about for philosophers or theologians however antiuated Definitely not something modern day anatomists or doctors should emulate believe nor regress into It's uite sexist but the setting was centuries ago so that's a bit understandable Gives you a feeling of being a bit violated too since the protagonist is male And it's interesting how prostitution is both a source of feminine power and shame at the same timeWritten well enough I somehow just got lost in the philosophy talk