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NIGHT ECSTASY by Rebecca YorkNew Orleans is the perfect place for Londoner Jules DeMario It's a city pulsing with every sort of forbidden pleasure anything a three hundred year old vampire desires Yet each encounter is a pale imitation of the grand passion Immortal Bad ePUB #8608 he craves And then he meets artist Taylor Lawson Feeling stuck in her work as a painter Taylor has come to the French uarter looking for an escort to show her the seamy side of New Orleans something to open her to new ideas But it's the aura of danger surrounding Jules that intrigues her And as their relationship becomes intimate and erotic it's not just Taylor Night EcstasyWas okay in the start but the insect bite and the magic pill just wrecked it for me I did like seeing the soft side of a 300 year old vampire thoughVelvet NightHow is it okay to sneak into someone's bedroom when they're asleep and do stuff to them And then the girl falls in love with this perv I liked how he never lied to her and told her he was a vampireMidnight CourtThe twist at the end was really good but the whole story was a little too vague for meThis book can be a good beginning for someone just starting to read Vampire novels For readers of Anita Blake or Sookie Stackhouse novels it is almost too vanilla

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Immortal Bad BoysM his own deepening desires may be impossibleMIDNIGHT COURT by Linda Thomas SundstromA creature of the night Christopher Dante is as cynical as he is handsome and as lustful as any man He's accepted an invitation to Lord Rothchilde's infamous Midnight Court a secretive gathering of debauchery and greed There resides temptation He has no defenses against the enchanting innocent unearthly beauty of Lord Rothchilde's future bride but his jealous former lover Elizabeth Rothchilde will do anything to keep Dante safe from a fate he cannot foresee In this Midnight Court both Dante and Elizabeth will have to risk their hearts in order to surviv The first story Night Ecstasy by Rebecca York was an OK read The Viagra part was a lot to swallow no pun intended The story would have been great if it had been a little longer with a little time for the couple to fall in love But all in all it was definitely the best storyThe second story Velvet Night by Rosemary Laurey was passable Again it would have been a lot better read if there was a in depth plot with the couple falling in love a little slowly It would have been even better if she would have been shot and him turned her However I do get that these are short stories but the writer could have expanded it The third story Midnight Court by Linda Thomas Sundstrom makes me wonder how this author was ever chosen for this type of book It was down right awful The story line is very tough to follow Yes I did eventually get certain points but there was no romance no nothing At least in the first stories there was romance The story made no senseI would have given the book a four had it not been for the last story ruining the whole thing Wait until you find this book at a used book store before you spend full price


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PDF ¿ BOOK Immortal Bad Boys  [Download] ➽ Immortal Bad Boys By Rebecca York – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk NIGHT ECSTASY by Rebecca YorkNew Orleans is the perfect place for Londoner Jules DeMario It's a city pulsing with every sort of forbidden pleasure anything a three hundred year old vampire desires Yet NIGHT ECSTASY by Rebecca YorkNew Orlea's creativity that finds stimulationVELVET NIGHT by Rosemary LaureyPolice officer Vickie Anderson has come deep into the mountains of Virginia looking for a little peace and solitude What she gets instead is sexy Pete Falcon Every bit of the cop in her says she shouldn't invite the stranger in But the woman in her can't help responding to his black leather jacket hard body and almost feral combination of sex and danger For Pete Vickie stirs a hunger that is beyond anything she can possibly understand one he both desires and fears Keeping Vickie safe from the threat hiding in the Virginia woods is going to be tough but protecting her fro 3 stories of vampiric love1st is Taylor and Jules Jules is a 300 year old lonely vampire not knowing anyone else of his kind he currently lives in New Orleans as a youth he livedon the streets of London until an aristocratic vampire brought him home and raised him educated him and turned him to vampire when he was dying of TB in this mythology vampires rarely have the physical response for traditional intercourse thier hunger and desire is satisfied by taking blood when a woman is climaxing he has many laisons with women but short lived as he would hurt them to conitinue to take blood so he would wipe their memories of him Taylor contacts him at the reuest of a past laison whose memories he did not totally replace she is an artist who does her best work when passion is new with a man she askes him to take her to some of the seedier sections of New Orleans to inspire her he does so but she finds reaction as he touches her or kisses the side ofher neck and he is enad of her wishing to be closer to her than to anyone else he has been with he brings her to climax the 1st night then takes her home wanting her to freely choose him she paints up a storm and falls into his arms when he returns he clouds her mind as he has sex with her taking control mimicking penile entrance with his fingers and takes her blood and the pattern repeats and during the day she paints and sells her paintings and wonders about not having clear memories she goes to him one night and he wants to have full intercourse withher he leaves to take blood for 12 men and comes to her engorged they make full love all night without his fogging her mind and the next day she wonders and she thinks vampire looking at the different marks onher body and she buys a video camera and he takes her in his usual way and she watches the video and he comes to her and agrees to stay away from her and he watches her through her window and her paintings are dark and after a week he awakens to her presence and she tells him she is not ready to give up on him and wants to be with him fully and he risks himself and makes love to her as he ususally does without fogging her mind and she accepts him and she returns the next night with viagra and low and behold it works Next story is of Vickie and Pete Vickie has returned to her grandparent's cabin in the Virginia woods as a break from her life as an NYPD cop and she meets Pete a 'new' vampire 8 months old DEA agent in the mountains looking for a meth lab there is instant attraction he comes to her in her sleep and makes out with her and takes some blood then goes out to find the lab and gets his foot caught in a bear trap she wakes up restless and decides a walk will do her good she finds him rescues him and he takes of her blood he is weak after all and tells her he is a vampire with his healed ankle as proof and she figures out where the methlab must be underground cave he his team take them down he returns to her and they plan a life togetherthird story is harder to understand Christopher and Elizabeth and a castle with the infamous Midnight Court Christopher is hedonistic into pleasures of sex and blood but he does not take so much that it kills his victims Elizabeth is a vampire hunter her brother a vampire and she uses the Midnight Court to kill vampires and she brings in an innocent that looks like an angel; but is of the devil it didn't make sense to entice christopher but so that she can show him he belongs to her and she does and he finds his soul mate hmmmm