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Marianne and the MaruisE Andrew Maruis of Marlbeck a nobleman who surely would never look twice at the daughter of a country vicar So why was he insistent on paying Marianne such flattering attentio. I really tried to finish it but just couldn't There were too many wall banger moments At first the hero and heroine only see each other and don't actually meet until one uarter of the way through the book I could tell immediately who the villian was Even though the heroine supposed to be proper she kept meeting the hero in unproper places without a charperone But the I'm done moment was when the heroine discovers that the hero did not tell her that he was a Maruis She thinks that he doesn't trust her she knows he's working undercover to catch a spy he can't trust anyone she not good enough to be the wife of a maruis I hate this degrading uality in a historical character and she will now do some exploring herself because she wants to prove that she doesn't need him Without reading to the end spoiler alert I will bet she will be trapped in the cavernsbasement with the villian and the hero will rescue her Really How trite

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Marianne and the Maruis review ↠ 100 ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Marianne and the Maruis Author Anne Herries – Sheltered innocent Miss Marianne Horne had come to Cornwall to care for her ailing great aunt She had expected uiet and solitude not to be drawn into adventure Surrounded by smugglers spies and Sheltered innocent Miss Marianne Horne had come to Cornwall to care for her ailing great aunt She had expected uiet and solitude not to be drawn into Marianne and PDF or adven. Oi there aren't words as to how mundane this book wasMarianne is the eldest from a family modeled on the 'Little Women' book Their father was a vicar but not once in the book was any member of the family seen with a Bible in a church or uoting scripture They were the most non spiritual preacher's family everMarianne's godmother lives on the cliffs and is unwell being poisoned and asks Marianne to visit On the way she encounters a broken carriage and a handsome man helping to push it out of the way Only eighteen times throughout the book I swear do they compare his eyes to 'bluebells' He is the Maruis of the lands her father's vicarage serves in disguise on the way to the cliffs where smuggling is going on and he's the man to nab the criminal Hard to believe that they'd choose him when there are men in the security business who could've sufficed He is also the boy she fell in love with years ago but it takes WAY too long for her to remember and is a limp attempt to bond the two togetherThe whole book is very 'I'm below him and not worthy' while also 'She deserves better than me a wild card who doesn't know what love is' The action is melodramatic smuggler uses tunnels in godmother's house tries to pretend he's related to inherit the place The very proper Marianne has NO problem with him grabbing her and dragging her against his body on their third meeting and goes on to meet him in secrecy in improper settings with no chaperone many many timesIt was utterly predictable and far too wordy for our generation to tolerate I got bored early on but slogged thru so that I could add it to my list But this one's getting donated to the campground lending library

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Ture Surrounded by smugglers spies and plots Marianne hardly knew whom to trust Instinctively she turned to the enigmatic and handsome Mr BeckBut plain Mr Beck turned out to b. I found this on my OverDrive late one night and it sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a go and it was from the regency romance pap I had been expecting I found the character of Marianne to be engaging if completely sweet and innocent as per Regency romance standards and yet the story was such that I flew through itThe story centres around the smuggling trade and includes the usual family dramas mistaken identities betrayal deception and romance that you would expect to find However if you are a lover of a good Regency Romance this book reminds me uite a bit of Stephanie Lauren’s Captain Jack’s Woman although without the feisty rough and tumble heroine who gives the dashing hero a run for his money3 stars 🌟