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Dialogue from Bollywood movies attended dangerous protests and formed secret friendships In a household run by Zaki's crusading political journalist mother and iron willed grandmother it was impossible to imagine a future that could hold anything different for either of themBut adolescence approaches and the cousins' fates diverge Samar's unconventional behavior in which Zaki has played the role of devoted helper brings severe conseuences for her while Zaki is sent out to discover the world for Recommended To Fans of contemporary adult fic South Asian history and DESI peopleGoodreads ratings are misleading big timeThis book was a delight it was everything I was expecting and If you're sick of reading about white people and their culture or just anything foreign and long for something desi look no further This is a coming of age story and with Sethi's knack for writing exceptional characters and creating amazing descriptions for the backdrop of the novel 80s and 90s Lahore Pakistan all old souls rejoice please it was a complete nostalgic trip down the lane of lives my parentsgrandparents love to talk about Here's the thing though I might be bias No I am bias Because duh Pakistani Lahore is love On a serious note as a Pakistani it was easier to envisage places mentioned in the novel MALL ROAD connect to major historical events history student here and laugh on the humour only Pakistanis or well only desi people can understand References to Faiz's poems Madam Noor Jehan's singing Benazir Bhutto and PPP Roti Kapra Makaan and the general political turbulence experienced by the country in that period were highly appreciated and relatable as well as a treat to read about Although there was no larger progressive plot or in simple words a climax that readers search for in any book the intricately woven characters their lives and dilemmas were well presented I also loved that there were a lot of Pakistans to admire in the book the newly independent Pakistan the conservative Pakistan under zia's martial law the war torn Pakistan the feminist Pakistan and lots this was the one thing that made me go through some bland over descriptive chapters Sethi perfectly captured the complex relationships of an unconventional family missing a key father figure and the way the society shaped the lives of Pakistani people back in the day Overall this was a highly enjoyable read but I personally would've enjoyed it without the occasional bland chapters and with an addition of a climax The ending was great though Samar Api your Amitabh is here Aww

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The Wish MakerHimself It is only after years of separation from Samar that he is forced to confront the true nature of happiness selfhood and commitment to those he loves mostChronicling world changing events that have never been so intimately observed in fiction and brimming with unmistakable warmth and humor The Wish Maker is the powerful account of a family and an era a story that shows how even in the most rapidly shifting circumstances there are bonds that survive the tugs of convention time and history The Wish Maker is a tale of an upper middle class Pakistani family run by strong willed women from the point of view of young Zaki who is observant and silent trying to search for a place in his family and fit in What I absolutely loved about the book was the fact that it was not only a coming of age story of a young Pakistani read Lahori boy but also a road down the memory lane of 60s and 70s—when liberalism was at its peak partying and alcohol was not a problem to when Bhutto was tried in the courts and people were showing their reactions—and late 80s when there was strong censorship and Islamization ban on alcohol and the like; change of governments in 90s and Zaki’s family reactions brought a similar wave of nostalgia although I was very young in 90s and remember very little mostly from the discussions of elders Other than his witty observance of the political scene growing up of Zaki and Samar Apa in 90s along with their friends brought back sweet wistfulness of 90s when kids would regularly visit each other house cousins would stay over nights movies would be rented and watched on VCR TV antennas would be fixed for channels and then Dish Satellite would replace antenna one landline would be owned by every house and everyone house member would use only that and later when the emergence of internet Chat rooms was supposedly the coolest thing in the crowdZaki and Samar Api’s relationship throughout the book is one of the many reasons why one cannot put the book back without finishing Samar Api is older condescending and intimidating for Zaki but that does not lessen Zaki’s love for her Zaki is Samar Api’s minion no matter how harsh Samar Api could be sometimes to him He does what she says and does not interrupt or correct her even if he knows she is making a mistake He accompanies her in all her reckless adventures and decisions and keeps her secrets even if it means compromising the truth The end does not end well for either of them But for Zaki Samar Api changes his life in one way or the otherThe Wish Maker although a work of fiction is a glaring truth of the events that were before partition in Lahore and that occurred right after partition the fleeing of Sikhs and Hindus killing of Muslims and Hindus on both sides of the borders to the way politics impacted the life of rich and the poor in 70s late 80s and 90s there is a little glimpse of life in Pakistan after 911 as well; which makes is closer to relate—something that lacks in a lot of writingsOne thing that makes this book a little foreign for a Pakistani reader could be the that sometimes while reading it feels like Ali Sethi has probably written this book as if his audience is non Pakistani and foreign where he has to explain every tradition and every gesture such as Azaan in a simpler comical way which takes away the desi beauty of it Otherwise the flow of the story is simple yet magical to grip the attention of the reader till the end


