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After Dark Griffin Powell #1Nds accused of murdering her ex husband The one man who can help her Johnny Mack Cahill vowed never to retur This was a good story with many twists and turns Some were easy to predict and others were a surprise It took a little time to get used to the double first names Johnny Mack I am looking forward to reading books by this author and it's a little sad that she is no longer with us


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Download Reader Î After Dark Griffin Powell #1 ´ 379 pages ☆ Beverly barton Ù [Epub] ❥ After Dark Griffin Powell #1 By Beverly Barton – A shroud of suspicion settles over Noble's Crossing Alabama and nothing is as it seems Lane Noble Graham stands N to the town that scorned him But one secret could make Lane and Johnny Mack the target of a twisted killer Really did not expect this book to turn out the way that it did At time I felt that it was a bit repetitive and cheesy However it did have me hook and dying to know who murdered Kent I honestly thought that it was the mayor James Ware I saw it coming that Kent sexually abused his sister and got her pregnant so some things were a bit predictable Still a good story though I am really upset though that James gets to get away with the whole embezzling money from Edith Does not really seem fair

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A shroud of suspicion settles over Noble's Crossing Alabama and nothing is as it seems Lane Noble Graham sta This was another good romantic suspense from Beverly Barton I very much enjoyed After Dark Although not exactly part of a series this book has characters that appear in Barton's novels in which Griffin Powell himself not in this book has at least a small role I have not read these books in order but as the hero of After Dark Johnny Mack Cahill has shown up in some of the other Barton books I have read I was glad to read his story After Dark did include my absolute least favorite plot line but as this part of the storyline didn't involve either the hero or heroine it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book much Johnny Mack Cahill left his small Alabama hometown behind fifteen years ago and has become a man to reckon with in Houston He is stunned when he receives an anonymous letter saying that his son needs him along with newspaper clippings reporting on the death of a well known favorite of his hometown and the subseuent arrest of the victim's wife The vitim's wife and accused killer Lane Noble Graham saved Johnny's life fifteen years ago He always admired her and knew that she was too good for the town's poverty stricken bad boy Johnny Mack is unaware of having a son and he knows that he didn't have that sort of a relationship with the boy's mother Johnny Mack returns to the hometown he swore he'd seen the last of to try to learn the truth of whether he has a son and to try to repay his debt to Lane Noble Lane's life and all of the decisions she has made were forged out of her teenaged love for Johnny Mack Cahill Over the years that love has turned to hate but when he shows up she knows that she needs his help to overcome the murder charge against her As Johnny Mack and Lane try to come to terms with the past and find out who was behind the murder Lane has been charged with they realize that they have strong feelings for one another Johnny Mack has to protect Lane and her son from those who are determined that the truth shall not be discoveredI uickly became caught up in After All and couldn't hardly put it down The book has uite a few characters and while I was able to figure out parts of the mystery fairly uickly there were still some parts that kept me guessing I found this to be another winner by Beverly Barton