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Knights for whom chivalry is a mere game Yet under Jouglet's witty relentless tutelage the naive knight uickly rises in Emperor Konrad's esteem until suddenly his sister Lienor becomes a prospect for the role of Empress This unexpected of the Rose Kindle #209 elevation of the sibling nobodies delights Jouglet but threatens three powerful and dangerous men at the court the Emperor's brother Cardinal Paul who has in mind a different bride for Konrad the Emperor's uncle Alphonse Count of Burgundy who would keep secret certain things that only Willem can reveal and most especially the Emperor's own steward Marcus who is hopelessly in love with Konrad's cousin Imogen For if Willem's star keeps rising Imogen will be betrothed to the knight by royal decree and Willem's star will surely continue to r. I'm incredibly susceptible to buying historical fiction without knowing anything about it In this case it didn't work out for me This novel is set in the 12th century Holy Roman Empire and focuses on Willem a young knight Willem's beautiful sister and Willem's best friend Jouglet the emperor's personal musician The writing was bland the characters shallow and the plot was much closer to these are some dumb deus ex machina coincidences than wow how neatly it all ties together which presumably is what the author was going for But my biggest problem with the book involves a major spoiler so I'm going to put it behind a cut view spoilerThe emperor's musician is eventually revealed to be a woman Now I am normally totally down for woman dresses as a man for the freedom it allows her It is one of my favorite narrative tropes But this book goes really far with it before finally giving the reader this reveal; about two hundred pages and importantly after Willem and Jouglet have kissed and had a serious discussion about whether Willem would get into a relationship with another man I was so ready for a gay historical romanceBut fine that's not what this book wanted to be Still since it went to such lengths to confuse the uestion of Jouglet's identity I expected there to be some interesting commentary on gender roles or desire or something But nope Revenge of the Rose is not at all interested in those topics Instead there's several hundred pages to fill up with scandal about Willem and Jouglet trying to keep their relationship a secret everyone assuming they're gay and Willem trying to talk Jouglet into revealing herself because that will apparently make everything okay But this is the problem in the actual 1100s a woman dressing as a man and taking on a political role since Jouglet is a spy and adviser for the emperor would have been considered just as perverse and sacrilegious as two men sleeping together Possibly so It would not have made everything okay And the thing is I can enjoy it when a historical novel decides to throw accuracy out the window for the sake of fun but Revenge of the Rose had plenty of other female characters constrained by vaguely accurate gender roles Women's virginity and dowries are major parts of the plot and multiple female characters are forced into cloisters by their male relatives Just none of this applied to Jouglet For some reason hide spoiler

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Revenge of the Rose A NovelIse unless Marcus figures out a way to stop it But that would entail outscheming cleverJouglet ablest of schemersGossip secrets and lies are the fuel of daily life in Konrad's court As Konrad edges closer to proclaiming Lienor his bride those around Willem play a perilous game of cat and mouse as they attempt to secure their own fortunes knowing that even the slightest move can shift the playing field entirely And through it all Jouglet remains Willem's most maddening yet staunchest ally But what really does Jouglet stand to gain or loseTransporting the reader to the brilliant conniving heart of the largest empire of medieval Europe Revenge of the Rose is a novel rich in irony and tongue in cheek wit and reveals all the grit and color politics and passion of court life in the Holy Roman Empire. A solid 35 star read; if you like historical fiction laced with romance you will like this book Set in the Holy Roman Empire of the 13th century it has a variety of colorful characters knights minstrels damsels in distress and a mid story plot twist that took me totally by surprise Combine all this with a satisfying ending in which true love triumphs and the evil doers get their just rewards and you have all you need for a really enjoyable story

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Revenge of the Rose A Novel Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á [KINDLE] ✽ Revenge of the Rose A Novel ❁ Nicole Galland – Welcome to a world of intrigue of the most intriguing kind where emperors and popes desperately vie for powWelcome to a the Rose Epub #226 world of intrigue of the most intriguing kind where emperors and popes desperately vie for power even as their subjects and servants engage in behind the scenes machinations of their own The Holy Roman Empire circa ADImpoverished young knight Willem of Dole believed he would spend his life in rural Burgundy struggling to provide for his widowed mother and younger sister Lienor And so it's with surprise and apprehension that he obeys a summons to the magnificent court of Revenge of PDF Konrad Holy Roman Emperor whose realm spans half of Europe Willem's mischievous friend Jouglet Konrad's favorite minstrel is no doubt behind it somehow but what's in it for JougletCourt life is overwhelming to the idealistic young Willem who is shocked by the behavior of his fellow. Inspired by a thirteenth century poem called “Roman de la Rose” “Revenge of the Rose” envelops readers in a thrilling tale of courtly love political intrigue and cunning wit The minstrel Jouglet is a riveting character whose schemes and uick mind made me laugh out loud while the main characters of Willem and Lienor provide an irresistible combination of the idealistic knight trying too hard to protect his spirited sister from the ways of the world Galland weaves their stories into an incredibly well developed unpredictable plot that will keep you guessing until the very last page And though the novel feels like historical fiction I was surprised to learn in the author’s notes that the court of Emperor Konrad – where much of the story takes place – did not exist nor did the personalities and politics around him As an avid historical fiction reader this revelation truly delighted me and revealed the depth of Galland’s talent Combining her vivid imagination with a profound knowledge of history she was able to create an entirely new world filled with characters you wish really existed