Free download Verdammt starke Liebe Die wahre Geschichte von Stefan K und Willi G æ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download Verdammt starke Liebe Die wahre Geschichte von Stefan K und Willi G

Free download Verdammt starke Liebe Die wahre Geschichte von Stefan K und Willi G æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Read] ➭ Verdammt starke Liebe Die wahre Geschichte von Stefan K und Willi G By Lutz van Dijk – Die wahre GeschichtBeiden verlieben sich ineinander Als Willi an die Front versetzt wird und Stefan wochenlang nichts von ihm hört schreibt er ihm einen Brief Eine verhängnisvolle Liebeserklärung. This is a novel of WW2 based on the true story of Stefan K a Polish teen coming to terms with his country being overrun by the Nazis and his own insecurity with his homosexuality Stefan K confides in his brother about his feelings and his brother accepts his him but Stefan must be on his guard constantly When he meets a young German soldier Willi he realizes that there is a connection and he and Willi fall in love Willi is eventually sent to the Eastern Front and Stefan hears nothing from him Stefan writes a letter only to have it siezed by the Gestapo Not only does he have to suffer an interrogation torture and imprisonment he has to accept the fact that his letter probably meant the execution of Willi After the war he searched for Willi but found no informationI only give it three stars because of the awkwardness of the translation The story is important and one that will haunt students GBLT students need to see that teens struggled with their feelings of love even in the darkest moments of WW2

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Die wahre Geschichte von Liebe Die ePUB #8608 Stefan K und Willi GNovember Seit über zwei Jahren ist Polen in der Gewalt der deutschen Wehrmacht Als der junge Pole Stefan eines Na. ‘The Soul records only growth not time This is why some people have such a great impact on our lives even though we only know them for a short time whereas others we’ve known a lifetime have no effect at all’ From Kung Fu This book is marketed as a gay autobiographical love story set in the Second World War in Poland In some respects that is true but the context is the micro effects of Paragraph 175 and 175A of the German Penal code which put homosexual activity – even of the mildest sort – on a par with sex with animals In the law’s eyes they were the same thing Our narrator is Sefan K who is 16 years old when the story begins He is handsome and bright and rather confused about himself as he has no feelings for girls and experiences a lot of deep shame and remorse about the feelings he has for his attractive older brother It is with him that he has his first harmless sexual experience In a staunchly conservative Catholic country such as Poland in the 1930s this was something to bother the conscience of any male His brother wasn’t bothered as access to females was strictly off limits until marriage Harmless self relief with other males was counted as nothing but for Stefan it meant a lot When war was declared the effects of the German occupation were felt immediately Schools were closed to Poles; his family was unceremoniously dumped out of their home and sent to a one room flat – a bit of a sueeze for 5 people His father disappeared early on in the narrative to fight with the resistance but was sent to a forced labour camp in Germany He is never mentioned again Stefan’s brother joins the partisans and is suspicious of his brother who can pass as a German gets a job in a theatre and can get work delivering bread – something he can’t do We learn of the petty restrictions placed by the Nazi’s on everyday activities which rendered Poles foreigners in their own country Then all changes He is followed one day by an attractive older German soldier in his mid twenties named Willi G Initially suspicious Stefan becomes besotted by the young man as he is the first person he can be open with about his feelings for men It also becomes his first love – his first Great Love the memory of which was to consume the rest of his life They keep their meetings as secret as possible but his brother still considers it as ‘fraternising with the enemy’ Willi G is from Vienna Austria and was forcefully conscripted into the army at the barrel of a gun so he not completely at ease with the ideology that he is associated with and has to enforce He comes from a wealthy cultured family They eventually find a small shed on the outskirts of the town which becomes their place They have to be very careful because they had the SS on one side and the Polish partisans on the other – neither of which would hesitate to shoot them for collaborating with the enemy let alone what they were doing in the shed Actually what goes on has a veil drawn over it but you get the hint that they did than hold hands The love nest was all rather basic cold and inconvenient but love is blind literally and they live for a few months in this love bubble Then the inevitable happens – Willi is deployed to the Eastern Front in a matter of days so the relationship came to an abrupt halt Stefan is devastated and for a now 17 year old with little experience of life his world collapses Having heard nothing from Willi for months Stefan takes it into his own hands and writes a short love letter to him via the German central clearing house He was very very naïve that the letter would reach him unread and uncensored by the authorities – but love is blind and young love even blinder but the neighbours aren’t The inevitable call from the Gestapo comes and the rest is fairly predictable He followed the 15000 or gay Germans who were arrested and deported to Labourconcentration camps never to be seen again Fewer than 10 were known to be left alive in 2000They were expendable labour and it was assumed that they would die or be killed doing the worst types of work imaginable – and of course they did They were marked out by the Pink Triangle but Stefan makes no mention of having one as he was sent to a prison in Poland because of his age He wasn’t expected to live either – but he did survive largely because of the kindness of an old Jewish man who became his mentor and showed him how to survive the system His knowledge of German made him a valuable commodity to the Polish prison authorities and he landed a soft job in the office – which didn’t result in better food or lodging but got him out of the deadly manual labour which would have killed him He survived a long march to Germany with the other prisoners despite injuries and eventually was liberated by the Allied Forces And there the story ends In the appendix to the American edition –which I had – he writes that he settled in Western Europe but found his way back to Poland where he studied Economics but suffered because of his sexuality and could never progress He depended on gay charities in the West to supplement his income to pay for his medication from injuries sustained from his prison experiences No compensation was ever received from the German authorities He never found out what happened to Willi or whether he ever survived the Eastern Front – most likely not Consider the final scene from The Name of the Rose and you will have some idea of how the ending came across to meThe book is easily

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Verdammt starke Liebe Die wahre Geschichte von Stefan K und Willi GChts durch das verdunkelte Torun schlendert trifft er Willi den Jungen mit den großen braunen Augen der fein geschnittenen Nase den sinnlichen LippenWilli ist deutscher Soldat Die. great book and a thrilling touching true story i am so moved by this good to have Polish translation finally