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Free read ✓ Driven To Distraction ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ä ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Driven To Distraction Author Judith Duncan – A WALK ON THE WILD SIDEPassing your fortieth birthday didn't mean you had to go off the deep end did it But there was no other explanatHer sensible shoes But he was black leather and motorcycles and she was mortgage payments and nine to five Still the tension between them could light up the sky if only Maggie dared to believe in Tonyand herself. Judith Duncan has written a gem of a book The story is passionate and the love between the main two characters is strong and very loving Sometimes the heroine Maggie was a little wishy washy and sad for no reason but overall this books was great to read Maggie is a 43 year old divorced mother of 3 2 are in college and her youngest daughter is 15 She feels her life is boring and she is feeling lonely and old until 34 year old ex cop Tony moves in next door and the sparks fly tony is everything a woman would want in a man He is sexy loves animals and doesn't care that Maggie is older than him Maggie has a big problem with being almost 10 years older than he is and it gets annoying because that is the only realy thing keeping them apart The chemistry between the two is practically scorching and Maggie's daughter Kelly is a mother's dream There are mainy other secondary characters that also makes this book a fun read You can find it on any on line auction because it is out of print Buy it

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Her thoughts or her hands off a man who was nearly ten years younger than she wasOf course Tony Parnelli was drop dead Driven To PDFEPUBgorgeous with a body that could melt the most sedate woman right down to. Maggie Burrows isn't satisfied with her life Her children are all grown up the only one still with her is a teen and will soon be leaving for college She has been divorced for over ten years and still she hasn't found someone to share her life with And on top of everything some biker guy moved in the house next door Of course after she calls the cops on him she finds out that he is an ex cop and is one of the good guys Tony Parnelli is attracted to his new neighbor But he has a lot of obstacles to overcome before they could be together I can't believe I'm typing this but I wish Tony was less understanding He was a great guy patient generous kind of course he has a bad boy streak but that makes him even attractive But Maggie kept rejecting him and he takes her back over and over again I just wanted her to grovel a littleSo her husband left her and married a woman her junior and she has insecurities and issues that are interfering with her life But she kept hurting Tony and I started to hate her for that And all the times that she kept changing her mind Either be with him and stop that or dump him and leave him aloneAt the end I finally let myself hope that she will at least beg him for forgiveness but no dice He just took her backAnd she spends a lot of time being miserable not sleeping or eating crying all the time I was having flashbacks to New Moon and Bella spending most of the book being depressed It was incredible how she managed to ruin the otherwise promising book for meThe rather generous rating comes from the fact that I liked Tony and Maggie's daughterRating2 stars

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Driven To DistractionA WALK ON THE WILD SIDEPassing your fortieth birthday didn't mean you had to go off the deep end did it But there was no other explanation for the fact that usually sane single mother Maggie Burrows couldn't keep. Driven to Distraction is all about Maggie and her finding herself beyond her role of a mother Maggie is 43 years old and feels un attractive her two children are grown and off to college and her youngest Kelly who is fifteen has her own lifeMaggie moved in with her father twelve years ago after her husband left her and now her dad is gone She works as an accountant but she's been depressed lately and when her new attractive neighbour Tony moves in it compounds itTheir start isn't good Maggie thinks he's some biker and calls the cop at night and then finds out that Tony is an ex cop who is now running a shop with his NASCAR brother Tony is Italian attractive and she finds out nine years younger than her Her daughter who loves cars takes a shine to him but it is Maggie who is the problem when he takes care of her when she's sick and comes around she is rude to him and then she feels guilty since the problem is with her and how she feels about herselfTony has no problem with her age even her children or with the fact that she can't and doesn't want to have any children Maggie frustrated me at times with her fears but they were understandable her life had always revolved around her kids and she feared what Tony made her feel and losing it even when he told her he didn't care One main thing was her un resolved issue with her ex husband and I liked it how she finally confronted her problems with her self esteem and realized that she was allowing her fears to winThere was a lot of crying and self doubt and I liked how Maggie's friend provided her the help she needed