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Dreams of a better life she becomes further entangled in the cycles of violence and drugs that rule the estate Brilliant brutal and tender The Killing Jar introduces a brave new voice in fiction Nicola Monaghan's devastating prose tells an unforgettable story of violence love and hop. Absolutely brilliant bleak as hell but worth it At last an English female writer with a real edge

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The Killing JarIn her stunning debut Nicola Monaghan lays bare the gritty underbelly of life in Nottingham England Very early on Kerrie Ann begins to dream of the world beyond the rough council estate where she lives Her father is nowhere to be found her mother is a junkie and she is left to care f. Just look at this cover It has a pretty girl and a butterfly I wonder what this book might be aboutAs it turns out it’s about drugs sex violence murders abortions prostitution and suicides Aw that’s cute The only thing missing are poniesThis is how the narrator describes the birth of her little brother “I shrugged Mam’d always slept a lot and I’d never thought much of it I looked at the baby his mouth open and tongue wriggling as he screamed I noticed he used his whole body to cry with Looking back now I wonder why the nurses didn’t give him a bit of methadone or summat to help him out but they let him go cold turkey instead What a way to come into the world Never stood a chance our Jon”So Vintage Books dot Co dot Uk I actually love ya but this cover is a serious case of false advertising I know there is this rule in publishing that anything written by a woman needs a cute cover otherwise other women would panic and wouldn’t buy it and I know that there technically was a butterfly in the book but for God’s sake Alex Wheatle’s books get way better covers and his stuff is not half as grim as ‘The Killing Jar’ Yeah it’s called ‘the KILLING JAR’ The butterflies on the cover should be DEADOk rant over This book was actually uite awesomeIt should be a recommended read for all judgemental people Tory MPs Mitt Romney and everybody else who feels just a little too smug about themselvesKerry Ann the narrator is smart funny sarcastic angry soft hard sometimes out of control just as you have to be to survive on an estate and come out on the right side against all oddsNicola Monaghan creates a voice that’s psychologically deep with prose that’s beautiful without compromising the authenticity of the character and which tells a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat By the time Kerry Ann is fourteen she has already been through things someone her age shouldn’t even watch on tv And there’s to come Don’t get it twisted though the book isn’t just some ‘poverty porn’ style piling up of gruesome events to get you teary eyed Far from it It does make you emotional of course but importantly it makes you understand Ten points for social determinismThe downside of reading “The Killing Jar” is that you might want to try ecstasy and start writing ‘could of’ and ‘should of’Still I’d say read it even you don’t normally go for things with pretty girls and butterflies on the coverHere I have a perfect video for this book

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READ The Killing Jar 107 ↠ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Killing Jar By Nicola Monaghan ⚣ – In her stunning debut Nicola Monaghan lays bare the gritty underbelly of life in Nottingham England Very early on Kerrie Ann begins to dream of the world beyond the rough council estate where she live In her stunning debut Nicola MonaghaOr her little brother Clever brave and frighteningly independent Kerrie Ann has an unbreakable The Killing eBook #8608 will to survive She befriends her eccentric elderly neighbor who teaches her about butterflies the and life outside of her tough neighborhood But even as Kerrie Ann. This is the most outstanding book I've read in a long time I give it 6 out of 5 A stunning piece of work so as it's a first novel Obviously a gifted and intelligent writerThe story is terrible in the truest sense Original in Nottingham accent from page 1 to the end the story is steeped in authenticity horrific as it is The events steer inevitably towards a crescendo of fearHaving said that I recommend it as mandatory reading for this day and age that we live in The poverty driven drug culture is everywhereThis story was a gift for me in many ways as I've been around the edges of such cultures in Australia and know the destruction I've heard many of the same stories If anyone thinks that this stuff is over the top and doesn't happen think again It's out thereThis novel helped me to better understand the impact of growing up in a dysfunctional culture and the inability the unwillingness even to reach for something better the difficulty in extracting oneself from the only life known from the only love known and how that life that ignorance and that 'love' create a set of prison bars Within this environment the person descends into a hell of the culture's creationThe writing style is highly engaging and holds integrity throughoutWhilst the ending of the story was unexpected I also read into the ending that there were various optional endings that happen every day in this cultural settingand we know what they are This book says why they are