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Complexity Life at the Edge of ChaosIón del progreso en la evolución biológica James Lovelock cuya hipótesis de Gaia ha conmocionado el debate sobre el orden emergente Murray Gell Mann físico ganador del Premio Nobel por el descubrimiento de los uarks o Chris Langton estudioso de los sistemas complejos adaptativos en las culturas del sudoeste norteamericano Lewin no sólo ha levantado un auténtico mapa del recorrido realizado hasta hoy por lo ue pronto se conocerá como Teoría de la Complejidad sino ue ha trazado la apasionante historia de la lenta pero obstinada conuista de sus descubridore. In my high school psychology course there was a brief overview of the history of psychology beginning with the German Gestalt theorists in the 19th century I couldn't tell you any of their names nor could I cite a single book or article by any of them but their underlying concept has stuck with me since then The whole is greater than the sum of its partsThat has in many ways been my approach to a wide variety of aspects of life I think it applies to literary theory philosophy sociology much of the hard sciences possibly everything And it seems as though the scientific community is beginning to see that this might be the case and not simply for mystical reasons There's evidence that eating whole foods is better for you than consuming each of the separate nutrients contained in a food on their own A whole carrot will nourish you in ways that an euivalent stack of vitamins will notThis is not however because of some sort of magical property that comes from outside of the carrot rather the carrot as an organism is a complex system And according to the theories described in Roger Lewin's book complex systems have emergent properties properties that make the wholes greater than the sums of their partsIn many ways then Complexity admittedly a 20 year old and fairly famous book was something of a revelation I'd first heart of complex systems theory from a short biography of Cormac McCarthy who spends a great deal of his time at the Santa Fe Institute which is the central institution of Lewin's book I didn't know what complex systems were but as I read a little about it it seemed to be right up my alley I sought out Lewin's book and bingo This is pretty coolThe book isn't perfect of course It clearly feels itself to be in the shadow of James Gleick's Chaos which came out 4 years prior and which I read just before this one and is trying in some ways to comment on Gleick without giving him too much credit since Chaos theory is according to this book a part of Complexity It's also told in a sort of Platonic dialogue model with Lewin's narrator self posing uestions to scientists that he would obviously already know the answer to as a way of explicating to the non technical reader some sort of highly technical point It was actually uite helpful but the artifice wasn't always transparent and could get a little old Lewin isn't entirely convinced by the Complexity folks he talks to and despite my leanings neither am I some of the Santa Fe folks are convinced they've not only found order within chaos but THE order of the world and that seems farfetched The Gaia Hypothesis as the chapter on James Lovelock shows can easily be taken too far as can some of the analogies from Boolean networks and simulated ecosystems to actual evolution and species developmentHowever the main point that complex systems have emergent properties that the interaction of the parts of a system give rise to separate phenomena that therefore also interact with the parts of the system and cause further changes and greater wholes is an essential point that I'm glad I could finally begin to understand scientifically Very exciting stuff now I just need to catch up on the past 20 years of the science

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At the ePUB #185 podamos seguir de cerca la hermosa aventura en la ue ya nos hemos embarcado todos irremediablemente Desde las colinas ue rodean el Cañón del Chaco en Nuevo México hasta los páramos del condado de Devonshire desde la selva de Costa Rica hasta los laboratorios Life at the Edge of PDF or más sofisticados de Estados Unidos conversando entre muchos otros biólogos matemáticos físicos y uímicos con científicos tan célebres como Edward O Wilson entomólogo creador de la sociobiología Stephen Jay Gould protagonista de la polémica sobre la noc. I dare not pretend that I understood Lewin's far ranging discussion of the multitudinous aspects of Complexity But I was fascinated intrigued and thoroughly captured by the premise

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Complexity Life at the Edge of Chaos Free download ↠ 105 î [Reading] ➻ Complexity Life at the Edge of Chaos Author Roger Lewin – Los científicos vienen afirmando desde hace ya varias décadas ue la ciencia del siglo XXI será la de los sistemas complejos Y es ue en la base de todo sistemLos científicos vienen afirmando desde hace ya at the PDF #8608 varias décadas ue la ciencia del siglo XXI será la de los sistemas complejos Y es ue en la base de todo sistema complejo desde el comportamiento de las moléculas hasta las medidas ue deben adoptar Complexity Life Kindle los Estados para lograr el euilibrio con la naturaleza subyace una serie de reglas ue una vez identificadas contribuirán a unificar ampliamente las ciencias de la vida Roger Lewin ha uerido reunir auí las ideas de los auténticos pioneros de este descubrimiento para ue Life. I read this book as a followup to the excellent Complexity A Guided Tour and I have to say it was a bit of a letdown While it does dive deeply into some of the ideas behind the field a lot of the book's substance consists of scientists speaking off the cuff about their most grandiose visions for their work Frankly it ends up coming off a bit kooky in than a few places where researchers are not being as circumspect as a good scientist ought to be The pace also drags than a bit in places All in all it's an okay read for someone with an interest in the field but if you're looking for an engaging introduction there's better out there