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PDF ´ BOOK No Reservations Ë MEGAN HART Ë [Read] ➪ No Reservations ➲ Megan Hart – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Four days in Vegas Two sexy and determined men One penthouse suite And no reservationsChristmas isn't so merry for Kate and Leah Kate's romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited Four dayNd uninvited presence of Dix's annoying ex wife while Brandon's super perfect family and a diamond ring send Leah running for Sin City with Kate in towBut Dix and Brandon both know what th In Taking Care of Business is the first book were we are introduced to Leah and Kate Leah left her boyfriend and is now looking forward to having time with her best friend Kate however they both have to survive a conference There she meets Brandon Long Where she uickly sets the rules of their non relationship of making her happy Kate Edwards has spent her life making the right choices But in contrast to those right choices she's involved in a long distance secret love affair with a coworker Charles Dixon is a bad choice she can't help but make—over and over Now in No Reservations Leah and Kate have been in the realtionship for about six months Leah loves that Brandon is submissive to her but they are not into hard core Dom and Sub She just likes being in control Brandon and Leah are at his parents for the holidays and that is where Leah find a ring and she know that Brandon wants to ask her to marry him Leah loves Brandon but for her there are things to consider She is older than he is and though it doesn't seem to bother him or his family she worries about it So she runs and calls Kate to come with her Kate is at Dix's family vacation home with him and his daughters to get to know the girls better when his ex wife shows up and makes Kate's life a living hell especially after walking in Dix's and Kate's room right after they just had sex So Kate is all for leaving the situation In Vegas the girls are relaxing when Dix and Brandon show up They are determined for the girls to know they mean business in all shapes and sizes I loved the story we would see what happened with Leah and Brandon and then pick up with Kate and Dix The men were hilarious and as always Kate and Leah show what it truly means to have a best friend I hope that Megan Hart and Lauren Dane write another story with these couples in it

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Ey want In hot pursuit the men show up in Vegas ready to use every sensual trick they have to convince Kate and Leah to take a gamble on forever The sizzling seuel to Taking Care of Busine This was the follow up book to Taking Care of Business Although I did enjoy Taking Care of Business better this book was still very enjoyableIn No Reservations Kate and Leah are both stuck in awkward situations with their men Dix and Brandon Kate is spending a wonderful holiday with Dix when his ex wife Eve also known as Pickles shows up uninvited Eager to get away from Pickles and her pawning on her previous husband Kate calls up Leah and invites her to come with her to Vegas for the remainder of the holiday Leah is only too happy to oblige being that she is feeling anxious and overwhelmed at the kindness of Brandon's family who they happen to be staying with for the holidaysIt doesn't take long for the men to go after their women and when they do it explodes into some seriously funny dialog and scorching hot sexI was very happy to read about both of these couples but particularly thrilled with following up with Kate and Dix I love Kate's no BS attitude and that she's confident and sexy with who she is and what she wants I adore the character of Dix Seriously where is this man I love reading his dialog with Kate he talks so dirty to her at some times and other times he's tender and praising that it makes me swoonThis book was a uick light read with a HEA for both couples There is LOTS of hot sex in it with a couple of public displays of affection that were particularly steamy Five stars

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No ReservationsFour days in Vegas Two sexy and determined men One penthouse suite And no reservationsChristmas isn't so merry for Kate and Leah Kate's romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden a I loved this story enough to give 5 stars altho maybe the 5 stars were given because I just love the characters of Leah and Brandon If you haven't read the first book Taking Care of Business you really should as it introduces us to both couples and their background storieswhy they are like they are if you likeSo its now Christmas Kate and Dix are spending the holidays holed up at Dixs' holiday house meanwhile Leah is with Brandon at his parents not so good for her as she's not into happy family stuff it scares her to death plus shes conscious of the fact that shes sharing a room with Brandon need I say any However the Happy Holidays do not last long and when Kates worst nightmare rears it's head and Kate can take no shes off with Leah needing no encouragment to follow Dix and Brandon have instructions not to followbut men being men Dix encourages Brandon to back down disobey instructions and go after their womenThe girls have gone to Vegas and what follows is funny sassy and sexy Theres a Fetish convention going on and whilst Leah is wary she's been there before Brandons all eager to take a look and maybe treat himself t osomething he's seen Meanwhile Dix and Kate hit the clubs and get dirty The ending is great as both couples strengthen their bonds and so overcome their fears worst nightmares The thought the storylines for each couple were individual enough to hold my interest and the sex is hotter than hot and theres alot of it With graphic in between the sheets action or less in every chapterthis book is erotic than the last oneso if you don't like lots of sex this may not be for you Nothing icky tho' and one or was it two fun scene in a public place I loved it