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Newton's Cannon Age of Unreason #1 Free read È 8 º [Epub] ➜ Newton's Cannon Age of Unreason #1 Author Greg Keyes – A dazzling uest whose outcome will raise humanity to unparalleled heights of glory or ring down a curtain of endless night 1681 When Sir Isaac Newton turns his restless mind to the ancTh Air Fire and Water Now as France and England battle for Newton's Cannon Kindle its control Louis XIV calls for a new weapon a mysterious device known only as Newton's CannonHalf a world away a young apprentice named Benjamin Franklin stumbles across a dangerous secret Pursued by a deadly enemy half scientist half sorcerer B. I was skeptical about this book as I began reading it I wasn't sure that an alternate history that would diverge so radically and uickly from actual history would be able to hold my attention But this turned out to be a compelling story that sets up its own world and plot in a way that stands alone without needing the familiar names of history to prop it up I hope the series continues to be as strong as this first book

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A dazzling uest whose outcome Age of PDFEPUB #182 will raise humanity to unparalleled heights of glory or ring down a curtain of endless night When Sir Isaac Newton turns his restless mind to the ancient art of alchemy he unleashes Philosopher's Mercury a primal source of matter and a key to manipulating the four elements of Ear. “A reasonable man can always find a reason to justify what he wants to do”Think The Three Musketeers meets The Da Vinci Code“Living amid corruption was no excuse for becoming corrupted”A fun alternate timeline story set in the early eighteenth century but little like the time we learned in school Keyes takes us into a world where ancient theories of matter and energy are true resulting in “modern” contrivances which run on etheric power looking like magic to us but governed by rules and formulae to them“Actually doing something almost always produced unexpected results”The protagonists unknown to each other dwell in colonial American Georgian London and Paris during the late and extended rule of the Sun King One is drawn from the historical Benjamin Franklin starting with his tenth year The other a female polymath drawn into the intrigues personal and scientific of Versailles Other historical personages weave in and out of the plot“What they fight and kill over is power Ben Religion is just the clothes they dress it in whilst they do it If they were all atheists there’d still be war”Keyes gives the reader just enough history and dialectic to establish verisimilitude without masking his story under jargon and detail The characters think feel and act as we might suppose real people of that era might“I thought a philosopher’s vocation is to explain all phenomena rather than selecting only those most amenable to scientific explanation”Competent Neither great literature nor great science fiction Popcorn for the brain“For such a bright lad the obvious has a way of eluding you”

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Newton's Cannon Age of Unreason #1En makes his fugitive way to England Only Newton himself can help him now But who will help Sir Isaac For he was not the first to Cannon Age of PDFEPUB #195 unleash the Philosopher's Mercury Others were there before him Creatures as scornful of science as they are of mankind And burning to be rid of both From the Paperback editi. I have no recollection of how this book came into my house but it proved to be a fairly entertaining alternate reality sort of fiction with Ben Franklin as a child and teen and Louis XIV in old age as two of the main characters It's uite imaginative and uses actual history to create a completely different world On the other hand the narrative style made me wonder if it was written for bright 14 year olds like Ben in the book rather than for adults If it was really aimed at that age group I have no complaint although perhaps there is a little much sex and violence but if the intended audience was one of adults then the narration didn't uite work for me the levels of sophistication were off