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Free mobi í doc The House of Lost Souls 9780312544324 ↠ F.G. Cottam ß [Epub] ❧ The House of Lost Souls Author F.G. Cottam – Just weeks after four students cross the threshold of the derelict Fischer House one of them has committed suicide and the other three are desJust weeks after four students cross of Lost PDF #8608 the threshold of the derelict Fischer House The House Epubone of them has committed suicide and the other three are descending into madness            House of Lost MOBI #240 Nick Mason’s sister is one of them To save her Nick must joi first off although there is an Evil House at its center this is not a haunted house story not really it is rather the tale of two men pitted against ghosts of the distant past and the evils those ghosts have conjured up and a rather starry set of ghosts they are as they feature such celebrities as Aleister Crowley and Dennis Wheatley the narrative moves all over place through various locales and backwards in time as well but outside of the climax very little time is actually spent within the house in uestion at least in its modern and ghost ridden incarnationCottam is an effective writer and the novel is a good one he's also a classy writer one who puts characterization before special effects so I was spared a lot of eye rolling the novel recovers from a rather risible start sorry the image of a soldier dressed in his camouflage gear as he spies on a funeral made me snort a little but other issues come in to play mainly minor a tiring over reliance on dropping the names of oh so many songs and a tendency to include details that have nothing to do with anything whatsoever one major issue he leaves a couple very important scenes out scenes that would have strengthened the novel I suppose I understand why we don't get to witness the 4 girls and their prof's experience at the scary Fisher House that drive the narrative forward but gosh that would have been awesome; I am perplexed at why we don't see a very important confrontation and death happen at the end it's like the author didn't care enough about that characterbut despite the flaws I still liked this one several reviewers did not appreciate how the novel jumped all over the place but I thought that was one of the novel's strengths I would have loved to have read a story about people stuck in a haunted house but that's just not this novel and it is certainly not the novel's fault that it wanted to be something else demon hunting in Africa a sad visit to a Welsh village flashbacks to college life in 80s London I enjoyed all of that and thought it was well executed I especially liked the very lengthy flashbacks to the 20s I think that was the era the story of photographer Pandora Gibson Hoare's misadventures with a group of dastardly satanists were my favorite parts poor brave Pandora musical accompaniment Alice Coltrane Journey in Satchidanandatalkdemonic mutinysunshineJimmy Scott All the Way

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Ibson Hoare and a debauched gathering in the s and to the dark legacy of Klaus Fischer master of the unspeakable crime and demonic proceedings that have haunted the mansion for decades            Because now the Fischer House is beckoning and some old friends have gathered to welcome Paul ba House of Lost Souls was touted as a thrilledhorror novel but I wouldn't put it in either classification It's too focused on the inner workings of the main character's mind to ever really evoke any feelings of terror I never approached a point where I felt drawn to the character or wondered what had happened during his lifetime to make him into the man he had become The secondary characters were really useless and could have been omitted all togetherThe plot of the book was a mishmash of what should have been three independent stories none of which when added to the rest made the book any better A good editor would have helped immensely especially with regard to continuity and purple proseThe ending was ridiculous on a level that made me literally laugh and yet completely vague to the point where the reader is left wondering exactly what the hell just happenedThe only reason this book gets two stars is because of the descriptions of the places the characters visited especially the monastery; they were vivid breathtaking and immersing And the parts written in diary format while they only lasted 15 pages or so helped me get through the heavily sagging middle part of the book when I had gotten so bored as to want to give up reading entirely

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The House of Lost SoulsN ranks with Paul Seaton the only person to have visited the house and survive But Paul is a troubled man haunted by otherworldly visions that even now threaten his sanity            Desperate Nick forces Paul to go back into the past to the secret journal of beautiful photographer Pandora G Excellent book and I can't for the life of me understand some of the low ratings I think when you choose a book like this one to read you kind of know what to expect Maybe It's about a haunted houseor is it about a group of haunted peopleIt starts with a man watching a burial with a funeral party standing by He's a short distance off in a camouflage blind watching one of the mourners his sister Odd thing is he notices that there's one 'extra' mourner the girl being buried Yep it's there but it's subtle Everything about this book is subtle laid on in thin layers until you're finally smothered in six layers of too sweet too delectable and highly addictive chocolate cream frosting It sort of creeeeps up on youThis is no spoiler; it starts out the book in the first pages Then we jump to the MC Paul Seaton who's been haunted by a series of events for the last ten years or so It seems he's been asked to revisit a house which he last was in years ago The problem a second group who have gone to this particular 'haunted' house are all suffering from dreams nightmares visions etc One of the group even committed suicide Can Paul help Well he takes us back to where it all started for him and then forward to the present as he tries to sort it all out Some of the images in this book will last with me forever What Paul sees and hears and thinks as a series of horrific events play out like a reflection from a warped mirror Ever see one of those in an old house Where if you move up and down or back and forth the backing of the mirror which has slipped and slid down makes you look all fuzzy or wiggly Yeah it's like a haunted house mirror in a fairground except you don't expect it in an ordinary houseAnyhow this book did give me the shivers and glad I was to be reading it in my own cozy well lit house with three other family members nearby I read some of it in bed one night and usually I set the book on a nearby table when done However I didn't want the darn book in the same room with me while I sleptNo Kidding It's got ritual and sacrifice creepy house and creepy ghosts and references to a lot of 1980's era music as well as historical background from the 1920's and 30's But overall it's a rare gem of a vastly intricate and well plotted storyI loved it I borrowed this copy from my library but I want to own it Five stars