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Download reader Ò Ordeal by Hunger The Story of the Donner Party 392 pages ò dogsalonbristol ¸ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Ordeal by Hunger The Story of the Donner Party Author George R. Stewart – The tragedy of the Donner party constitutes one of the most Osing many oxen and nearly dying of thirst they reached the very summit of the Sierras only to be trapped by blinding snow and bitter storms Many perished; some survived by resorting to cannibalism; all were subjected to unbearable suffering Incorpo True life horror story of the Donner Party emigrants that end up stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1846 Originally written in 1936 and revised in 1961 it pulls no punches while still maintaining an objectivity that avoids lurid sensationalism A bit dated in style and ethnic sensitivity It's a little like a Tolstoy novel because of the number of characters involved and the back and forth of the various parties and rescue missionsYou will never forget the vision of the rescuers finding some of the enfeebled dead and starving survivors at the bottom of a 25 foot snow and ice crater surrounded by the half eaten corpses of their neighbors and family their entrails still in the stew pot over the fireAt once a testament to both the heroism and desperation that humanity is capable of Murder greed and selfishness are just the beginningIt's a classic of survival literature that never fails to fascinate and hold us in suspense even as our stomachs churnContains the Reed and Breen diaries as appendices as well as the 12 year old Virginia Reed's account of the harrowing journey

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The tragedy of the Donner party constitutes one of the most amazing stories of the American West In 1846 eighty seven people men women and children set out for California persuaded to attempt a new overland route After struggling across the desert l Up until a couple of nights ago lifetime reader that I am and far from young I had never actually read anything on the Donner party George R Stewart’s description of that terrible tragedy has remained the definitive account which is saying something as it is also probably the best known and most widely recounted story of pioneer journeys everAmong Americans anyway you only have to say ‘the Donner party’ and the immediate association is cannibalism That much I knew but little elseFrom the moment I picked up Ordeal by Hunger two nights ago I have scarcely been able to think about much less read anything else Although I am not a believer in luck the saying ‘if they didn't have bad luck they had no luck at all’ fits here Stewart’s book was originally published in 1936 which was optimal because he was able to interview the last surviving witnesses and yet enough time had passed that everything hidden had been flushed out—by way of diaries and other oral and written evidence etc My copy also included the 1960 update to the ’36 edition as well as a forward which updated the ’60 update Additional information has continued to come out but less in the way of evidence to change known facts and by way of new generation’s perspectives on what actually happened It is so easy to judge I admit I was doing it all the while sitting in my comfortable chair in my warm—okay it is September—home with a full stomach The truth is none of us knows what heshe would do under similar circumstances And these were some of the most extreme circumstances I have ever read about And there were SO many children and babies involved Yes surprisingly survived 47 than died 42 Also it is unfortunate the cannibalism is what is best remembered Rather the heroism of so many who braved untold misery to save not only themselves and their own families but even complete strangers—knowing full well the worst that could befall them—is what will stay with meStewart would not have been a believable author if he was completely indifferent to everything that happened but he did a fair job of relating events without undue prejudice What he interjected of himself caused me at least to consider him a reliable narrator A book a story not to be forgotten

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Ordeal by Hunger The Story of the Donner PartyRating the diaries of the survivors and other contemporary documents George Stewart wrote the definitive history of that ill fated band of pioneers; an astonishing account of what human beings may endure and achieve in the final press of circumstanc Most people know at least a little bit about the Donner party of 1846 Probably all of them know something about the cannibalism The whole story of the Donner Party is so much fascinating and important than the sensational tidbits that might get tossed around in casual conversation Ordeal By Hunger was written in 1936 90 years after the events it describes and vividly tells the story of hardships endured by a handful of rugged individuals and families who followed their dreams and sought out the adventure of a new life in the unsettled and disputed territory of California One decision that of following the unproven but shorter Hastings Cutoff rather than the traditional California Trail precipitated and one could argue directly caused their future calamitiesThis is a book that I would recommend to almost everyone except of course for young children and the very sueamish It made me than ever appreciate what we have today and realize the true strength and endurance of the human spirit and its desire to explore and its will to survive