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Widow of Windsor Characters · 7 · ❰PDF❯ ✐ Widow of Windsor Author Jean Plaidy – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Albert was dead and the ueen stricken with grief prepared to spend the rest of her life mourning Her Government and her family sought to bring her out of seclusion but she was determined to remain the Albert was dead and tColorful members of her family sons daughters their wives and husbands her grandchildren There was the censorious Vicky Crown Princess of Prussia and Empress to be who suffered great domestic tragedy Louise who married outside royalty Lenchen and baby Beatrice there was Alfred whose amorous adventures caused his mother such concern and Leopold whose ill health was an even greater anxiety there was Arthur who had inherited his father's goodness and above all there was Bertie Prince of Wales and heir to the throne Suppressed in his father's lifetime he was determined to pursue pleasure for the rest of his life and his passions were racing and fascinating women His adventures twice brought. Excellent historical fiction; I suspect it lifts so much from diaries and letters that it's barely fictionalized at allIt really brings to life the historical figures that usually just flit by as names without personalities

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Him into the witness box to give evidence in famous trials which created the scandals of the decade and brought sorrow and humiliation to Alexandra whose happy childhood in the Yellow Palace had ill prepared her for life with the gay and charming philanderer whom she discovered her husband to beBut ueen Victoria at Windsor Balmoral Osborne or Buckingham Palace cannot fail to dominate the scene Her relationship with John Brown the rough Highlander gave rise to speculation but she was impervious to scandal All the fascinating characters of an unforgettable age rotate about her like planets round the sun and she remained the great ueen until the moment of her death and the passing of an er. This is the first book I have read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I found it very interesting and I learned a tonne about the Royal Family during this time in history I was intrigued to see people who had been characters in other books I have read play a role in this book giving a new perspective on the person

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Widow of WindsorAlbert was dead and the ueen stricken with grief prepared to spend the rest of her life mourning Her Government and her family sought to bring her out of seclusion but she was determined to remain the Widow of WindsorThe years which followed were some of the most momentous in British history some of the ueen's ministers the most famous There was the great Palmerston who managed to keep a mocking ascendancy over her Mr Gladstone Grand Old Man and People's William who prowled the streets at night in an attempt to lead prostitutes Widow of PDF or back to a life of respectability and who was no favorite of the ueen unlike the witty Disraeli who charmed her completelyShe was surrounded by the. First sentence Mourning hung heavily over Windsor The ueen was stunned; now and then her tears would cease and she would ask in a bewildered voice It's not true Tell me it's not true This time last year he was with us Oh God how could this be I always believed we should go togetherPremiseplot The Widow of Windsor chronicles the last decades of ueen Victoria's life starting with the death of Prince Albert in 1861 and ending with her own death in 1901 The book does not focus on ueen Victoria alone but also on her children their spouses and her grandchildren A marginal story line in fact despite the misleading book jacket is the ueen's relationship with Mr John Brown Politics is never far from center stage eitherMy thoughts This one is well worth reading despite the melodramatic jacket copy The good news is that The Widow of Windsor is NOT the book described in the jacket copy I have taken to reading Plaidy's jacket copy in a certain voice in my head starting with Jean Plaidy who is also Victoria Holt In the matter of The Widow of Windsor it's dreadful She was the ueen She was a widow But she was also a woman How could you not read that in a melodramatic wayI enjoyed reading this one very much I enjoyed learning about Bertie Edward VII and his wife Alix Alexandra Scandal was never far away from the Prince of Wales The book shows him at his best and worst ueen Victoria's other children are also very much present in the novel though not all eually