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PDF ´ BOOK The Morning Side of Dawn Holt #3 FREE ä JUSTINE DAVIS ô ❰Reading❯ ➸ The Morning Side of Dawn Holt #3 Author Justine Davis – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk DESTINY CAN BE DANGEROUSA brief fated moment at a wedding and Cassie Cameron was hooked She'd been unable to forget Dar CoDESTINY CAN BE DANGEROUSA brief fated moment at a wedding and Cassie Cameron was hooked She'd been unable to forget Dar Cordell though months had passed Who could explain it? She was surrounded Just reread this gem the cover might be getting worse with age but I enjoyed the story just as much and stand by my previous reviewOpening line She was the most beautful thing he'd ever seenI have no idea where I picked this book up but what a fabulous find especially if you’re anything like me and have a soft spot for the wounded heroes Written in 96 and the last in a trilogy which I’m now actively searching for TMSOD contains one of the most seriously shut off and tortured heroes I’ve come across since JR Ward’s ZsadistDar Cordell is bitter standoffish intimidating and often just downright mean Allowing precious few into his inner circle and even those he manages to keep at arms length Dar is also impossibly handsome a superior athlete and a double leg amputee preferring a wheelchair to his seldom used prosthetics This is one hero with a serious chip on his shoulder belittling and biting out at everyone while using his missing legs as an excuse to shut himself off from the world Still Dar would have to be up there with my top tortured heroes of all time because given the right circumstances as is the case here this unlikely romantic lead uickly gains your sympathy So that despite his attitude he becomes desirable as you gain understanding as to why he is the way he is And as it turns out Dar’s issues have very little to do with his legsThe actual story here is pretty standard Harleuin romance; following supermodel Cassie “Cassandra” Cameron as she grows tired of the superficial world of modeling and escapes to her brothers for a much needed vacation Of course then we have her stalker and when he catches up with Cassie the only place she has left to turn is to her brother’s friend Dar Forcing this reluctant couple together while the police investigate I really liked Cassie despite her supermodel status she reads like a real person managing to call Dar on his crap which is just what he needs As it turns out she‘s just as stubborn as he is and faces some of the same issues too with the public just assuming she’s nothing then her looks The sparks really fly between this couple with a palpable level of sexual tension throughout despite the fact that Dar continually pushes Cassie away because he just can’t believe she would ‘want’ him However when they finally make it into bed lookout its smoking hot and sweetly intimateYou can definitely tell that Davis has done her research here as we learn about the different types of wheelchairs Dar designs racing chairs hand controlled driving and what it feels like to be looked down on or just looked through And because Cassie moves in with Dar we also learn about modified kitchens and bathrooms wheelchair ramps and accessibility issues in general All in all I loved this story and if it wasn’t for the authors annoying overuse of the word “Chagrin” this would have been a 5 star read Cheers people

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When fate cruelly chose to reunite her with Dar Suddenly the obstacles they faced were greater than ever their very lives were on the line Would one moment of passion have to last them a lifetim Dar is incredibly bitter and I loved how Cassie handled it refusing to allow him to disrespect and demean her with his assumptions

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The Morning Side of Dawn Holt #3By handsome glamorous men every day and yet somehow Dar had touched her soulin a once in a lifetime way MEANWHILE SOMEONE WAS WATCHINGSomeone else had his eye on Cassie and time was running out Maybe its my English sensibilities but I can't get my head around the name Dar I keep wanting to finish his name for him and call him Darren It was a nice story but as I read this one as a stand alone book I'm left with the feeling I still don't really know what the hell actually happened to our H Sure we have the bare bones view spoiler he somehow gets hit by a train rescuing 2 boys i think hide spoiler