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READ & DOWNLOAD Ô The Texas Twins The Billionairehe Bull Rider ↠ ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The Texas Twins The Billionairehe Bull Rider Author Tina Leonard – When New York billionaire John Carruth is summoned to No Chance Texas to save the local rodeo he has no idea he is going home NowWhen New York billionaire John Carruth is Twins The eBook #10003 summoned to No Chance Texas to save the The Texas Epublocal rodeo he has no idea he is going home Now the long lost twin to Texas Twins The PDFEPUB #234 the town's favorite son is determined to. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and FantasyYesterday we did the Bull Rider's Twins today Well it's Heart of A Bullrider and Ms Leonard treats us to not one but two stories in this oneThe Billionaire John Carruth Billionaire extrodinaire is wooed to No Chance Texas to save their flagging rodeo Only when he gets there he discovers there is way to No Chance than a bad rodeo and a uniue name Seems he also has a long lost twin Separated at birth Yeah always fun to find out that you were the twin mom gave away Now he has to deal with the emotions that brings on as well as saving the rodeo and trying to lasso in the crazy townfolks And then there's Chloe Winters the small town girl that is uickly capturing his heart The Bull Rider Jake Fitzgerald John may be the brother given away but Jake was the brother that was kept He had a poor but really good childhood hometown hero and all that but he too was a bit lost when the twin discovery was made So upset that he leaves the town to move one town over and ride in their rodeo No Chance's fiercest rivals Only problem is Erin O'Donovan is there and he needs to stay as far away from her as possibleA Serious case of nature vs nurture and nature seems to be winning Sure John was raised in the lap of luxury and Jake was raised in small town if not poverty then at least lower middle class And both brothers are butting heads against not just each other but the town of No Chance and it's cast of characters And of course both find love with small town girls educated small town girls who have that country chic sophistication going on Craziness abounds and it's kinda fun Of course I have a certain weak spot for those small towns and their inhabitants and Ms Leonard gets that just rightShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Heart of a Bull Rider provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on April 28 2015


Hn may be kin but he's still a stranger in these parts With his billionaire brother hell bent on changing Jake's world Jake knows he has to take a stand Will he choose family or will he take a chance on Erin O'Donovan a woman who has always meant family to hi. I hate to say it but I bought this book purely because of the cover Really what cowboy lover could resist I hadn't realized it was actually two stories in one The first I was disappointed in It wasn't bad per say but it didn't have a lot of action or drama and no buildup to the hero and heroine coming together or the outcome of when they did Yet there was so much potentialAfter reading the first story I was surprised to find the second better by leaps and bounds The action and drama was great I liked the characters The only thing it lacked in my eyes is when the hero and heroine came together as in when they kissed etc I thought it lacked buildup and the outcome of them being together But all in all I was happy with the second book so it was worth my purchaseif for nothing else to gaze at the men on the cover ha ha

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The Texas Twins The Billionairehe Bull RiderWin over the people he left behind and capture Texas Twins The Billionairehe Bull PDFEPUBthe heart of Chloe Winters a Texan who has her own ideas of what it means to be part of a small townJake Fitzgerald champion bull rider didn't know he had another half Jo. In Heart of a Bull Rider Tina Leonard takes us to a town called No Chance and we meet brothers Jake Fitzgerald and John Carruth They were separated at birth with Jake stay with his mother and John being adoptedThe book is two stories in one and they combine to make one sweet romance for both brothers I enjoyed both stories but I especially liked John and Chloe's story because I've always been a fan of the Fish out of water scenario and that's what billionaire John Carruth is in the small town of No Chance where everyone knows each others business and they are all up in each others business tooThe townspeople's meddling is what brings the brothers together with their heart's desiresI loved that the two towns rodeos and the townspeople's passion for them is at the heart of the novel right along with the relationships in some ways so It is hard not to love the other set of brothers Cody Chloe's Dad and Clem the BadI would have liked these stories to be longer or even separate novels because I felt things were rushed in John's story and in Jake's story I felt like the romance was barely there because of all the rodeo dramaThis was light fun reading for a summer day