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Read reader ¹ Tears of the Moon ´ Mass Market Paperback ð Nora Roberts õ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Tears of the Moon Author Nora Roberts – A talented songwriter Shawn Gallagher spends his days lost in reverie and wonder oblivious to the wiles of women and the ways ofWith him for years But it is only when Shawn gives in to the mysteries of magic that he gets the chance to fulfill his destiny as a man and a musician as the song in his head keeps time with the beating of a woman's heart I liked Tears of the Moon a bit better than Jewels of the Sun maybe it's because Brenna had rubbed off on me from the very startWe share the tomboyish nature but I must say she has a considerably harder head than I do or I just might be lying to myselfCarrick sure had his work cut out for him with those twothem being Shawn and Brenna enough saidThe love was already there between them but they never realized that it was really love and not just love you feel to a childhood chumThey both had a mouth on them and they had me laughing my head off at some partsWhat I really admire of Roberts' work is the friendly and welcoming atmosphereI mean you could have people walking in and out of your house dropping in from the tea they're so fond of and having a chat in the kitchen over some homemade muffinsNobody's a stranger and you can see it's a close knit village and you the reader reading this series feels right at homeOh and the sceneriesThey sounded so beautiful and keeps you wanting to see them in personIt's been a dream of mine to visit Ireland but I must say reading about it and it's people and culture is as close as I can get maybe for nowhey a girl can dream A highly enjoyable book MrsRoberts

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E of loneliness and desperate longingNo one Tears of PDFEPUB or understands why Shawn doesn't put his musical gift to profitable use least of all Brenna O'Toole a fiercely independent tomboy who has been secretly in love I am NOT a big romance fanbut I am a big fan of most things Celtic I actually read this series a while back I discovered them in the Honor section of my local library and when I realized the plots took place in Ireland I decided to borrow them Like I said I'm not a big fan of romantic novels but I have read enough of them to be able to say that this is the only series of the genre that has really stuck with me except maybe the Three Sisters Island trilogy by the same author Roberts has an incredible writing style very beyond the usual fluff and slap and tickle of other romance writers; and I think that's why I've enjoyed many of her stories so much She also writes crimemystery novels under the pseudonym J D RobbI love the way Roberts uses Irish lore and tradition to make these books as magical as the land they take place in They are love stories so of course they all end happily but there's just enough suspense and turmoil and sheer reality in the lives and relationships of the characters to make them believable and that's her strong suit I believe This particular book is my favorite from the trilogy I'm not exactly sure why but since the first time I read it I've adored it

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Tears of the MoonA talented songwriter Shawn Gallagher spends his days lost in reverie and wonder oblivious to the wiles of women and the ways of the world He claims that he's content with his life but his music tells a different story on This one As hard as it may seem it's even better that Jewels of the Sun Nora keeps excelling herself It was so good I finished it in one day So good i'll probably re read in very short notice If Aidan and Jude were cute and flammable Shawn and Brenna are simply sensational and so flammable it turned out explosive I mean a dreamer and a doer They are faded to collide To complete the mixture add a since infants friendship Really Nora could go wrong but as her usual way handled it masterly They are friends but of course one side wants than the other view spoiler And the way Brenna decides to spice things up We should have sex I just loved her She thowns Shawn way out of his balance It was so good hide spoiler