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Download ☆ Passion Untamed ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë [PDF / Epub] ✓ Passion Untamed ★ Pamela Palmer – Though the Mage witch Skye has a gentle heart demonic forces have enslaved her forcing her to kidnap Paenther a powerful and dangerous Feral Warrior Even chained and nakSoul turning captive into captor Paenther's pride demands revenge against the enchantress who emerged from the deep woods like a sensual vision and enthralled him even as she makes his body burn with passion Despite his fury o. Panther and Skye Best of the series so far but still only a 3 star read

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Ver her treachery Skye's gentle beauty calls to his soul calming the wild chaos within him and stealing his heart But when evil threatens Paenther and Skye's only chance at survival is to trust in one anotherand the power of lo. 35 stars

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Passion UntamedThough the Mage witch Skye has a gentle heart demonic forces have enslaved her forcing her to kidnap Paenther a powerful and dangerous Feral Warrior Even chained and naked Paenther is a cunning prisoner who seduces her body and. 25 starsPassion Untamed had everything wrong I’ve come to expect from this series Horrible covers It’s so clear he’s wearing a wig And that pose I imagining he’s sayingBoo Hero or heroine kidnaps the heroine or hero Another kidnapping How swell In this case though the heroine is the one that grabs the hero and keeps him against his will This was the worst kidnapping of them all because the guy was in chains and raped to boot when a man says ‘no’ it’s NO even if he has an erection I wasn’t as furious as in that other book with male rape because in this case Skye was clearly under duress But I found it weird that when Paenther attempted to do the same the author called it rape he didn’t go through with it but when Skye actually raped Paenther the author just said she ‘forced herself on him’ Why the change in language If it was rape in one case it was definitely called rape in the other Public sex This wasn’t especially sexy either Heroines get horribly hurt Poor Skye was used as a punching bag she was molested by the villains and had magic curses that sprang every night She also had the worst backstory I’ve seen in a long time but I wasn’t very touched by her Probably because she gave in to the villain – I know she was in a horrible situation but I would have liked her to at least have a spark of defiance The other Ferals want to kill the heroine literally Everybody gave Skye the stink eye until she does something that proves she’s trustworthy Although I liked the message “judge a person by herself not by her race” I thought they gave in too easily specially because she was messing with their animals Hero has annoying nickname for heroine Paenther calls her ‘Beauty’ even in dangerous situations It made me think of her as a mare or a loyal dog Villains kicks the Feral’s assesuntil the last minute These Feral warriors are so overmatched by the villains The villains capture them easily and seem to have all the cards It’s a miracle the Ferals win at the end because their plans always suck and go terribly awryOn top of everything I felt that given Paenther’s backstory he had been kidnapped tortured and raped by a female Mage before it should have taken a lot longer for him to trust Skye I know he had flashes of distrust now and then but still I thought he came around a bit too easilyIf I felt this one was so weak why am I continuing the series you may ask 1 Rob Shapiro is kicking ass with the narration I love how all the Ferals’ voices had stayed consistent from the beginning2 I like steamy PNR in audio and this definitely fits the bill3 I got the audios free from the library4 I don’t take it very seriously so my emotions aren’t engaged – I usually laugh at the stupid shenanigans instead of being enraged5 I’m intrigued by Jag’s story He’s so freaking annoying that I sort of like him I really want to know what’s his dealSo I can’t say I recommend this but it’s sort of working for me