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Road Trip of the Living DeadCelebrity party girl Amanda Feral is back of the PDFEPUB #230 from the dead and hungrier than ever for a g. 45 stars i think i enjoyed this better than the first i'm not sure if it was actually that much better or if i've just gotten bitchier and thus able to better LOVE amanda Either way great read

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N the prowl and ready to take a big juicy bite out of Seattle's supernatural Road Trip PDFEPUB or nightlif. Ethel Ellen Frazier is about to cark it so daughter Amanda Feral is road tripping for closure's sake There are some murders along the way but this plotline isn't clear enough which is strange because murders should have major focus But reading Amanda Feral for the plot is like watching Toddlers Tiaras for the role models we all know that's not why you're here You want characters effed up than you and fashionista zombies certainly are Namely ones who use tampons as butt plugs It's not a secret if you mention it in your memoir bitch ; Had this been any other author's novel Amanda would be relegated to BFFsidekick status her comic relief not allowed to lead full time Mark Henry wisely casts her front and centre creating a character as psychological as she is superficial And though she's an undeniable bitch Amanda also manages to make a new friend bringing her female circle to three There isn't a love interest but there is a lust one Problem is he's into dirty talk and not dirty in a good way it's just embarrassing laughable The crafty author doesn't bother romanticising the situation instead keeping characters truly flawed as opposed to other novels' so called flawed characters whom Amanda would totally shit on like it's bucket night Things are kept real and rip roaring relationships as unhinged as Amanda's jawsConsidering she's like the bastard lovechild of Fuzzy Door Productions and South Park Digital Studios our high heeled heroine's escapades would be better suited to half hour animated TV comedy episodes In the meantime Battle of the Network Zombies is due out in late February 2010 buy it y'all

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review Road Trip of the Living Dead Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Å ❴Reading❵ ➸ Road Trip of the Living Dead Author Mark Henry – Celebrity party girl Amanda Feral is back from the dead and hungrier than ever for a good time With her zombie gal pal Wendy and vampy gay sidekick Gil tOod time With her zombie gal pal Wendy and vampy gay sidekick Gil this stone cold fox is dressed to kill o. Road Trip of the Living DeadSomewhere in Mark Henry’s basement a poor wannabe celebutante sits chained to a desk with a stripped down computer as the only source of illumination That is simply the only way to explain how superbly he slips into a female skin as Amanda Feral with such convincing style Mr Henry should expect Clarisse Starling to knock on his door any day now but until that time the poor wife in his basement must continue to put the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose againRoad Trip of the Living Dead is the second book in the still underappreciated Amanda Feral series Once again Amanda and her friends are solving another Scooby Doo for grown ups mystery I truly waited for the villain to say “And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids”It is seldom that you can read an account of a lycanthrope engaging in necrophilia and actually laugh If you have not yet crossed that item off of your bucket list then I urge you to go out and purchase Road Trip of the Living Dead save yourself a trip and grab all three titles currently comprising the Amanda Feral series–see previous review of Happy Hour of the Damned and stay tuned for the forthcoming review of Battle of the Network Zombies from start to finish Mark Henry keeps the reader entertained Be warned if you read this book in public you will garner looks from passers by Why Because you will laugh out loud sometimes at very inappropriate things that would offend those with delicate sensibilities You will want to share some of these particular moments with friends who having not read the book will back away from you with a look of concern I’m fairly certain that simply by purchasing any of these books you name will be entered in some law enforcement watch listRoad Trip of the Living Dead introduces a few new supporting cast members that are as riveting as the original core trio of Amanda Wendy and Gill Included in this group is a Korean ghosthood ornamentformer zombie and his teenaged gun toting little sister Their adventures are no ordinary mystery any than those faced by Buffy and her minionssimply viewed from the other and by other I mean” the beasties” sideMark Henry has earned his spot on the shelf beside Harris Hamilton and Harrison Maybe it’s something in surnames starting with ‘H’ Whatever the case peek in on Amanda and her friendsif she’ll allow you too Road Trip of the Living Dead is a journey you will absolutely enjoy