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Hetty Feather eBook ☆ Hardcover ↠ Jacqueline Wilson ↠ [KINDLE] ✽ Hetty Feather By Jacqueline Wilson – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk London 1876 and Hetty Feather is just a tiny baby when her mother leaves her at the Foundling Hospital The Hospital cares for abandoned children but Hetty must first live with aT the travelling circus and Hetty is mesmerised by the show especially Madame Adeline and her performing horsesBut Hetty's happiness is threatened once when she is returned to the Foundling Hospital The new life of awful uniforms and terrible food is a struggle for her But now she has the chance to find her real mother Could she really be the wonderful Madame Adeline? Or will Hett This is an excellent read set in Victorian times The story is written in the first person and is like an autobiography of the first 11 years of Hetty Feather's life As a new born baby Hetty is left at the gates of the Foundling Hospital by her mother After a short time in the care of the hospital Hetty is sent to live with her foster family or also known as a 'wet nurse' in those timesIn the first few chapters we follow Hetty as a baby and then toddler living an adventurous life in the countryside with her foster brothers and sisters They live on a small country holding and through her imagination she finds endless wonder in the simple things around her As she nears her 5th birthday she begins to understand the reality of her family circumstances and that soon she will have to return to the hospital After an older foster brother returns to the hospital Hetty has to come to terms with the fact that this is not her real mother and father and that she will also be separated from Jem the foster sibling she loves the mostThe separation of a 5 year old child from her perceived family must be truly horrific and through brave Hetty Jacueline Wilson portrays it brilliantly It really pulls on the heart strings as we are introduced to Hetty's new life in the hospital Although the hospital saved the lives of many babies during Victorian times life there was not easy Ripped apart from her family this new existence feels like an unfair incarceration or endless nightmare She is forced into a strict and boring daily routine We see how hopeless and fragile life can be for a young child as she finds it difficult to make friends and the ones she does seem to die or leaveYou could say the story is broken into three parts; her life with her foster family; life in the Foundling Hospital and finally; her escape from the hospital I found the final part lacked depth and did not meet the same standards as the previous chapters A lot happens to Hetty in a seemingly short space of time when she is away from the hospital Fortunately the story ends happily for Hetty but this happy ending which was a huge moment in her life is surprising not afforded much time I might be a bit over critical with the ending but that is only because the rest of the book is fantastic The tale generates an empathy and understanding of how children had no rights and how harsh daily living was for people in the pastI would recommend it for anyone over the age of 8

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London 1876 and Hetty Feather is just a tiny baby when her mother leaves her at the Foundling Hospital The Hospital cares for abandoned children but Hetty must first live with a foster family until she is big enough to go to schoolLife in the countryside is hard but with her 'brothers' Jem and Gideon she helps in the fields and plays imaginary games Together they sneak off to visi This was as good as everything else I've read by Jacueline Wilson I will definitely be reading the next book

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Hetty FeatherY find the truth is even surprising?Jacueline Wilson will surprise and delight old fans and new with this utterly original take on a historical novel Set in Victorian times and featuring a brand new feisty heroine Hetty Feather this is a Tracy Beaker esue tale that will thrill young readers Warm moving funny and totally fascinating it's the perfect gift for girls of eight and olde Another amazing read from Jacueline Wilson 💚