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Free read Princess More Tears to Cry ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Princess More Tears to Cry By Jean Sasson ➟ – Sultana is a Saudi Arabian princess a woman born to fabulous uncountable wealth She has four mansions on three continents her own private jet gRegardless of their rank She must hide her identity for fear that the religious leaders in her country would call for her More Tears to eBook #184 death to punish her honesty Only a woman in her position could possibly hope to escape from being revealed and punished despite her cloak and anonymity Sultana tells of her own life from her turbulent childhood to her arranged marriage a happy one until her husband decided to displace her by taking a second wife and of the lives of her sisters her friends and her servants Although they share affection confidences and an easy camaraderie within the confines of the women's uarters they also share a history o. Note Comments by Jean Sasson and Friederike Monika Adsani or their fake accounts will automatically be deletedI am an American who has an interest in both Muslims and Arab countries I got this book for Christmas It is a very gripping story a real page turner However while reading through it I couldn't help noticing that the way the book was written just seemedoff It read like a novel the way the chapters were structured the horrifying crimes committed by the males in the story I'm not saying horrible things aren't done I just find it hard to believe that EVERY male in Saudi Arabia is basically a heartless idiot like they are portrayed in this book and the protagonist's unavoidably American Feminist view of the things happening in her countryI did some research and discovered that apparently the author was sued for plagiarism although in the interests of being fair she did win and this book has been accused of basically being a novel claiming to be the truth I would have to say I agree with that assessment It read like a novel The covers of this book and other books by the same author all have that fiction sensational novel type of cover The titles sound like novel titles The blurbs written for this and the other books in the trilogy read like blurbs for fictional novelsIf you compare it to other books written on the hardships women in the Arab world have faced you can immediately tell a difference in both the writing they do not read like entertaining sensational novels they read like true stories of hardship and just the covers and blurbs for them other books don't have fiction book covers and the blurbs don't read like the blurbs for novels I had no knowledge of the controversy surrounding this book before I read it but after I was done I had enough doubts about its authenticity to research its back story That should tell you somethingIt's painfully obvious in reading through this book that it is fiction If you are curious and wish to read this novel for yourself I recommend just getting it from your library so you in no way financially support someone who advertises fiction under the guise of truth I have checked out her other books and it seems the author is simply attempting to profit from our curiosity about other cultures and peoples and basically slandering them in her writing Even worse she fills our heads with untrue stereotypes that people from these countries have to confront when they are in our country InexcusableIf you truly want to know about the hardships women face in other countries there are plenty of true biographies written by the women who have survivedIn the Land of Invisible Women A Female Doctor's Journey in the Saudi Kingdom Saudi ArabiaDear Zari The Secret Lives of the Women of Afghanistan AfghanistanThe Favored Daughter One Woman's Fight to Lead Afghanistan into the Future AfghanistanThe Girl with Three Legs A Memoir SomaliaI Am Nujood Age 10 and Divorced YemenInside The Kingdom My Life In Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaI would recommend those over anything written by this author any day

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F appalling oppression everyday occurrences that in any other culture would be seen as shocking human rights violations thirteen year old girls forced to marry men five times their age young women killed by drowning stoning or isolation in the women's room a padded windowless cell where women are confined with neither light nor conversation until death claims themBy speaking out Sultana risks bringing the wrath of the Saudi establishment upon her head and the heads of her children But by telling her story to Jean Sasson Sultana has allowed us to see beyond the veils of this secret society to the heart of a nation where sex money and power reign suprem. “I would be the master of my life no matter what actions I would have to take or pain I would have to endure” ― Jean Sasson Princess A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi ArabiaThis was a very very tough read But the writing is strong and rather magnificent I found the book To be outstandingAnd if you have not read it do not be deceived by the absolutely gorgeous cover The story of princess Sultana is harrowingReading Sultana’s story was painful But it really gave me a window into what women are treated like in some countries It is a tough book to read And it really shows the differences in cultures One reads this book with growing horror and dread It is very frighteningWhat also does come through is Sultana's strength and determination As difficult as the subject is it is an important book and one that I can say with 100 percent certainty I am glad I readI think this would make an excellent book club selection There’s definitely a lot to think about and to talk about and to ponder Though her story is hard to read I so applaud her for telling it as I will never forget this book

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Princess More Tears to CrySultana is Tears to Kindle #215 a Saudi Arabian princess a woman born to fabulous uncountable wealth She has four mansions on three continents her own private jet glittering jewels designer dresses galore But in reality she lives in a gilded cage She has no freedom no control over her own life no value but as a bearer of sons Hidden behind her black floor length veil she is a prisoner jailed Princess More Kindle by her father her husband her sons and her countrySultana is a member of the Saudi royal family closely related to the king For the sake of her daughters she has decided to take the risk of speaking out about the life of women in her country. First of all I do not believe that this work is a genuine autobiography of a Saudi princess It just doesn't make sense to not reveal the name for 'protecting the identity of the author' after giving such a detailed life story and other intimate details about her family structure and other stuff It is naive to assume that she would not be caught and put to death I guess maybe it could be the story of the maid of the Princess or something Nevertheless I found it to be a highly compelling read and I believe most of the cruel barbaric traditions and suffocating rules mentioned in this book are unfortunately true I had stayed in that terrible place for two years and during that period I was appalled by their religious extremism and zero tolerance to other religions But after reading this book I realize they not only spit upon other religions but also treat their own women like shit Some of the experiences mentioned are so heart wrenching I am amazed how a human being can treat another another human being in such absolute cruelty and be so merciless This book is definitely not an easy read but it would give you a pretty accurate insight about inner workings of the Saudi society and about the wretched status of their women