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DOC ↠ READER The Wish Maker ↠ ALI SETHI ↠ ➫ The Wish Maker Read ➳ Author Ali Sethi – A major new international voice debuts with a sweeping story of love friendship and family ties that brings to life the turbulent world of modern PakistanThe unforgettable story of a fatherless boy gr A major new international voice debuts with a sweeping story of love friendship and family ties that brings to life the turbulent world of modern PakistanThe unforgettable story of a fatherless boy growing up in a household of outspoken women The Wish Maker is also a tale of sacrifice betrayal and indestructible The Wish PDFEPUBfriendship Zaki Shirazi and his female cousin Samar Api were raised to consider themselves part of the same litter Together they watched American television and memorized I really disliked this book It was painful to get through By the end I was just skimming trying to finish hoping something redeeming would happen I should have just uit reading like I wanted to initially Nothing happens in this book There is no plot At all The narration skips all over the place from the main character to his mother to his grandmotherahh And Sethi would rarely just come out and say anything he kept using this superfluous flowery language to hint at things happening In my opinion this method of narration is effective if it's used once or twice in a book; when it happens every other page it's just annoying The synopsis on the dust jacket it's the description that Goodreads uses seems to have very little to do with the book itselfHere are my problems with the description of the bookSupposedly this is a tale of sacrifice betrayal and indestructible friendship First of all sacrifice I guess you could say that Zaki's mother had to make some sacrifices; however I mostly got the feeling that she was an innatentive self absorbed mother who was concerned about politics than she was about her son Zaki's probably the one who had to give up the most his mother for his country but since he had no say in this I'm not really sure it counts as a sacrificeNow betrayal The only betrayal I can think of is when Samar's school friend Tara turns on her But guess what The exact same thing happens every single day between bratty little girls in junior high so I don't really think that countsAnd then indestructible friendship I suppose this is talking about the friendship between cousins Zaki and Samar However it kind of seems like it was destructible she goes back to live with her mom he goes to America and they never talk again And I didn't really get that they were such good friends to begin with anyway There isn't any character development between the two in the book When they do hang out it just seems like Samar kind of orders Zaki around and he just dumbly agrees to everything she says no matter how ridiculous it is I guess he was upset when she had to go back and live with her crazy parents as evidenced by him acting out in school but there just didn't seem to be a very strong correlation there And he seemed fine once he went to the new school so that almost seemed to negate the idea that his behavior was caused by the loss of his cousin And the final paragraph But adolescence approaches and the cousins’ fates diverge Samar’s unconventional behavior—in which Zaki has played the role of devoted helper—brings severe conseuences for her while Zaki is sent out to discover the world for himself It is only after years of separation from Samar that he is forced to confront the true nature of happiness selfhood and commitment to those he loves mostSamar's unconventional behavior seemed like teenage rebellion than anything very earth shattering Maybe the author just hasn't spent much time around adolescent girls The severe conseuences may have happened but they weren't described Samar simply goes back to live with her parents and then several years later is mentioned again Big deal If something happened in the interim let us know In a society where a woman who admits to being raped may be stoned to death as an adulteress unless she can produce four males to testify in her behalf Samar seemed to have gotten off pretty darn easily in my opinion And I'm not sure when Zaki ever confronted the true nature of happiness selfhood and commitment to those he loves most When exactly did that happen He writes some emails to his mom and he admits to the reader in a passage that could easily be overlooked or misunderstood that he is a homosexual I guess that was itTo sum it up I'm just in a really bad mood about this book I was excited to read it after looking over the dust jacket description but now that I've finished it I feel like I've been lied to or something