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The Family Tree Problem Solver review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Family Tree Problem Solver ❤ Author Marsha Hoffman Rising – Complications arising from incomplete or missing records census irregularities and individuals of the same name occur often tS yet still useful for experienced researchers Learn what NOT to do in research to avoid hitting brick walls in the future The result is the best and most accessible book on the market about overcoming obstacles from Family Tree magazine and Family Tree Books the sources of genealogy's most popular publications. I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews I let them do itThe only great thing about chicken pox at age 52 and being a super speed reader is you can easily read and review four books a dayand this was an excellent book to have spent an hour or two or many on your side withHas your family history research hit a brick wall Marsha Hoffman Rising's newly updated bestselling book The Family Tree Problem Solver has the solutions to help you find the answers you seek Here you'll find answers to genealogy's toughest problemsInside you'll find Workarounds for lost or destroyed records Techniues for finding ancestors with common names Strategies for analyzing your problem and creating a successful research plan Ideas on how to find vital records before civil registration Troubleshooting advice for interpreting your DNA results Tips for finding missing ancestors in censuses Instructions for investigating collateral kin to further your family tree Methods for finding ancestors who lived before 1850 Case studies that show you how to apply these strategies to real life research problemsAs I have a grandfather that seems to have fallen out of a tree even a DNA company has not helped me on that aspect this book is a great help if you are in the same situation as I am The author's ideas are great and easy to understand and are a great stepping off point to finding your elusive ancestors I did wish that the author wrote a further book on this subject with recent year's discoveries on technology and gene science levels but the author passed away in 2010 Our loss as these changes can make a big difference I am going to add my review my suggestions that if you are Catholic and cannot find any records my father in law and mother in law for example are not found anywhere EXCEPT in their very small very remote very rural church's archives And my grandfather Well according to one website his mother has three different last names all are dependent upon how it was interpreted or how it was spelt by the inscriber Hint look at the record on your computer screen and enlarge it and try to read what it actually saysAs always I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of their incessant use on Instagram and Twitter so let's give it 👪👪👪👪

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Tree Problem PDF #10003 Complications arising from incomplete or missing records census irregularities and individuals of the same name occur often than non genealogists might think The Family PDFEPUB or Respected genealogist and author Marsha Hoffman Rising helps beginners break through these brick walls by br. I gave this four stars because it wasn’t really geared to beginners and made no mention whatsoever of researching outside of the states which is what I was looking for However that being said it seems extensive research went into writing this and if you’re studying genealogy; then this is the book for you The author gives case studies and examples of different situations that can pop up and how to resolve them She is pretty easy to understand and offers a sort of summary of key points at the end of chaptersThis wasn’t what I needed but it was extensive and informative

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The Family Tree Problem SolverEaking down each researcher's common problem into a Family Tree Problem Kindle #212 chapter with straightforward solutions Readers will Go straight to the answers they need without wading through theory or irrelevant records overviews Find explanations and case studies easily understood by beginning genealogist. More like a textbook this resource is for advanced genealogical methodologies It helped me get of a handle on what I don't yet know about searching through records and how to make sense of the data Best for those interested in 1800 ish US pioneers though some helpful bits in general are throughout