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A toy shop for her birthday A very different kind of toy shop for special sexual games And theres than sexy entertainment on the shelvesa fortune teller says Dawns destiny awaits if only she will reach out and take it Aidan is a vampire who has existed for over a century searching for his one I don't like to give poor reviews and very rarely do This one is so much poor as just meh This is the story of Aidan and ummm Dawn Dawn's friends think she's too boring so they take her to a sex toy shop for her birthday At the sex toy shop ok suspend your disbelief here she gets her cards read by a witch named Aithne sister to the vampire it is a great reading and Aithne tells Dawn she will meet her soulmate Aithne then invites Dawn and her friends who really jumped off the page much than Dawn to a party that evening where she meets Aidan who is a vampire They jump right into the sack and we go on from there It takes than 23 of the book before Aidan tells Dawn that he's a vampire and of course then Dawn's madI HATED that he did not tell her what he was I know that was the main conflict of the story but as a person who says what she thinks the whole concept grated I was so annoyed that I kept talking out loud to the book about what a putz he was being The characters were cute and mostly likeable but very forgettable in my opinion Now if there were another one about the writer vampire and I came across it then I may pick it up but I won't really go looking for In the end it was just ok to me Parts I liked the smexy scenes were very well done parts I thought were ok and parts that I absolutely hated Definitely not a deep read and not very captivating I've read much shorter stories whos characters just pulled you in and made you race to the finish to see what happens This didn't

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Dont Spank the VampTrue soulmate his twin flame One look at Dawn takes Aidens breath away One kiss later he knows she is the one woman who will sustain him foreverif he can convince her to walk with him on the wild side Dawn responds to his inspiration better than he could have hoped Then she goes one toy too fa Don't Spank The Vamp had many highes in which I appreciated and delighted in reading I even shed a tear in one part of the story I just have to get used to some of the words and phrases not normally referenced in other PNR books Anywho great job C J


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Dont Spank the Vamp kindle ☆ Paperback ☆ dogsalonbristol ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Dont Spank the Vamp By C.J. England – Need inspiration Take a walk on the sexy side Toys included Dawn is so focused on making a name for herself in the art world her personal life has fallen into a rNeed inspiration Take a walk on the sexy side Toys Dont Spank eBook #180 included Dawn is so focused on making a name for herself in the art world her personal life has fallen into a rut She spends far time with her hands in clay than on a man Then her friends liven things up by taking her to Okaythis was one of those books that used my most dreaded wordTURGID UGH Her nipples were turgid his balls were turgid And I have never heard of lady bits being called a uim It took me a few good scenes to get passed that terminology But being the toy lover I am I was all sorts of excited about this story taking place with a vampire run sex toy store I thought the intro into the couple we would be focusing on was interesting And although we didn't get a huge world explination like we do with a lot of vampire novels I thought enough details were given that the author's reality was believable We get little miss innocent artist Dawn brought to a sex toy shop on her birthday Her voice and her presence immediately wake smexy vamp Aiden who is sleeping away the day upstairs A uick tarot reading from Aiden's sis proves that this could be his soul mate The relationship with Aiden and his sis could have been explained a little sooner IMO It would have kept away the icky feeling that they were involved but no worries no incest hereThe novel dances around the relationship between the socially challenged vampire and his Dawn I know a vampire loves Dawn snort They may have taken a little long to get together and some of the problems may have been a little overly dramatic but keep a vampire to himself for a century and see how socially correct you areAll in all I really got into this story aside from the whole turgid and uim thing I read through it uickly and really enjoyed the story of the couple coming together literally and mulitple times The sex scenes were hot and although I did roll my eyes at the characters from time to time I will read on in this series