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Employ him As their hidden stories and obsessions unfold and pasts and cultures collide both Lucy and MacLaren must confront the people they have truly been are and may becomeAlive with incident and insight presenting with rare scope and intimacy the complex relations among nineteenth century traders immigrants and Native Americans A Sudden Country is above all a heroic and unforgettable story of love and loss sacrifice and understanding From the Hardcover edition. A well traveled book in my family from my aunt in Seattle to my mother and on to me this novel recounts a much arduous and life changing journey as it traces a group of settlers taking the long overland trek in covered wagons to new land and perhaps new riches in Oregon from the east coast Based very loosely on old family letters Fisher writes in an alternating first person narrative of a widow named Lucy Mitchell now rewed in a stale loveless marriage taking the reluctant trek across country that her husband wants and a trapper Mr McLaren who was once an employee of the Hudson Bay Company which incidentally has featured now in two novels that I recently read and whose financial policital and mildly military presence on the frontier I was somehow unaware of Three days into their journey leaving from St Louis Lucy and her family experience tragedy when the driver they hired died when a wagon overturned in a storm at which point Mr McLaren agrees to become their new driver Lucy initially firmly rooted albeit in a loveless marriage experiences an unsettling of all she knows as she becomes a transient travelling across the country Previously simple comforts taken for granted become a daily struggle as food and water become scarce McLaren for his part begins the novel unfounded floundering on grief from the death of his native american wife and three children from smallpox McLaren addicted to laudanum and to a lesser extent alcohol grows into a deeper largely healed but still reluctant character under the love that Lucy feels for him Written in prose that is eual measures short and poetic Fisher does a thorough job of de romanticising the at times beaucolic interpretation found in history books and on canvas paintings of what this overland journey was really like Characters are developed fully and their background stories particularly McLarens are spun out with slow measure as deliberately as their wagons cross the plains

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A Sudden CountryA vivid and revelatory novel based on actual events of the Oregon migration A Sudden Country follows two characters of remarkable complexity and strength in a journey of survival and A Sudden eBook #9734 redemptionJames MacLaren once a resourceful and ambitious Hudson’s Bay Company trader has renounced his aspirations for a uiet family life in the Bitterroot wilderness Yet his life is overturned in the winter of when his Nez Perce wife deserts him and his child. I am through and through a Westerner This fabulous novel captures the grandeur and ferocity of the West's landscapes and reminds us of the courage and pain western migration called for in both women and men A SUDDEN COUNTRY is a love story a physical journey from the civilized East to Oregon and a meditation on placeHere are a few pertinent sentences from the bookOn the naming of western placesSuch disordering of a place so perfect after its own truthin the name of making some imperfect and impoverished version of another Did this world so need improvingOn undertaking an 1847 journey westLucy stood there thinking how little point there seemed in any past so far away and how little point there seemed in talking of the future over which they had not the least control toiling as they were toward something she could scarcely imagineOn loveHe wanted to tell her love was a cheat All hopes all desires were nothing but pitiful inventions born of our own ignorance and sorrow The things we sought were never there when we arrived or never stayed Love was not the last eternal benedictionOn sorrowShe said'There's jagged times Till hurt wears off'I could go on and on This is a wonderful book that seeped into my pores and won't let me go

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READ & DOWNLOAD Å A Sudden Country Û [BOOKS] ⚣ A Sudden Country Author Karen Fisher – A vivid and revelatory novel based on actual events of the 1847 Oregon migration A Sudden Country follows two characters of remarkable complexity and strength in a journey of survival and redemptionJa A vivid and revelatory novRen die of smallpox In the grip of a profound sorrow MacLaren whose home once spanned a continent sets out to find his wife But an act of secret vengeance changes his course introducing him to a different wife and mother Lucy Mitchell journeying westward with her familyLucy a remarried widow careful mother and reluctant emigrant is drawn at once to the self possessed MacLaren Convinced that he is the key to her family’s safe passage she persuades her husband to. engrossed in this fierce and poetic landscape for the last few days i put down the book with a feeling of gratitude and awe toward author karen fisher for having the grace and skill to put all this into words to the real characters who long ago wandered our taken for granted west with such bravery and despair and tenacity either blindly or with maddening precision and with such wildly varied motives and hopes and histories ALL the characters of this land and all the for somehow enduring the cheap stereotypes that fling themselves at the most disturbing of realities i love this book for its broadness of scope and its inclusiveness for pondering the greatest of mysteries against one of the most mysterious settings rendered by human endeavor i love this book for never over simplifying for its raw humanity and deep commitment to love it reminds me of why i love to read; this is everything i look for in a novel words stories blooming like sage across the strange and mystic desert landscape of life itself