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Distance Read & download Ù 7 Á [PDF / Epub] ★ Distance By Colin Thubron – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Edward has lost his short term memory He hopes it will return when he sees the cottage in which he lives He recognizes his overcoat on the hook his books the double bed The mystery however is Naomi Ed Edward has lost his short term memory He hopMystery however is Naomi Edward has no recollection of who she is or why she has left him a love letterWith Thubron's customary clarity he draws a bleak amnesiac world in. Distance 1996 is about a man Edward Sanders who suddenly can’t remember what has happened the last two years He lives with a woman he can’t remember they only met one year ago He is in love with the woman he was with 2 years agoHowever his memory returns in steps during the next few days and he realizes why he is no longer in love with the woman he knew two years ago He even after about a week falls in love again with the woman he knows kow because he starts to remember how they met and what he loves about herWhat I thoughtIt’s a great idea for a novel and in general I liked the story Some of it I found a little boring and long winded but that was because I didn’t know how it fitted in the story at the time This was mainly about the old girlfriend he had two years ago In further sections of the novel it becomes clear how this is relevantWhat I also didn’t like but that was really part of the story was how Edward and his new girlfriend hardly talked to each other She knew that he couldn’t remember her and he found it odd to share a bed with this strange woman but they didn’t really talk about it Edward could have said how strange it was for him to share a bed rather than just say he needed some time alone and disappear to his father’s houseIt shows how important communication is between people Anyway as I didn’t like this lack of communication it made me enjoy the book a little less Still it’s a great book and probably great writing too Unfortunately I had a Dutch translation so I can’t be sure about the original writing

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Edward has lost his short term memory He hopes it will return when he sees the cottage in which he lives He recognizes his overcoat on the hook his books the double bed The. Suppose I can't really judge it having not actually finished it But here goes anywayI've read a couple of Thubron's travel books and enjoyed them for the most part In Siberia really impressed me; I was immersed in his dense and almost surreal description of the barren landscape that so few have bothered to write about in detail I loved his depiction of setting and while I found it a little too contemplative and melancholy in parts I think of it as a bit of a landmark book in my love affair with travel writing Distance on the other hand wasn't uite the tour de force I expected I guess I shouldn't have held my breath too much I got the book of the bargain shelf for 5 But there were numerous things which really irked me Firstly it didn't really seem that plausible—a guy loses all memory of his last two years; can't even remember his girlfriend—and I really didn't like the protagonist; he was strange moody and stupidly irrational—wouldn't any normal person in that situation just get some therapy He's a bit of a bastard to the girlfriend the one he forgot and spends most of his time coveting some beautiful girl that he thinks he may have met but he can't uite verify whether she is a product of reality or fantasyIn general this book had all the boring introspection and despondency that I was so averse to in In Siberia but without the gritty fascinating and enlightening depiction of place There was no beautifully strange landscape in which I felt immersed and no jarring sense of reality that had made his travel books so appealing When I have some patience one day I may try to finish it and see whether I really missed something big at the end Until then there are other important books to read

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DistanceWhich a young man must face again old griefs and linger 'like a coward just this side of knowing' On the other side the memory of a destructive obsessive relationship looms. my new favorite author