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PDF Õ BOOK Great Expectations FREE Ô CHARLES DICKENS ½ [BOOKS] ⚦ Great Expectations ✫ Charles Dickens – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Part of Penguin's beautiful hardback Clothbound Classics series designed by the award winning Coralie Bickford Smith these delectable and collectible editions are bound in hExpect much from lifeHis sister makes it clear that her orphaned little brother is nothing but a burden on her But suddenly things begin to change Pip's narrow existence is blown apart when he finds an escaped criminal is summoned to visit a mysterious Pause you who read this and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold of thorns or flowers that would never have bound you but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day That is such a uote If there was ever a novel that shows us the dangers of false perceptions then it’s Great Expectations Pip is such a fool; he constantly misjudges those around him and he constantly misjudges his own worth This has lead him down a road of misery because the person who held the highest expectations for Pip was Pip himself But in spite of this Pip does learn the error of his ways and becomes a much better person though not before hurting those that have the most loyalty to him The corrupting power of money is strong through this novel The money Pip received clouds his vison completely He in his innocence longed to be a gentleman but when he has the chance he forgets everything thing he is In his self imposed aggrandisement he can only deduce that his money came from a source of respectability; his limited capacity has determined that only he a gentleman could receive money from a worthy source But what he perceives as respectable is the problem Indeed Dickens contrasts societies’ gentleman created through social station with the true gentleman of the age who may or may not have any money Pip has falsely perceived that to be a gentleman one must have money and must have the social graces that comes with it However this is far from the truth as Pip later learns He thinks Joe is backward and ungentlemanly but Joe in reality is of a gentle man than Pip could ever be In this he has forgotten his routes and his honest if somewhat rough upbringing He has been tainted by money and the rise in class that came with it I think if he never received the allowance he would have eventually been happy at the forge He may have sulked for a year or two but ultimately he would have got over himself as he does eventually do The money gave him hope; it gave him a route in which he could seek his Estella Without the money he would have realised she was in fact unobtainable regardless of his class; he would have moved on and got on with his life But that wouldn’t have made for a very interesting novel Pip’s journey of morale regeneration is the keyIndeed Pip wouldn’t have learnt a thing Through the correcting of his perceptions he learns the value of loyalty and simple human kindness This changes him and he is essentially a much better person for it He learns the errors of his ways and how shameful and condescending his behaviour has been to those that hold him most dear namely Joe You can feel the pain in his narration as he tells the last parts of his story; it becomes clear that Pip could never forgive himself for his folly He wishes forgiveness from those that love him that’s why he forgives Havisham but I don’t think he fully deserves it He is repentant but the damage is done Heaven knows we never be ashamed of our tears for they are rain upon the blinding dust of the earth overlaying our hard hearts Pip’s morale regeneration was a necessary facet for the brilliance of this work It creates an ending that for me was perfect It is not the ending that Pip thought he would get but it is the ending this novel deserved Pip’s morale regeneration and revelations are just not enough to offset the past He has grown but like Havisham cannot turn back the clocks The ending Joe receives signifies this; he as one of the only true gentleman of the novel receives his overdue happiness Whereas Pip is destined to spend the rest of his life in a state of perpetual loneliness he most certainly learnt his lesson the hard way Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be I have been bent and broken but I hope into a better shape Anguish is in eual measures Pip’s story though ultimately sad is not the most woe begotten of the character stories in this novel Abel Magwitch and Miss Havisham are two incredibly miserable individuals because life has really got them down Havisham is the caricature of the spinster; she is stuck in the past uarter to nine to be precise and is unable to move on; she has turned bitter and yellow; she has imposed herself to perpetual agony Despite her harshness and venom there is a flicker of light within her soul that Pip unleashes For me she is the most memorable and well written character in this novel because her story transcends that of Pip’s And then there is the lovable Abel Magwitch The poor man had been used and cheated; he had been bargained away and sacrificed He has been shown no kindness in his life and when he meets a young Pip in the marshes he is touched by the small measure of friendship the boy offers him His response to repay that debt with what he believes to be kindness in turn These characters are incredibly memorable and harbour two tragic and redemptive stories But in order to display their anguish to the world and society they both use another to exact their revenge Havisham uses Estella to break the hearts of men like hers was once broken; Magwitch creates his “own” gentleman as a revenge to the world of gentleman that betrayed him I love Great Expectations It is than just a story of love; it is a strong story about the power of loyalty and forgiveness; it is a story about falsehoods and misperceptions; it is a story of woe and deeply felt sadness it is about how the folly of youth can alter your life for ever It is an extraordinary novel I've now read it three times and I know I'm not finished with yet

