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kindle Ñ Hearts from the Ashes á Ally Blue In the city of Asheville nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains six men discover lasting love from the ashes of heartache In Eros Rising by Ally Blue Scott and Keegan have both been hurt by love Can they overcome their painful pasts and build a future with Hearts from the Ashes is an anthology of stories by three of the best gay romanceerotica authors this reviewer has had the pleasure of reading I’m not usually one for the romance genre but the stories enclosed have realistic well developed characters that are a pleasure to read about The graphic sex while hot is not the main element of the stories It comes naturally in the stories based on the characters personalitiesThe stories stand alone but each author entwined elements from the other’s stories Each story is set in Asheville NC I never knew so much gay action happened in Asheville I may have to visit there some time to see for myself Characters and locations from each story are mentioned or inferred The way the authors accomplished this is very interesting and shows creativity on their part Eros Rising – Scott has been with his boyfriend for too long as he discovers when they go to the town’s sex club Ganymede’s Grotto Logan Scott’s boyfriend wants to have a threesome; Scott doesn’tWhen Logan leaves to go to the bathroom Scott sits and enjoys the strip show performed by Keegan Scott instantly falls in love with him Over the following weeks Scott spends time at the club getting to know Keegan Eventually their feelings for each other explode to the surface but Scott can’t do anything until he leaves LoganEventually Scott and Keegan come together but they still have to deal with the pain of Keegan’s past; a past of abuse both physical and mental Café Noctem – Willa Okati weaves a tale of Cherokee mythology into a story of love loss and discovery Grey Jimmy and Nicholas were best friends for years Grey and Jimmy became closer as lovers Jimmy suddenly developed cancer that took his life in a matter of months Grey was devastatedNicholas stood by Grey through his grief He helped out in Café Noctem which was owned by Grey and Jimmy and did all he could to help Grey deal with Jimmy’s death Eventually Grey came to love Nicholas and they became partners The only problem was the specter of Jimmy hung over themOn the evening of a major celebration Grey and Nicholas are visited by a mysterious young man in an odd looking mask In the beginning it seems he is trying to separate Grey and Nicholas In the end he helped to keep them together With Love – Devlin is a werewolf He is moving to Asheville with his business partner from Texas Soon after his arrival he is called by Victor the pack Alpha to meet about joining the local pack Devlin drives to the meeting place to find Victor and a few of his Betas abusing another member of the pack Devlin flies into the middle of the group and easily defeats them all due to his size and strength Once the assailants are gone Devlin discovers by scent that the injured one is his mateLaine is the pack Omega He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and is a major klutz After being chased and beaten by Victor and his Betas Laine wakes up next to Devlin and realizes Devlin is his mate He fears for himself because of Victor It seems Victor wants him but Laine has no interest in him Devlin vows he will protect Laine and do whatever he has to to protect himVictor decides to send a message by sending his Betas to mess up La

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Hearts from the Ashes doc ✓ reader 9781599983462 Free Ì dogsalonbristol ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✩ Hearts from the Ashes ☉ Ally Blue – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In the city of Asheville nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains six men discover lasting love from the ashes of heartache In Eros R Each other? There's nothing better than a cup of coffee and your one true love Gray's in for the surprise of his life when he gets not two but three for one in Cafe Noctem by Willa Okati When werewolves Devlin and Laine meet in With Love by JL Langley I picked up this book because I'm a big fan of Ally Blue and Willa Okati; I didn't expect my favorite story to be JL Langley's With Love Her story of two werewolves had a fresh take; an alpha and an omega fall in love Yes Laney is very much like an uke in a traditional yaoi story but I like yaoi He is a little effeminate which may seem stereotypical but there are men like this Certainly not all gay men or even all bottoms This is a fantasy romance after all Laney's clumsiness is a little over the top but his relationship with Dev is sweet and hot I would have liked the characters to be developed but this is a short story Langley sets the stage for her With or Without werewolf series which gets depth in the next two novels Langley’s writing was so good I immediately ordered her novel The Tin Star also excellent Eros Rising by Ally Blue was also enjoyable Scott is hanging onto a dysfunctional relationship with Logan until he sees Eros stripping at a club But Eros has horrors in his own past Will they get their happy ending? of course And also some hot sex to bootMy least favorite story was Willa Okati's It WAS very well written with detailed Native American mythology woven into it Gray is hanging onto the memory of his dead lover Jimmy despite being involved with Nicholas I didn't like the story because I spent most of it feeling sorry for Nicholas Gray was so insensitive I had trouble liking the character At one point he even calls Nicholas Jimmy while making love Since this was a short story there wasn't as much sex so having it ruined like that was a let down With a little magic Jimmy shows Gray and Nicholas how special their love is but it was too little too late for me Willa Okati is a very good author I just didn't care for this offering I highly recommend this anthology to fans of MM romance

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Hearts from the AshesIt's instant attraction However the pack Alpha is determined to take Laine for himself Can Devlin protect his new found mate and keep them both alive? Warning this title contains the following explicit sex graphic language violence and hot nekkid man lo I think this anthology is worth the money just for the second story by Willa Okati It's so brilliant and emotional It's a vibrant tale with a rich character list Though I thought one of the main characters wasn't fleshed out the other was so beautifully done that I could enjoy the story through his eyesI loved her take on my culture and people I am Cheyenne and also Cree so I enjoyed it I get very frustrated with AmIndian stories usually but I thought this one was very good