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Read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Dana Fuller Ross TEXAS The bold new Republic of Texas is fighting for its life Rallying to the cause of liberty the brave pioneers who forged the Oregon Trail are called upon to lead a new wagon train into the fray Leaving their homes in the thriving Oregon Territory they face impossible. My Grandma spent years in used bookstores collecting all 24 books in this Wagons West series I remember them lined up on the bookshelf in the boys room of her house When I was in 9th grade my cousin Laura and I decided to read them and we enjoyed that it was like a grown up version of The Little House on the Prairie They were clean and wholesome books with history than we expected I didn't get past the 7th book because the story lines were pretty repetitive but I feel nostalgic about the series all the same When Grandma died two years ago I asked if they could set aside these books for Laura and I but I was too latethe books were goneLast week I went to an amazing used bookstore for the very first time What did I find on one of the first shelves I saw This book of course Even though this is the fifth book in the series I decided to go ahead and read it The first four books are about the Oregon Trail; in this book the story kind of starts over there's a dispute over territory with Mexico in the newly independent Texas state They need settlers in the area to help the US cause so some of the Oregon Territory's newest residents head on over Some people can't get enough of the unknown and have to keep moving I guess This by the way was my issue with the series the first time I read it I can understand heading west once for the dream of land of your own But once they reach Oregon the characters seem to say come on we have to help claim Texas; come with me there's gold in California; lets do it again cause they found gold in Colorado too; silver in Nevada I'll be right there It's than unbelievable that the same people would be part of all these events At this point in time I'll suspend disbelief and hold on to nostalgia Reading this book takes me back to that little one room cabin we had the place I did much of my reading in those days and it makes me feel connected to Grandma again I can't wait to find the rest of the books in this seriesUpdate Just finished the book last night and happened to have time to go to my new favorite used bookstore today I stumbled upon three books in the seriesone of which is the next one to read California I'm not going to start it right away When these books were published it looks like one was released every six months so I should wait at least that long to read them That's going to be the only way I'll get though them I won't realize how similar it is to the previous book if it has been a while since I've read it This has just become a 12 year project I guess

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Texas AUTHOR Dana Fuller Ross Read à 104 ì ➵ [Reading] ➷ Texas By Dana Fuller Ross ➪ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk TEXAS 1844 The bold new Republic of Texas is fighting for its life Rallying to the cause of liberty the brave pioneers who forged the Oregon Trail are called upon to lead a new wagon train into the fr Texas Odds on the wild Texas frontier overrun with dangerous outlaws native tribes and the powerful Mexican Army Among the freedom fighters are veteran commander Lee Blake and his wife Kathy boat builder Harry Canning and the fearless volunteers who would risk their lives as Te. Fifth in the series The Oregon pioneers are asked to rush to Texas to help the area attain statehood Mexicans are threatening war because they want the area Harry Canning Danny Taylor and Chet Harris are escorted to Texas by Texas Ranger Rick Miller Making the trip as stowaways are Nancy Canning and Mellisa Austin Harry establishes a ship building business to get ships built for the navy Lee Blake his wife Cathy and their daughter Beth also make the trip after a brief visit to Washington DC They head a wagon train of 1000 wagons full of people wanting to settle in TexasNew to this series is Anthony Roberts who is an evil person Also Elisabeta who is betrayed by Anthony Roberts That was an interesting story line Also new is the McGregor family who settle in the Austin area Melissa is still up to her tricks and not able to decide if she loves Chet or Danny or neither of them Danny takes matters into his own hands and falls for Heather McGregor Hurrah for him getting away from Melissa

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Texas AUTHOR Dana Fuller RoXas Rangers Their new leader Captain Rick Miller holds the destiny of Texas in his hands But in his heart he hides a passion for a woman he cannot have and a dream he cannot surrender This is the fight for Texas in all its grit glory and grandeur This is America at its be. Goodbye Oregon Hello Texas A few characters travel to Texas because that's what they do and we meet Rick Miller a new cooler version of Whip Holt Danny has grown up some and its nice to see of this character