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EPUB ✓ MOBI The Last Juror ô 9780099457152 Ç ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Last Juror Author John Grisham – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In 1970 one of Mississippi s colorful weekly newspapers The Ford County Times went bankrupt To the surprise and dismay of many ownership was assumed by a 23 year old college dropoutA member of the notorious Padgitt family Willie Traynor reported all the gruesome details and his newspaper began to prosperThe murderer Danny Padgitt was tried before a packed courthouse in Clanton Mississippi The trial came to a startling and dramatic end when the defendant threatened revenge Not really a courtroom drama or legal thriller; instead this novel focuses on the media in a small town in Mississippi Willie Traynor takes over the local newspaper in Clanton Mississippi The previous owner had apparently gone mad and was basically filling his pages with nothing but obituaries The residents had grown used to this and adapted to it to the extent that they wanted nothing than for their personal obituary to feature prominently Traynor slowly sets about changing the culture and the big trial of Danny Padgitt for the rape and murder of a local woman could be just the thing Meanwhile Traynor develops a friendship with an elderly black lady Miss Callie this was in the 1970's when segregation had just been outlawed The whole town turns out for the trial as Traynor waits anxiously for the details in order to sell newspapers Then Miss Callie is suddenly summonsed for Jury service but she doesn't really believe in the death penalty What will be the repercussions of the decisions made in the Jury room and will those outside ever find out exactly what was said and by whom?This novel features the usual small town characters with the gossip and rumour mill working steadily Unusually the story is told from the point of view of the journalist Traynor who has his finger in a lot of pies I ended up feeling a bit indifferent about the character who comes across as a bit wishy washy and blah Just kindof mooching through life without much passion He uses his newspapers to write some left wing articles about the Vietnam war but the reader is left with a feeling that he doesn't really feel as strongly about the subjects as he is attempting to convey through his writingSimilar to the last Grisham book I read I kept waiting for the drama or excitement but it didn't really happen and I felt let down by the ending That said I still had to read to the end which is Grisham's specialty; drawing a reader in so they have to know what happensThere is sexual content in this and it is a little too graphic whilst dealing with the rape There are also a fair few deaths which aren't as graphic There is some bad language but mostly border line words and it isn't freuentThere is a lot of religious content in this book Once again though Grisham misses the mark as he deals with the substance of Christianity His character at one point surveys all of the local churches and describes each service He tries to write a summary of what most Christians believe but it's inadeuate Grisham seems to view Christianity as a pick and choose religion rather than the only way to have our sins forgiven and find peace with God I can't uite make out what his beliefs are from his books as sometimes he seems to mock religious figures and other times he holds them up as examplesThe moral of this story is that success even becoming a millionaire and reaching the top of your gamecareer won't satisfy you There is a restlessness that is within each one of us that keeps us striving towards certain goals When we fulfill one goal we look for another and another and anotherit's the same with material possessions We are always searching for the next best thing The truth is that these things won't ever satisfy us because only God can bring us contentment here on earth and it doesn't come through worldly success or material wealthGrisham fans might like this but there are better onesCheck out my John Grisham Shelf

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Against the jurors if they convicted him Nevertheless they found him guilty and he was sentenced to life in prison But in Mississippi in 1970 life didn't necessarily mean life and nine years later Danny Padgitt managed to get himself paroled He returned to Ford County and the retribution began Everyone has an opinion on Grisham and if you don't like him feel free to skip my review I read a ton of his books when I was travelling regularly for work I'd pick one up in the airport book store and leave it when I landed on the other side but haven't read one in a while It was good to come back to him with this one Yes it was about a trial and yes it was in the South but this time the narrator is the local newspaper's editorowner Definitely a different tack and one I enjoyed The lawyers in this one explain things to him but aren't centralI loved his descriptions of people in this one I could actually see and hear them talking And the descriptions of the food oh dear This book shouldn't be read when hungry One section I marked to go back to is Miss Callie's pot roast It sounded good enough that I'm going to try itHere's the excerptAs usual I confessed that I'd never had a pot roast so Miss Callie described the recipe and the preparation in detail It was her simplest dish she said Take a beef rump roast leave the fat on it place it in the bottom of the pot then cover it with new potatoes onions turnips carrots and beets; add some salt pepper and water put it in the oven on slow bake and wait five hours She filled my plate with beef and vegetables then covered it all with a thick sauce The beets give it all a purple tint she explainedYum Talk about comfort food

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The Last JurorIn 1970 one of Mississippi s colorful weekly newspapers The Ford County Times went bankrupt To the surprise and dismay of many ownership was assumed by a 23 year old college dropout named Willie Traynor The future of the paper looked grim until a young mother was brutally raped and murdered by Great read