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Characters á The Boundaries of Her Body A Shocking History of Women's Rights in America 107 ↠ [KINDLE] ❆ The Boundaries of Her Body A Shocking History of Women's Rights in America Author Debran Rowland – In this masterful treatise legal journalist RowlandIn this masterful of Her MOBI #183 treatise legal journalist Rowland analyzes how women's rights have and have not evolved since the signing of the Mayflower Compact in though the bulk of the book covers just the th century From time immemorial women were perceived as having the singular mission of bearing and raising children says Rowland who documents the conseuences of this view until the late th century women's rights derived from husbands fathers and sons It was b. The Boundaries of Her BodyThis is a history of woman’s rights in America The scope of this book – and it is a huge and heavy book – is wide and due to the subject matter highly interesting We should always be concerned with what is slightly than one half of the population We should also be concerned that women continue but to a lesser extent then 60 years ago to be treated as second class citizens Yes – second class – why for instance are there so few female politicians and business leaders Why are woman’s roles in religion minimal – particularly in the Catholic Church and IslamThe author explores the woman’s rights movement mostly from a legal perspective and for the most part in the US There are times when the book does bog down in legal terms and there are a tremendous amount of footnotes But overall there are many rewardsThe author highlights that many rights for women were established during the 1960’s – eual employment opportunities eual rights and of course the legalization of abortion Roe vs Wade I do feel and the author mentions it that the employment and educational opportunities offered to women during World War II and the Roosevelt era in general was beneficial for the advancement of women There were many positive female role models during the Roosevelt period Eleanor Frances Perkins was Labour minister Amelia Earhart Margaret Bourke WhiteOf course after the war there were many advances in birth control with women beginning to take reproductive control of their bodies Sexuality became and removed from pregnancy The openness in sexuality that evolved from 1950 onwards is hardly mentioned Terms that are in common use today were taboo in 1950 Kinsey Master and Johnson are hardly noted in this book The focus is on legal rightsAbortion is examined in great detail and ever since its’ ‘legalization’ there has been an ever increasing crusade deliberate word by anti abortionists to diminish abortion rights It should also be pointed out that there are many women involved in this anti abortion crusade They have whittled away – legally asking for 24 hour wait period for the abortion to proceed abortion is not available under Medicaid abortion for minors reuires parental consent in some states There are also rabid anti abortion demonstrations in front of abortion clinics Doctors and workers in abortion clinics can face daily harassment and some have been murdered So even though abortion is legal – in many states women and younger women especially face a continuing onslaught of bureaucratic red tape and physical and psychological harassmentThe anti abortion crusaders have upped the anti and become increasingly sophisticated in using science They do not refer to the ‘fetus’ but to an ‘unborn child’Abortion and a woman’s right to control her body suffered even under the conservative Bush administration of 2000 08 Various forms of contraceptive pills were vetoedPregnancy laws are also examined Pregnancy leave in the US seems to be far less regulated than in other developed countries Sexual harassment also lags behind In Canada where I live our company passed strict sexual harassment guidelines in the early 1990’s Harassment exists from the person receiving the harassment In other words if the victim perceives it as harassment then it is such The onus is placed on management to end it not that it happens in all cases What is most frightening is rape The statistics are only one aspect of this serious problem – think of the damage done to a woman and all her future relationships Not all rapes are reported which can only add to these horrendous figuresDuring the Bush administration once again national legislation of ‘Violence Against Women’ was not passed The Supreme Court could be regressing and putting ‘state’s rights’ above the national agendaPerhaps Europe has now surpassed the US in the rights of women This is an issue which was not examined in the book For sure women in Europe and Canada for that matter have far greater access to abortion and contraception than in many US states Liberalization and woman’s rights generally go hand in hand Since the Reagan era there has been an increasingly anti liberal agenda in the USThis book has a broad spectrum of issues – such as adolescence and the conflicts this creates in young girl woman The wide and ever increasing range of fertility prospects is also explored it also prompted me to re read Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’

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L and historical sources as well as the Bible the journals of Meriwether Lewis and Lolita Rowland covers every imaginable aspect of women's legal lives up to the present day This massive and remarkable history is well written in smart yet accessible language Boundaries of Her ePUB #9734 and is thus the perfect book for the classroom as well as the family room From Publishers Weekly Copyright © Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserv. This book goes beyond outstanding to me as an American female Did you know The Woman's Right To vote was tacked onto the Civil Rights bill as a joke; the higher ups did not think the civil rights bill would pass Debran Rowland Es my hat is off to you Continue to keep us educated on the TRUTH behind legal issues

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The Boundaries of Her Body A Shocking History of Women's Rights in AmericaElieved that their biology made women incapable of thinking rationally hence they could not own property vote or work as The Boundaries Kindle many hours or for as much pay as men Nor could they have sex not aimed at procreation without social and legal opprobrium Rowland documents how a Boundaries of Her Body A ePUB #8608 legal zone of privacy granted men as far back as the s didn't accrue to women until when the Supreme Court legalized contraception Drawing on lega. So far very deep and inspiring Saddening also obviouslybut the farther i have gotten into it i have some disturbing thoughts about idk god i guess At genesis 316 it says that man will rule over the woman and that she will obeysomething like thati think It really bothered me is god sexist Is that for all women around the world were women accidently placed below man is a woman less important or important because we have a uterus Lol sounds silly but it really does bother me Was i destined in gods eyes to follow a man I definatley have a problem with that