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Part of Penguin's beautiful hardback Clothbound Classics series designed by the award winning Coralie Bickford Smith these delectable and collectible editions are bound in high uality colourful tactile cloth with foil stamped into the designPip doesn't My students and some of my friends can't ever figure out why I love this novel so much I explain how the characters are thoroughly original and yet timeless how the symbolism is rich and tasty and how the narrative itself is juicy and chock full of complexity but they just shake their heads at me in utter amazement and say What's wrong with you dude?What's wrong indeedI give them ten or fifteen years Perhaps they'll have to read it again in college or maybe they'll just try reading it again as an adult to see if they can try to figure out why it's such a classic but after some time has passed from their initial encounter with the novel they will find that I am not so crazy after all and that the book is in fact one of the best examples if not the best example of the novel This happens to me all the time I will re read something I was forced to read in middle school and high school remembering how much I hated it then and will find that I actually love it now as an adult Sure those classics may have taught me something about literary analysis symbolic patterns and the like but I couldn't appreciate it for its complexity until I was older I guess the rule of wine appreciation applies here too good taste only comes after much patience and experiencePerhaps the thing I love best about this novel is the cast of characters their names as well as their personalities Ms Havisham is one of my favorite characters to ever appear in all of the literature I have read There is so much density and complexion to her character that I could literally make an entire career out of writing discourses on her characterization She has even invaded the way I think about the world and the people I have met I have for instance started referring to those instances where parents try to achieve success through their children the Havisham effect unfortunately you see this all too often in the world of teaching Havisham's name is another exasperatingly fantastic aspect of her character like the majority of Dickens' characters you pretty much know what you're in for when you first read her name she is full of lies tricks and deceits or shams You don't get this sort of characterization much of anywhere else in the literary sceneAnother reason I love this novel so much is its plotting Remember Dickens was writing in a serialized format so he needed to keep his readers hooked so that they'd want to buy the next issue of his periodical All the Year Round in order to see what happens next Thus the plot of Great Expectations is winding unpredictable and uite shocking at points Certainly in terms of heavy action well what our youngsters these days would call action fighting and big explosions and what not there is none or very little at most but that's not the thing to be looking for Figure out the characters first and then once you've gotten to know and even care for them or hate them you will be hooked on the plot because you will want to know what happens to these people who you've invested so much feeling into This is of course true of all novels but it's what I tell my students when they read Great Expectations for the first time and by gum it's helped than a few of them get through the novel successfullySo if you read Great Expectations in middle school high school or college but haven't picked it up since I urge you to do so With a patient and experienced set of eyes you just might surprise yourself


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Great ExpectationsOld woman and meets the icy beauty Estella Most astoundingly of all an anonymous person gives him money to begin a new life in LondonAre these events as random as they seem? Or does Pip's fate hang on a series of coincidences he could never have expecte I was really mad when I finished this book last night I have to say I enjoyed this much than the other Dickens' books I've read which is funny because someone told me it was written for kids so I should read it because I would like it better probably and I did It just felt too long and I kind of saw the twist of who was Pip's benefactor coming but at the same time I think the way everything is told and developed is really good I think I mostly felt it was long because I had to read slower than I would have otherwise because the writing was complex and I wanted to make sure I was understanding what was happening and fully understanding each sentence I think the last sentence or two of this book was really beautiful and so well written but it made me really mad to have it end that way despite the fact that it was a really good ending because it was ambiguous I know it seems like no matter what happens with a book I complain and I think that's just my disposition as a person Most of the characters were so unlikable though especially Pip so many times through out the book I wanted to throttle him Anyway definitely the best Dickens book I've read thus far and I would say this ones a 35 stars from me it be higher but reading it felt slow and like I had to trudge through it at multiple points