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A Very Private Revenge review ¼ 3 ñ [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Very Private Revenge ⚣ Helen Brooks – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk An intimate vendettaTamar had made it her business to find out all Jed Cannon's secrets The notorious playboy had destroyed her cousin's happiness—and her reputation Now Tamar was determined Jed mus An intimate vendTion Now Tamar was determined Jed must be made to pay It was time to put her plan into actionTamar intended to play Jed at his own game seduce him then publicly. Kind of a downer Heroine is a rape survivor who pressed charges against the professor who assaulted her while she was in university She hasn't dated in five years choosing to work on her real estate career When her cousin attempts suicide after being publicly humiliated by the hero the heroine decides to seek revenge on him The cousin didn't realize the man she was dating was married to the hero's sister The night of her suicide attempt she lost the baby she was carrying so the heroine thinks the hero has a lot to answer forThe revenge plan really makes no sense She arranges to meet the hero by showing him some properties she knows he'll be interested in purchasing She will make him interested in her and then she is going to tell him off Maybe It's all a bit hazyInstead the hero is fascinated with her and begins his pursuit He makes no bones about the fact he wants her and that he will never marry He has a horrific backstory as well his mother cheated on his father her entire married life abandoning her children and he found his fiance in bed with another manThe heroine is attracted to him but has a lot of hangups and anger from her rape She realizes why the hero was so protective of his sister when she meets her and finds that she has a degenerative disease the confines her to a wheelchair She feels torn between loyalty to her cousin and pity for the sister The hero can't figure her out The heroine never tells him of her connection to his sister's cheating husband and it comes back to bite her in the behind when the ex shows up for a handout and recognizes the heroine The hero is livid that the heroine lied to him and he thinks she has strung him along for revenge To say he had trust issues is an understatement He says some horrible things and tries a forced seduction before the his sister knocks on the door and interrupts them The heroine is justifiably afraid of his anger and runs away She ends up in Scotland with her cousin and takes three weeks to sort herself out She realizes she was using the hero as a conduit to her anger at all men and that she should have told him about her cousin When she returns to her flat the hero tracks her down and grovels He's had time to think and find out about her rape case He now realizes she wasn't putting on an act and that he his anger wasn't justified Heroine thinks he's pitying her but he blurts out the ILY and the marriage proposal for a HEAThe heroine was just so miserable and bitter through this whole story either reliving the trauma of her rape or feeling guilty for being attracted to the hero that there weren't too many high notes The hero was bitter and cynical and very stalkerish The week of flowers was unsettling And his insistence that he never accepted the word no That was ominous for a rape survivor The hero's sister was in a wheelchair and had been emotionally isolated by her ex so she was a downer as well The Ex didn't have the comeuppance he deserved but the heroine's rapist died in jail so that good I guess A solid story if you're in the mood for a lot of conflict and pain

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Jilt him A Very ePUB #8608 But the she flirted with him the she realized Jed wasn't the ruthless man he seemed Maybe it wasn't really revenge she wanted after al. 25 starsTamar's pregnant shy sweet cousin Gaby was confronted and publicly humiliated by Jed in a hotel restaurant while having dinner with Roland Mitchell Jeb's brother in law Gaby had no idea Roland was married Later that night Gaby attempted suicide she survived but lost her baby as a result Tamar blamed Jeb and decided to demean him as he has done to her cousin except her actions were not really about Jeb but about another man a professor who has rapped her and many othersIt didn't make sense to me in this story that Tamar was harsher on Jeb than on Roland She hardly confronted Roland when she had the chance

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A Very Private RevengeAn intimate vendettaTamar had made it her business to find out all Jed Cannon's secrets The notorious playboy had destroyed her cousin's happiness and her reputa. Re A Very Private Revenge Helen Brooks takes on the revenge by the h trope in this one She also has the dubious honor of providing HPlandia with an h who is partially motivated by a previous rape when she was in uniSo our h is not a unicorn groomer in body but per HP heroine standards she is definitely chaste in her mind and thus gets to groom the unicorns who have misplaced or damaged their horns Unlike prior stranger rapes in HPlandia HB chooses a moralistic route other than having her h keep her attack a dark and secret shame This h was raped by one of her professors at university When he acted like she was nothing and that she would never say anything our tiny h gathered up her backbone and pressed chargesTo the slime gulping snot pustule's amazement three of his victims came forward and the skeezy snot pustule was sentenced to prison The h has managed to outwardly rebuild her life since her horrible experience she has nice little house and makes a decent living selling real estateBut the h carries a ferocious anger towards the male gender and when her beloved and sweet cousin gets used and abused by a different snot gulper and then publicly exposed by the H the h's fury and her outrage set her off on a grand plan o' revengeThe h's very sweet cousin met a guy who wooed seduced and impregnated her The cousin believed the man when he claimed he wanted to marry her Thus the devastation was tremendous when the cousin was out with her supposed fiance and the H showed up to publicly denounce and berate both the snot gulper and the h's sweet little cousin as being adulterous nematode parasites who would rue the day they cheated on the H's sisterThe cousin lived in a small Scottish town and this public denouncement in front of people she had known for years was extremely damaging The h's cousin fell into a pit of despair and tried to commit suicide Fortunately her life was spared but the suicide attempt caused a miscarriageThe h can't do anything about the snot gulper he was thrown out by his wife and there is a divorce in process But when the h sees yet another arrogant snot snarfer of a man who thinks he is master of everything maligning and degrading an innocent publicly when he has no proof that she even knew about the adultery her already simmering fury becomes incandescent Especially when the man publicly throwing stones has than few widely publicized tawdry affairs under his own belt So even tho this is HPlandia and HP rule 23 says that unless your name is Sally Wentworth with a small two time concession for Sara Craven your grand plan o' heroine designed revenge is destined to completely and utterly fail our h embarks on scheme to ensnare and then publicly humiliate the HHer sneaky plan to let the H feel the deep ache of another's pain is to get the H's interest by selling him some valuable carefully chosen property Then wow him and woo him until he is head over heels in want and desire and then dump his sorry dictatorial and smugly arrogant rear in the most public forum the h can findI had to give the h some serious kudos here she may have been in PTSD from her rape but she had massive self confidence that she could hook the HAs this H is rich and really stalkery and the is HB's HPlandia the h's little revenge lasts about halfway through the h and H's first dinner date Then the h is utterly in love Now the h gets to spend the next five chapters being horrible to herself for being so uncharitable as to try for revenge and terrified that the H will find out about her little charade while all while sinking irrevocably deeper and deeper into full blown True LoveThat