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Sushi and Beyond One Family's Remarkable Journey Through the Greatest Food Nation on Earth review · 104 Ã [Read] ➮ Sushi and Beyond One Family's Remarkable Journey Through the Greatest Food Nation on Earth ➶ Michael Booth – Japan is the Assic book Japanese Cooking A Simple Art food and travel writer Michael Booth sets off to take the culinary pulse of contemporary Japan learning fascinating tips and recipes that few westerners have been privy to before Accompanied by with two fussy eaters under the age of six he and his wife travel the length of the country from bear infested beer loving Hokkaido to snake infested seaweed loving Okinawa Along the way they dine with and score a surprising victory over sumos meet the indigenous Ainu drink coffee at the dog café pamper the world's most expensive cows with massage and beer disco. This book gives a good overview of the various food cultures and regions of Japan going much deeper than most occasional visitors can obtain This is a combination of Michael Booth moving his family to the country for several months but also some very good fixers nailing down really big interviews and meals It's almost unreal from sumo kitchen to the current food culture war to a meal at Mibu Actually the author put some of that chapter in an article on the Independent about that experience or vice versa You can read it online to get a feel for his writingMy favorite chapters were those about the uniue elements of Japanese cuisine like texture Kaiseki to why slurping makes noodles taste better It was nice to spend considerable time in Hokkaido and Okinawa since these areas can sometimes be ignored when looking at Japanese food or culture It is definitely a good overview and made me think maybe I'd like to visit Japan after all For recipes and photos you would need a different resourceThe only complaint I have is one that I'm surprised to find I have it's the language Michael Booth is a grown man with two children but sometimes he writes like a teenaged YouTuber Words like ish and umami ey grated on my nerves and pulled me out He just doesn't need this fake casual language which doesn't seem true to who he is the rest of the time There is also one unfortunate use of the word tranny which I'm hoping got edited out before the final version There is some weird humor too but I forgave it because he is from another country Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy through Edelweiss I read it before other review copies because of the clever title

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Japan is the pre eminent food nation on Beyond One ePUB #180 earth The Japanese go Sushi and Epubto the most extraordinary lengths and expense to eat the finest most delectable and Beyond One ePUB #180 and downright freakiest food imaginable Their creativity dedication and ingenuity not to mention and Beyond One Family's Remarkable MOBI #8608 courage in the face of dishes such as cod sperm whale penis and octopus ice cream is only now beginning to be fully appreciated in the sushi saturated West as are the remarkable health benefits of the traditional Japanese dietInspired by Shizuo Tsuji's cl. When I first saw the description of this book I got really excited I lived in Japan for over three years and I was eager to read about how another foreigner found the food of Japan which is about so much than sushi I also wanted to read about Michael Booth's experience traveling with kids as we have taken our four kids to Japan a few years ago Although I would say I am very well versed in my knowledge of Japanese cuisine I learned even from this book I found this book to be delightful but perhaps it is for a niche marketWhat I likedThis book is written by a journalist and it shows in his attention to detail Michael Booth had contacts with artisanal producers of saki tofu and soy sauce He was able to sort out the history of each product how each was made and their futures or possibly their demises As a foodie I loved these detailsMuch of the book ponders the uestion of whether or not authentic Japanese cuisine is vanishing Booth talks with respected chefs food critics and Japanese gourmands Most would say that they have seen a rapid decline in the uality of the fundamentals of Japanese cooking particularly in how chefs make dashi Dashi is the basis of much of Japanese food from miso soup onward The author also seemed very keen on finding out if the traditional Japanese diet contributed to the nation's high life expectancy He does a great job of sorting out myths from factsWhat I didn't likeAs much as I am raving about the attention to detail that went into this book I feel it is also the book's downfall Unless you are like me a person heavily invested in the topic already I doubt that the average reader will be enthralled by chapter upon chapter describing the minutia of Japanese cuisineI was also expecting about the misadventures of traveling with young children There are a few anecdotes about his kids being picky eaters but that's about it I know from my own experiences kids can add an original perspective to an already strange situation With most of the emphasis on Japanese high cuisine I think what was missing was a view of how the average Japanese actually eats For me I was fascinated by how my Japanese friends approached meals I made friends with several Japanese women over my stay in Japan I would get cooking lessons from my new friends learning how to make tonkatsu and my favorite food okinomiyaki Each region and each home cook has their uniue way of making the dish I loved learning about new ingredients and techniues from my friends We bonded over our shared love of cooking I think if the author had found a better way to connect with the average reader this book would have a universal appealIf you are curious about the food scene in Japan or are already obsessed I think you will love this book Because I fall into both categories I am giving this book my highest rating As much as I loved it if you aren't really into all things Japan I think this book will bore you

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Sushi and Beyond One Family's Remarkable Journey Through the Greatest Food Nation on EarthVer the secret of the Okinawan people's remarkable longevity share a seaside lunch with free diving female abalone hunters and meet the greatest chefs working in Japan today Less happily they trash a Zen garden witness a mass fugu slaughter are traumatised by an encounter with giant crabs and attempt a calamitous cooking demonstration for the lunching ladies of Kyoto They also ask 'Who are you' to the most famous TV stars in JapanWhat do the Japanese know about food Perhaps than anyone on else on earth judging by this fascinating and funny journey through an extraordinary food obsessed country. Wasabi and miso and bears oh myMichael Booth had me personally with sushi and ramen but if he wants to throw in all of Japanese culture in this fun and fascinating culinary journey then I was happy to be along for the rideFair warning as you read You Will Want FoodBooth travels the length and breadth of Japan with his wife and two small children exploring its food people and natural beauty Along the way we meet Michelin starred chefs sumo wrestlers seaweed farmers and abalone hunters And yes bears My advance copy didn't have a map the final book will so I used a map from an atlas while I read It's that sort of book you constantly want to glance at a map tracing his journey learning about Japan and its geography as you go It all makes for a diverse and intriguing exploration of a subject and a place I'm now very glad to know aboutBooth's writing is witty and many of his stories are charming His touch may be light but there's real substance in this thought provoking book The publisher's promotional material mentions Bill Bryson and J Maarten Troost I'd agree with that and throw in a dollop of Anthony Bourdain for good measure this book reads like a mashup of all three Thoroughly enjoyableThanks to Picador for an advance e galley Receiving a free copy did not affect the content of my review