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Download ‘n Vurk in die padA Fork in the Road kindle å 448 pages ↠ dogsalonbristol ↠ ➾ [Download] ➻ ‘n Vurk in die padA Fork in the Road By André Brink ➷ – André Brink grew up in the deep interior of South Africa as his magistraAndré Brink grew up in the deep interior of South Africa as his magistrate father moved from one dusty dorp to the next With searing honesty he describes his conflicting experiences of growing up in a world where innocence was always surrounded by violence From an early age he found in storytelling the means of reconciling the stark contrasts between religion and play acting between the breathless discovery of a girl called Maureen and the merciless beating of a black boy between a meeting with a dwarf who lived in a hole in the ground and an encounter with a magician who threatened to teach him wh Brink is a typical Don uixote and he unashamedly compares himself to the same teller of tales At first you think 'this can't be true he's spinnig a yarn' but as the text progresses you realize that this is merely his writing style In and of itself the text is interesting and especially to someone who has an interest in his affair with Ingrid Jonker His account of things past ie apartheid and present ie the New South Africa is an honest account by someone who feels for the people a realist But there is something about Brink which irritates me no end It's as if he fails originality In fact I wondered for a long time whether he decided to write about Jonker end the silence pretty much because Ted Hughes ended his silence about Plath shortly before his death As if this South African was just watching from behind the scenes and having seen how the sales of Birthday Letters soared he decided to follow suit in many aspects their lives not only of Jonker and Plath but also of Hughes and Brink parallel each other I feel it necessary to explain why I took so long to read this book Initially the pages were flying by at a rapid pace it was interesting and it was filling in the gaps of the things I wasn't aware of until I read this document Then I found out on LitNet that Brink's old friends Marjorie Wallace and Jan Rabie had beuathed a huge amount of money to a willing and able studentartistwriter to use on some artistic venture I even toyed with the idea of entering myself R350 000 goes a long way if you're a lonely freelancer hoping to have a big writing break The deadline came and went and I let it go with the thought that there are people less fortunate than myself who need this kind of thing Perhaps someone who has never been to university and would make a huge difference with their work shortly before I had sent some poetry to Joan Hambidge who was advertising a writing course which I was keen on attending You can imagine the blow when the newspapers disclosed the recipient André P Brink Who??Here is a man who's just filled 480 pages telling his readers of all the places he's been to worldwide as a writer He tells of countless books published and famous people he met and then he has the audacity to enter for this bursary How could he? How could the people who administer the bursary even consider giving it to him? They claimed he wrote the best motivation I would also if I'd have had as much experience as Brink There were about nine entrants and the money goes to the guy on retirement with names and awards to his title than I have fingers on both hands Well clearly I couldn't carry on reading his memoir and believe what he writes if his deeds so outdo his wordHaving reached the end of the book thankfully I thought it would never end and seen what Brink has to say about South Africa post apartheid he's redeemed himself a little He better just use that money to point a finger out of hell to those in authority at the mo he did it during apartheid now stick to your guns old man

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At he hadn't bargained forWhile living in Paris in the sixties his discovery of a wider artistic life allied to the exhilaration of the student uprising of 1968 confirmed in him the desire to become a writer At the same time the tragedy of Sharpeville crystallised his growing political awareness and sparked the decision to return home and oppose the apartheid establishment with all his strength This resulted in years of harassment by the South African secret police in censorship and in fractured relationships with many people close to him Eually it led to extraordinary friendships sealed by meetings Firstly Andre Brink’s words which come at the end of this memoir “Taking a cue from Rene Magritte I can now confirm This is not an autobiography” Subtitled memoir then how to classify A Fork in the Road? “These notes are not answers Attempts at most To explain some things but simply to settle scores” This helps explain why there are absences in this book why you wish there was explanations Brink again “There is a certain sense of propriety in deciding where and when to stop” And so this is not a complete blow by blow account of Brink’s life not everything is explained there are parts of his life that are glossed over while others are dealt with in detail However A Fork in the Road is a fascinating look into Brink’s life and some of the themes that have marked both his fiction writing and his lifeThis is a meditative read one that meanders in a leisurely way through much of Brink’s life – from birth in the mid 1930s to a magistrate father and a housewife mother through to university marriage meeting with poet Ingrid Jonker a relationship that was to change his life a love affair with France and running throughout the urge to write Always an academic primarily at Rhodes University and now at UCT but always always a writer teasing out the concepts that have shaped the country he was born in and remains committed to Brink’s final chapter is itself a reflective look at the present “South Africa is in a mess And the old divisions between Black and White are still at the core of it” It’s a present in which Brink refuses to be silenced From criticism of the ANC’s policies and ways of selecting Mbeki’s successor to the scourge and acceptance of crime “one does reach a limit where to remain silent becomes a culpable act” And Brink has never been silent – whether during the days of apartheid when speaking out resulted in being silenced followed by the security police and facing possible arrest – or today when “as long as we have the word we can reach out to others in a chain of voices that will never be silenced”

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‘n Vurk in die padA Fork in the RoadWith leaders of the ANC in exile in both Africa and EuropeAndré Brink tells the story of a life lived in tumultuous times His long love affair with music art the theatre literature and sport illuminate this memoir as do relationships with remarkable women among them the poet Ingrid Jonker who have shared and shaped his life and encounters with people like Ariel Dorfman Anna Netrebko Nadine Gordimer Günter Grass Beyers Naudé Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela Above all A Fork in the Road is a love song to the country where he was born and where despite its recent troubles and tragedies he still live The fascinating story of Brink's departure from the Afrikaner world together with lovely descriptions of Cape Town and ParisThe book shadows South Africa's progression from apartheid to democracy but the author does not mince his words about the current state of the country