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REVIEW Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ø Dave Eggers Eney's Issue Epuband Art Spiegelman and many others besides and a magazine and a weekend guide and will basically be an attempt to demonstrate all the great things print journalism can still do with as much first rate writing and reportage and design and posters and games and on location Antarctic travelogues as I. McSweeney's 33 takes the form of a one shot newspaper called The San Francisco Panorama about the size of a sunday paper Besides the news section brief you get sections of investigative reportage a sports section a food section a book review magazine another magazine of various articles and a comics section all of which is presented in broadsheet fashion with two magazines inside There are a huge number of contributors many of them big names Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket writes about the value of public schools Nicholson Baker does a piece on closed paper mills in Maine and posits the idea that they save forests than broadband stations China Mieville writes about how bored he is with end of the world movies and suggests a reprieve Salman Rushdie writes about Kara Walker an artist who works with silhouettes There's a fantastic appreciation of J G Ballard by Geoff Nicholson which'll make you want to re read all of Ballard's work again Also Dave Eggers interviews Junot Diaz and Miranda July interviews James Franco The comics section is definitely worth a section as it's amazing Chris Ware provides a build it yourself spacecraft for his comic strip Rocket Sam Dan Clowes spoofs Lost in Space with The Christian Astronauts while Alison Bechdel Ivan Brunetti Gene Luen Yang Art Spiegelman Adrian Tomine Kim Deith and Seth all provide strips It's a definite highlight to an already gobsmackingly brilliant issue The fiction in this issue the reason why McSweeney's was created is few at only 4 short stories by George Saunders Seth Fried the actor James Franco and Roddy Doyle Ironically they're not that great except the always great Roddy Doyle who supplies a great story about a homeless Polish man and his friend who win the lottery The best thing about this issue is the nonfiction Investigative reporting on environmental degradation in California by Jesse Nathan the cover story on the enormous new bridge being built in San Francisco and it's impact by Patricia Decker and Robert Porterfield romance novels' cover men an article on NASCAR racing Sarah Palin's lack of ethics film distribution a playwright's fight against Wells Fargo to save a family from foreclosure a 500 mile pilgrimage in South America and a 5 month stint in Antartica for a local Oakland resident are all amazing There's so much here I've barely cracked the surface in the review I didn't read all of it particularly sports as I've no interest in American football basketball or baseball though Stephen King provides a massive article wonderfully illustrated about the 2009 World Series But basically there's so much here so well done there's something for everyone Created over a year this is McSweeney's most ambitious and best production yet It continues to be a shining example of the relevance of the arts in the modern world and sustains a high level of creativity and imagination You'll never read a newspaper with so much world class talent in one production it's really amazing In the mood to read something different This is the one for you

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REVIEW McSweeney's Issue 33 Mcsweeney's uarterly Concern 107 ✓ ❮Ebook❯ ➠ McSweeney's Issue 33 Mcsweeney's uarterly Concern Author Dave Eggers – Issue 33 of McSweeney’s uarterly will be a one time only Sunday edition sized newspaper—the San Francisco Panorama It'll have news ac Ssue 33 Mcsweeney's PDF #203 we can get in there Expect journalism from Andrew Sean Greer fiction from George Saunders and Roddy Doyle dispatches from Afghanistan and much much We're going to try to sell this thing on the street in San Francisco but it'll also go out to our subscribers and be in bookstores all ove. Bravo This one off Sunday Newspaper prototype represents an aspirational view of what our media could be if only That said It's clearly not sustainable as a daily or even weekly and its elements point toward it being at best a 4xyear type special edition such as McSweeney's actually is But it seems to be a look both forward and backward a merger of the auto show ''concept car 'hey look how cool your future could be if you just get on See More board' and a nostalgic epitaph for a dead media economics model Every section from Sports to Arts to the 96pg Book Review has been conceived with fresh eyes Articles are unfailingly well executed entertaining and enlightening And most impressively for a newspaper produced by a literary outfit It represents the highest standards of journalism in terms of accuracy fairness not the same as even handedness and dogged reportage I have begun collecting the last issues of dead newspapers such as the Rocky Mountain News For balance this one must be a keeper as well it could be called The Phoenix

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McSweeney's Issue 33 Mcsweeney's uarterly ConcernIssueof McSweeney’s uarterly will 33 Mcsweeney's Epub #220 be a one time only Sunday edition sized newspaper the San Francisco Panorama It'll have news actual news tied to the day it comes out and sports and arts coverage and comics sixteen pages of glorious full color comics from Chris Ware and Dan Clowes McSwe. The San Francisco Panorama is massive Taking easily as long to read as a six hundred page novel it's David Eggers's Sunday paper on steroids an attempt to reinvision the American newspaper As a sort of satire of a newspaper the Panorama works very well; some of the sections are thoroughly brilliant others use the large format of the newspaper in a way typically wasted by the big dailies Eggers however seems to have an idea that he has reinvented the newspaper for the 21st century creating a sustainable way forward Reading it reveals this as an obvious untruth but much of the writing is still great I loved the Magazine pullout almost in its entirety from a wonderful satirical essay on the bank bailout to the anniversary trip of two San Francisco men to a days long NASCAR rally in smalltown Michigan The walk through all of Spain got slightly tedious and a report on working at the South Pole provides good evidence for banning all future instances of autobiographical essay in the second personThe books section too has a lot of good writing in it And the arts section Typically writing about music and music reviews are unhelpful and unbearable but here the Panorama really shines A wonderful essay about choosing a soundtrack for a bank robbery manages the unheard of writing well about a love of music The format of the reviews is clever and compelling a pie chart shows us what an album is made of from the smell of a suburban basement to a 13 Carlsberg Best of all there's a line graph of enjoyment by track showing at a glance whether the reviewer thought it was an even or even likeable album Pitchfork take note The comics section is about half delectable half tedious though I admit that's entirely subjective I'm sure other people love outer space comics Many of the in depth features unfortunately are fairly meandering and while I found some of the sports biographies much compelling than I expected I was a little bored by the environmental writing I would expect to enjoy tremendously Stephen King of course should not be allowed to write about sports though I did learn that he apparently has vivid grass green snot since he compares it to the Phillies' mascotAll in all the Panorama is a delight to read an interesting experiment and a thoroughly eye catching medium It provides some clever ideas for journalism to borrow and serves in some cases as a cautionary tale If American newspapers are really looking for a print format that could make them relevant to a new audience though I'd actually suggest the NRCNext