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You are eighteen years old You get up in front of a thousand people your classmates your friends basically the people who make up your entire existence and announce 'I'm HIV positive'Told entirely in seuential art here is the story of the life changing friendship between the author a cartoonist from Long Island and Pedro Zamora an HIV positive AIDS a. The San Francisco season of The Real World was the best of all time Hyperbole Just look at the facts Sure the first New York season was good but it was short and unleashed Eric Nies onto the world The LA season was good but the people were all annoying and not in an entertaining way And obviously the whole franchise started to go downhill after the third season But it all came together with the San Francisco cast which featured mostly intelligent people who could carry on a conversation about any number of topics and who wouldn’t dream of engaging in on camera naked hot tub hookups for the purposes of furthering their “acting” careers sorry traumatic flashback to the Las Vegas season You had the beautiful SF locale the entertaining drama of Puck and most importantly the compelling presence of Pedro Zamora whose charisma integrity and desire to create positive change were eualed only by the impact he had on middle America’s idea of what a person with AIDS or even just a regular old out gay person might be like He was a trailblazer in than one way So when this book first came out in 2000 I naturally wanted to read it to learn about the story—the things that happened off camera and after the cameras stopped rolling for good Pedro and Me definitely delivered in this area I don’t know why I decided to read it again now but this time I was curious about Judd Winick’s abilities as a comic book artist—something I wasn’t really thinking about the first time around I know Judd has had a lot of success in this area since the show ended but since 2000 I’ve read a lot of graphic novels and wanted to know if his work stood up to some of the best of those Somewhat surprisingly it absolutely did I was impressed by both his artistic ability and his skill at telling the story—he effectively conveyed both the fun and the immense sorrow of the situation and the book is never less than riveting I was most surprised at his ability to convey emotion through the characters’ faces possibly some of the most effective work I’ve ever seen in that area I was constantly studying the faces trying to figure out exactly how he’d done it Very very affecting Given that it’s been than 20 years since the show ended I was a little surprised at how sad the ending still made me let’s be honest I cried like a baby but that’s a testament to both Pedro’s story and Judd’s skill in telling part of itThe copy I read this time was the second edition released in 2008 In a new Foreword Judd speculates about how Pedro would feel about the progress that’s been made against AIDS in the years since his death In particular Judd excoriates the useless “Abstinence Only” programs that continue to exert influence in the US despite the fact that they clearly don’t work An unpleasant online search reminded me that one of their other housemates Rachel Campos has been using her platform as a former Real World star to push abstinence among other aspects of her conservative agenda How depressing that a person could live with someone like Pedro and yet refuse to learn anything from him It there’s any justice in the world Pedro’s message is the one that will continue to resonate across the years

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Pedro and MeCtivist which was filmed day by day on MTV's Real World San Francisco As a speaker and educator a guest on many talk shows including Oprah and Pedro and eBook #196 when his tragic death received front page coverage in the press Pedro taught a generation that AIDS was not a punishment for moral defects or a mere killer that reduced humans to wraiths R. Approximate Interest LevelReading Level Junior HighHigh SchoolFormat Graphic NovelAwards ALA Notable Books for Children 2001 ALA Best Books for Young Adults 2001 Robert F Sibert Information Book Honor 2001Reliving the experience from MTVs Real World San Francisco cartoonist and author Judd Winick relates of his experience living with and losing his friend Pedro Zamora AIDS activist to AIDS in graphic novel format I remember watching Pedro and Judd on the MTV Real World San Francisco series I have never personally known anyone with AIDS so watching the series was the closest experience I have ever had to knowing a real person with AIDS Pedro was a kindhearted and intelligent person with a very dynamic personality By appearance he was very attractive physically fit and socially successful which definitely challenged the pretenses of someone who acuired AIDS at the time The world definitely felt a loss when he died I kind of remember him being the first “individual” to die with AIDS Before that the reporting seemed to be all statisticsPedro’s story is truly powerful This book would be great to use in health classes

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Download Pedro and Me ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î ➷ [Reading] ➹ Pedro and Me By Judd Winick ➬ – You are eighteen years old You get up in front of a thousand people your classmates your friends basically the people who make up your entire existence and announce 'I'm HIV positiveAther he showed how those afflicted with the disease could live and love nobly with intelligence humor and great humanity Judd Winick's compelling memoir allows each of us to experience the vitally important message Pedro brought usInspiring moving informative and instantly accessible Pedro and Me could become one of the books that defines a generati. A poignant loving tribute to a friend whose courage and strength in dying was evident from day one Judd Winick met Pedro Zamora on MTV's The Real World a voyeuristic reality show which chronicled the lives of six roommates thrown together for six months Pedro HIV positive was Judd's roommate and eventually became a trusted friend along with another cast member Pam Ling a med student Pedro and Me Friendship Loss and What I Learned is much than words it is part education part memorial and part divine intervention How those friends wound up together can only be given up to fate karma or divination Pedro's short life touched so many and his legacy lives through his friends' understanding compassion and knowledge Morton West High School incoming Freshman reading list 2010