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The Royal Book of Oz review Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB · ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ The Royal Book of Oz By Ruth Plumly Thompson ➥ – When the Scarecrow returns to the corn field where Dorothy first found him he discovers that his old bean pole is magical Sent tumbling far below the surface of Oz downWhen the Scarecrow returns to the Book of eBook #8608 corn field where Dorothy first found him he discovers that his old The Royal PDF or bean pole is magical Sent tumbling far below the surface of Oz down to the Silver Island. This is the first Oz book I have read since I was a child I wouldn't call myself a fan but by the end I could see the appeal of these books It was so happy and optimistic with such simple and yet magical adventures And the Librivox narrator was simply amazing

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S the Scarecrow Royal Book of ePUB #180 discovers that he is supposedly the re created Emperor Chang Wang Woe of this distant kingdom But is the Scarecrow ready to give up his life in Oz and rule the Silver IslandsFirst issued. This book in most forms is credited to L Frank Baum but The Royal Book of Oz was written by Thompson after Baum's death But even without having been told this nothing could have been obvious than Baum's absence upon reading the book If the writing style alone hadn't been a dead giveaway then the characters having gone through complete personality changes probably would have done the trick Ozma as cross Dorothy as annoyed The Wogglebug as rude and haughty Though there were hints of their former selves these were not the characters that we'd come to know and love a change that was the biggest disappointment And this was not the smooth and enchanting writing style to which we had become accustomed either Though Thompson does include some witty remarks and word play that will be enjoyable to older readers some of her sentence formation—especially around the speaking of characters—is on the complex side for younger readers to follow This is a far cry from Baum who though writing at the turn of the century and with a style that reflected it was still accessible for the younger set And you might be tempted to wonder if the book would have been better were I treating it as its own thing but first she didn't write it as its own thing—she even published it under Baum's name—and second her style is choppy even when held up entirely on its own This book was a huge disappointment

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The Royal Book of OzIn The Royal Book of Oz was the first of Oz books written by Thompson with the Baum family's approval It is available now for the first time in over years with all color plates and over black and white drawings by John R Neil. This was my first time reading one of Thompson’s books and I was pleasantly surprised First and foremost she is not Baum Tonally and stylistically this felt like reading a Bobbsey Twins book than an Oz book The language is simpler the puns are intense and the comedy is broader That being said after I adjusted to it I didn’t mind it The story itself at its core isn’t a bad story at all The Wogglebug in all his pompous ways flat out tells Scarecrow that he doesn’t matter and has no family So Scarecrow goes off to see what he can learn accidentally slides down his old pole and winds up in an underground world where he is proclaimed to be their former emperor reincarnated However this upsets the sons who were in line for the throne and they come up with a plan to take it for themselves Meanwhile Dorothy and Cowardly Lion set off to find Scarecrow and tell him that they want to adopt him and be his family and along the way have the typical B plot travelogue adventures and make some new friends And if Thompson had decided to make something new of the Silver Island characters and their world the book would be a 4 or 5 star rating However she instead draws comparisons to Chinese people fills it with horrifying stereotypes and jokes and with help from Neill’s illustrations presents us with good old fashioned racism and that truly hurts the bookMuch like Sam and Dinah in the Bobbsey books the portrayal of the Silver Islanders was definitely racist then and it’s racist now Should this stop you from reading the book for yourself or to your children That’s your call I think that it makes for a great way to open discussion about how Americans viewed individuals of Asian descent especially for kids