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CHARACTERS ↠ The Fulfillment ↠ [Ebook] ➩ The Fulfillment Author LaVyrle Spencer – Two brothers work a rich and bountiful land—and one extraordinary woman shares their lives To Jonathan Gray Mary is a devoted and giving mate To Aaron she is a beloved friend But seven childless yea Two brothers work a rich and bouMost with an act of desire born of compassionawakening Mary to the pain of infidelity and to all the bittersweet joy and heartache that passionate love can bri. Feels like a cop out to me And weirdly to me focused on the land a lot than the charactersrating ★½

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Beloved friend But seven childless years of marriage have forced Jonathan to ask the unthinkable of his brother and his wife binding the two people he cares for. Another nice read from Ms Spencer Together they worked the landTogether they loved one womanMary was little than a restless impressionable young girl when she left Chicago for the wheat fields of a Minnesota farm where she would become the wife of Jonathan's younger brother Aaron she was a respected trusted friend But after seven frustrating childless years the foundations of a strong and happy union have started to show signs of strain And Jonathan turns to his brother Aaron to ask of him what he could ask no other man I really loved Aaron and Mary Jonathan I could take or leave him It really was tough for these farming people to try and survive and live off the land The brothers were polar opposites I kinda saw what was coming I mean it had to happen didn't it


The FulfillmentTwo brothers work a rich and bountiful land and one extraordinary woman shares their lives To Jonathan Gray Mary is a devoted and giving mate To Aaron she is a. 4 starsWow This book left me feeling emotionally exhausted but satisfied The Fulfillment is a poignant read that transports the reader back to the hardships and struggles the American farmstead faced during the early twentieth century It also had me experiencing an array of conflicting emotions due to the books storyline I'm not one for reading infidelity plotlines but this one was uniue in it's delivery Jonathan who is sterile due to a childhood illness and is the books secondary hero asks his wife Mary the heroine and his younger brother Aaron who is a bachelor and the story's main hero to sleep together in hopes of producing a child he can raise as his own I guess you could call it rationalization on my part because cheating is cheating no matter how you slice it but still I overlooked much when it came to this book–hence the emotional conflict I felt the author gave a very realistic and heartbreaking portrayal of the inherent conseuences and turmoil this type of unorthodox decision creates for all involved In addition I found myself genuinely liking and rooting for these imperfect characters– so for Mary and Aaron than for Jonathan–and hoping somehow they all could achieve their happily ever after I also appreciated that the few love scenes between Mary and Aaron were sensual and passionate while remaining tastefully done   That said there were times I found myself becoming bored and even skimming a few pages during the extensive and tedious details given to the hardships and struggles that running a farm and maintaining the homestead would have entailed  The Fulfillment is a well written emotional and thought provoking book with a very satisfying yet somewhat bittersweet ending How could it not be