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review Freudian Slip Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Freudian Slip By Erica Orloff ⚣ – Everyone loves shock jock Julian Shawexcept the guy who shot him The raunchy radio DJ expects the dark tunnel white lights even his late grandmother greeting him at the pearly gates Instead he getEveryone loves shock jock Julian Shawexcept the guy who shot him The raunchy radio DJ expects the dark tunnel white lights even his late grandmother greeting him at the pearly gates Instead he gets a coma a spirit guide named Gus and a p. I remember picking this up because it sounded like a cute romance with a storyline that I hadn't uite read before My kind of book It had the devil the DJ the coma and the assignment and I thought how bad could it be and then I thought I'm looking to kill some time might as well sell it to the devilI also remember feeling vaguely horrified when the book proper started My eyes bulged out I shivered in distaste my toes curled at the absurdity and I realized with a grim detachment that I was in fact reading a gasp Harleuin romance and my blood drainedSee I don't have a problem with Harleuin per se Hey you love what you love amirite I am not judging you but this trite shit should've stopped years ago Real people do not fall in love at first sight if you do I am not judging you hella judging you rn real people fall in infatuation at first sight There's a differenceAlso people please do not fall in love with ghosts who go bump in your houses please please please it could be a character straight out of The Exorcism and then what'll you end up with Puke that's what And all the mushy stuff I'm all for mushy alright I am mushy But god balance da freaking mush for cripes sake I got diarrhea from all the mush shoved down my throat Also don't fall in love in a hour because that's just not right the person could uite possibly be Jack the Ripper for all you know in that one hour so please just staphThat being said I do like the premise of angels and demons who doesn't and remember being excited at the prospect of a femme god but that was it The execution could've been better like they'd have the courtesy of going out on a date before declaring their demon defying love but I reckon I must've liked a few other things as well but I cannot say

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S into her head making her say and do things she would never normally consider And it's actually making her life better Now Julian wants another chance to prove he's a good guy But he just might have to sell his soul to the devil to get i. I remember this book from when it first came out The blurb did not appeal But recently I read several glowing reviews and decided to give it a trythank you library And I am so glad I didShock jock DJ Julian Shaw may be handsome but he is NOT a nice person So it is no surprise when an irate listener shoots him Julian is not killed outright but falls into a coma While in this coma he is recruited by this mysterious figure named Gus who informs him that he is in a limbo statecleverly named Neither Here Nor Thereand he has work to do Julian's job help Kate Darby get over her Very Bad Day How bad was her day She caught her fiance in bed with her best friend her apartment was trashed and robbed and her dog is missingThe book follows Julian's growth from totally worthless jerk to decent human as he watches over and helps Kate regain her confidence And during the process a very nice romance develops between the twoThe book is sweet and witty and examines some serious theology in a non preachy manner The representatives of the two sides who are fighting for Julian's soul are funny An easy way to spend a couple of hours And the ending is just fabulous

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Freudian SlipUshy demon with a deal His assignment Katie Darby Katie Darby's best friend just stole her guy Now she's losing her mind All she really wants to do is stay in mope mode but it feels as if someone is watching her whispering strange thought. I am so glad that I am not the only one who thought Julian Shawn resembled Howard SternEven if this is the case I still felt the book was great and sweetI'm not sure why I liked the book so much but because i'm not religious or really into romance but something about it captured my attention probably because supernatural aspects and it was a good read I loved how Albert Einstein was a supervisor in the Neither Here Nor There I think that was brilliant