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Prima Donna A Novel Reader Ó 418 pages ✓ Megan chance ✓ [EPUB] ✴ Prima Donna A Novel Author Megan Chance – Opera singer Sabine Conrad is the toast of nineteenth century New York high society A celebrated soprano with the voice of an angel she is showered with adulation by herOpera singer Sabine Conrad is the toast of nineteenth century New York high society A celebrated soprano with the voice of an angel she is showered with adulation by her audiences and courted by wealthy patrons But behind the scenes her every move is controlled by a Svengali like manager Gideon Price When her attempt to escape Sabine Conrad thought she had it all the grand Prima Donna of the stage the darling of New York society as well as the love of her controlling manager Gideon Price until she is involved in a murder that sends her running to the farthest corner of the country Seattle Down on her luck and going by the name Marguerite Olson she takes employment with a saloon keeper that eventually grows into a business partnership as well as a relationship of sorts The story is told in alternating viewpoints the later storyline in Seattle is first person narrative of Sabine and her past history as a young opera star is told via excerpts from Sabina's diary Eventually SabineMarguerite's past comes back to haunt her and she must chose between her new life or the old one that comes calling once again – can she resist the lure of the stage and the public’s adorationYawn Despite not being a great fan of opera I actually had great hopes for this one especially with the setting being my own home town Seattle Unfortunately as some other reviewers have noted none of the characters were terribly likeable and in fact most times were downright distasteful as was much of the language they used as well as their sexual relationships does everyone like it rough and ready Sabina was bordering on TSTL over Gideon and his machinations oh come with the suspecting the maids of stealing her jewels and I also found it hard to believe that no one would have raised an eyebrow at a young girl old traveling around the country with her brother and manager without a proper escort I did enjoy the old Seattle setting and didn't really catch anything that sounded out of place and very much appreciated her including The Mountain in her settings Rainier does dominate the landscape just a tad when she deigns to show herself but I think I would have enjoyed it if there'd been some interaction with the founding fathers but outside of a very brief appearance at the end that is not to be It would have been nice to see Sabine interact with Asa Mercer as well as a Pike or Boren In the end it is a good book but not a great one Get it from the library if you must and then buy it if you love it

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Him goes tragically awry she flees leaving behind a grisly murder Three years later as Marguerite Olson she has Prima Donna Epubput aside the prima donna she once was to run a low class theater in Seattle Hidden among prostitutes drunks and miners a desperate and determined Marguerite carefully guards the secrets of her old life This story is told from two different view points One viewpoint is twenty seven year old Sabine who is living in Seattle and working in a saloon hiring prostitutes and constantly looking over her shoulder in fear that her past will catch up with her The other viewpoint is seventeen year old Sabine's journal and it talks about the opera and her lovers and the all the scandal and family problems The journal also slowly leads readers step by step towards understanding why and how Seattle Sabine is in the situation she is inI did not care for the journal of young Sabine Thru her words readers visit the scandalous and heated backstages of 1800s opera but it is literally a soap opera about the opera Everybody is sleeping with everybody else and on top of being incredibly selfish spoiled and wanton Sabine is also unbelievably naive Her lover Gideon takes women left and right and she cannot figure him out Her jewelry also keeps disappearing Hello Sabine Anybody home in that brain Something else I found bothersome was that anytime Sabine and Gideon have words they must sum it up with rough sex Seattle Sabine is not much better Tho she lacks the fame money and pretty dresses she still offers her body to get what she wants and thinks only of herself Tho hiding from her past and those that are searching for her her vanity and love of her own voice may be her downfall She begins a show business venture with her current lover and it is only a matter of time before her past catches up to her and she has a decision to makeI was all prepared to give this four stars due to the amazing historical details and the fact that I truly felt I was on the rainy streets of 1878 Seattle but just when I thought Sabine was finally redeeming herself I lost what little respect I had for her around page 334 The ending left me feeling empty I feel Sabine went back to suare one and well what was the point of all this then

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Prima Donna A NovelUntil her past returns to offer a terrifying proposition  Prima Donna captures both the glittering decadence of New York and the rough raunchy waterfront of Seattle as Marguerite caught between two worlds must find the strength to confront the truth of her past and choose which voice defines her in this dark and harrowing nove I first read Megan Chance's City of Ash I shouldn't have It has lots of F bombs I even emailed the author and asked why she put so much crappy language in She responded that the characters in that time period would have talked that way She suggested I read her other books which she said didn't have as much bad language I got 20 pages in to Prima Donna and saw she was wrong that one is just as bad I can't recommend this book or City of Ash It's too bad because the historical part of City of Ash and maybe Prima Donna was really great and you could tell she did her research But I just don't want to wince when I read